Corde Tobell is District 6 Male Tribute for an unspecified Hunger Games.

Corde Tobell
Gender Male
Age 17
Basic Info
Alliance(s) TBA


Corde was born in the 6th District, where he learned a great deal on many aspects of transportation, such as navigation, predicting weather, etc. He also worked part time in his aunt's fortune-teller stand

Hunger GamesEdit

Corde volunteered for an unspecified Hunger Games. He won his Games through strategic use of clever ambushes with hand-crafted boomerangs as his primary weapons; but eventually learned that such weapons prove little the use in Melee battles, which led to him pioneering the Boomblade.


Name: Corde Tobell

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: 6

Weapon: a dagger, Boomerangs and a large Boomblade (a cross between a sword and a boomerang)

Appearance: Dirty Black hair with crimson highlights, sapphire eyes, and exudes a distinct air of confidence

Personality: Calculating, observant, and strategic. His talent for very accurate predictions made him perceive the world as "too predictable". He primarily Volunteered for the Hunger Games mainly to mitigate his boredom.

Strengths: Growing up from District 6 helped Corde develop incredible skills at navigation and piloting of aircraft vehicles, along with an innate sense of predicting the weather based on subtle changes. His fortune-telling prowess is also considerable, and based on his aptitude for observation and deduction.

Weaknesses: Can be very introverted with other people until he finally he realizes they could be trusted

Token: Tarot Card Deck


  • Corde is named after the COncorde airliner.