Aniju Aura is the Albino Lady who can travel back and forth from the Underworld and the World of the Living.
Aniju Lunaii



Aniju is an Aura, a type of being that is responsible for creating and destroying worlds then rebuilding them. She travels around the multiverse fixing the problems on various planets. For the Dead Games, Aniju built District 0 lost souls of the fellan Tributes in The Hunger Games.

Aniju can change forms, but usually she appears as while young women around with one red eye and one blue eye. She wears a red scarf around her neck. Aniju is an albino so she is very pale almost white and has long white hair. Sometimes she'll appear with a half animal body, her feet and arms will have claws, her left arm will be black with three big claws. This is actually Seatao, a shadowy creature that feeds off of fear. Aniju has no heart at the moment; she gave it to her lover, so her substitute heart is Gump, a dead cat that was experimented on. She’ll also have a tail that changes shape depending on what she is doing. Aniju's left ear is torn and she has metal propellers on her back that she uses as a jetpack to fly. She'll sometimes be covered in fur. She also has six tentacles on her back she can pull into her body. Each tentacle has a different head.

Besides her ability to transform, she also controls light. She is capable of casting a veil of light over herself and other objects, making their appearance change to become invisible all together.

Dead GamesEdit

In the The Dead Games, Aniju generally appears in District 0 but she sometimes appeared outside. She appeared in District 4 looking for Logan. She later found him in District 0 and explain things to him. She also helped him save Savannah.


Name: Aniju Aura

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): Twin Dragon Blades (one red, the other blue)

Appearance: Slenderand very pale with long white hair, one red eye(right) and one blue eye(left)

Personality: Friendly, extremely loyal


Weakness: spider, territied of them

Token: Necklace she wears under her scarf


  • Aniju's favorite number is 4, so she seems to favor District 4 Tributes but usually becomes disappointed with their behavor.
  • Aniju's favorite color is white because white light contains all the colors of the rainbow.