District 10 is one of the poorest districts in Panem and it's main industry is livestock.
District 10 Seal

District 10 Seal


District 10 is mostly flat lands with large farms for livestock. The people here are hard workers and well experienced with animals and tools. Most common people live in shacks and sheds along side their animals, beside the Victor Villages. It is flat, generally grassless land, except for artifically planted grass for livestock, with reddish dry soil. Beyond the district is the same flat land but it is home to many wild animals, especially wild horses. Several farms sprawl over the districts and a few meat packaging factories are pushed to the south side of the district. The main streets have a few shops. Most common jobs for District 10 inhabitances include Butcher, Milker, Ranger, Breeder and Barn Manager. A special few become horse trainers as District 10 is also where the Chariot Ride Horses are raised.


  • District 10 is believed to be located in present-day Texas region.