Clarabella Keen was District 6 Female Tribute for the 100th Hunger Games.
Clarabella Keen



Clarabella is 9 with long hazel hair, green eyes and freckles on her face. She’s a little insane, likes to bit people randomly and she is hyper, seems to have an endless amount of energy. However when she does become tired, she crashs and burns! Her small size can be her weakness however her speed is her strength. She is not the smartest however she isn't like an idiot or anything like that. She's easily distracted. Her weapon is a slingshot.

Hunger GamesEdit

Clarabella Allianced in the Little Kids Alliance which containd two older Tributes as well. Clarabella became close to one of them named Logan because she reminded him of his younger brother. Sadly Clarabella was killed by London.

Dead GamesEdit

Clarabella's death weighed heavily on Logan who thought of her like a little sister. During one of Logan's dreams he spies Clarabella with surpisenly London the boy who killed her.


  • Clarabella is named after two meerkats from a mob known as the Drie Doring, a female named Clarabella and her niece named Commander Keen.