Crochet Friskers is District 8 Female Tribute for the 123rd Hunger Games.

Crochet Friskers
Gender Female
Age 16
Basic Info
Alliance(s) TBA


Crochet was born and lived her whole life in District 8 or so she believed. She never knew her father but she never really cared to know. Her mother Bootle was a teenage when Crochet was born. Crochet’s had a younger sister named Dolce who died, some say the Beast got her. Shortly her older brother named Allegro who disappeared a few months before she was reaped. Exactly what became of him no one really knew however he wasn’t trying to escape, just vanished without a trace. This left Crochet devistated but she had her mother and twin sister Quaver, not identical, to rely on.

Hunger GamesEdit

Crochet was reaped into the 123rd Hunger Games. During the Hunger Game her mother died and Crochet would later get a note from Quaver revealing the truth about their father and what became of Allegro.


Name: Crochet Friskers

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 8

Weapon: Whip (Or any other weapon she can make)

Appearance: Brown hair with blonde highlights, freckles and green eyes, shivers a lot and always has a worried look on her face

Personality: Crochet is extremely shy, timid, clever, crafty and very nervous all the time, however she had her brave moments.

Strengths: Crochet is good at make things with her hands; she is also very good at hiding and knows a little bit about medicine since her mother works as a healer

Weaknesses: Crochet has a lack of survival skills, she’ll not very strong

Token: Hair-clip


  • Crochet is named after a female meerkat who was born in the Frisky Mob, her parents were Bootle and Gazebo and she was born with two sisters Dolce and Quaver and one brother Allegro.