Aviv Moorland is a main character in the boy who escaped, and the second most important. Aviv was supposed to be the District 10 tribute for 234th Hunger Games, but he ran away into the wilderness with his brothers Kovu, Awzuh, and Tavor, and his sister Khleo.


Aviv has darker skin, like his brother Kovu, and black hair that is short and straight. He was a large baby, so he is suprisingly strong and muscular for his age. His eyes are a dark green. He is considered cocky, funny, and goofy.


Aviv was born in their house, because they couldn't afford the hospital, and his mother tragicly died. His father disappeared after her death, and he was never heared from again. Despite being from a poor family, he would try to hide it at school by becoming very popular and stuff. He had lots of friends he would sit with at lunch and go to stores with, and nobody knew how poor he was.

On the reaping day of hte 234th Hunger Games, Aviv was reaped, and he ran away into the wilderness beyond the district borders, along with his brothers and sister. TBC...


  • Aviv is very good at a bow and arrow once he tried it.
  • Aviv's name derives from a Israeli city called "Tel Aviv". Aviv accually means springtime.

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