Buttercup Keen is District 2 Female Tribute in the The 101st Hunger Games.

Buttercup Keen
Gender Female
Age 18
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Careers


Buttercup was born in an average family in District 2, she had a rather normal life and her mother became an Escort. After the first Alliance Games, Buttercup noticed that she had the same last name as another Tribute from District 6, Clarabella. She did a little research and discovered she was related to Clarabella, turns out they were cousins. Buttercup was feisty and stubborn; however she was far nicer than most Career Tributes. She hated being bossed around and she also was surprisingly squeamish around blood; the sight of it makes her faith. She was also terrified of bugs.

Hunger GamesEdit

Buttercup knew there would be blood during the Games, so her Bloodbath strategy was to stay alive; gather useful things and above all avoid seeing blood! Her Games strategy was to join up with the other Careers and try to make it till the end. Allow other Careers to kill off other people, stay back and shoot with darts or throw knives to help them out. Avoid other Tributes and confrontation with enemy tributes. Avoid seeing blood!


Name: Buttercup Keen

District: 2

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Weapons: Knives and Blow Gun

Strengths: She is fast and agile and has good aim with knives and darts

Weaknesses: She’s not very physically strong (Other than throwing weapons), blood and bugs

Appearance: Wavy Dark brown hair almost black, amber eyes, freckles and average height.

Token: A silver ring with two pink diamonds


  • Buttercup Keen was named after two meerkats in the Drie Doring Mob, a female named Buttercup and another named Commander Keen, whom Clarabella was also named after.
  • The Meerkat Buttercup's great aunt was named Clarabella hinting at the family relationship between the two characters in the Hunger Games, however Buttercup and Clarabella Keen were set as cousins in the Hunger Games.

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