Ernesto Swift is the Escort for the Capitol as well as the Stylist.
Ernesto Swift



Ernesto is a hardcore scene kid from the Capitol, however he wasn't originally from the Capitol. He enjoys cuting, coloring and styling hair, however his parents want him to become a doctor like most of the members of his family. Ernesto has no interest in getting a medical degree.

After deciding to proceed with his hair style career, Ernesto dropped out of medical school to go to Hair and Fashion School. However his parent refused to pay for his education, so forcing Ernesto to pay for his school himself. Ernesto joined the DeathTone Orgnization who offered to pay for his education.

Ernesto is a kind, fun-loving popular kid who is generally friendly. He doesn't take smack about people and because of his medical background, he likes to help people. However there is a dark side to him named Sparrow. Ernesto has a split personality who called himself Sparrow. He is the complete opposite of Ernesto. Trash talking and extremely violent, Sparrow enjoys causing others pain and misery.   Sparrow dehaives noticablely different than Ernesto, mainly his bad language and his reratic behaivor. Sparrow likes to inflick pain on others and watch them suffer. He also show's no remorcy towards others or for the things he has done.

Hunger GamesEdit



Ernesto works as the Capitol Escort, being a member of the DeathTone Orginization. Besides working as the Escort, Ernesto also acts as the Stylist, basicly for the majority of the Districts. He also activly works inside the Arena, often delievering sponser gifts as well sometimes helps the Tributes.


Name: Ernesto Swift

District: Capitol

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Orange hair with streaks of color, black jacket, green and purple shirt, purple bandana, and a sword

Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Swift, agile, skilled swordsman

Weaknesses: Sparrow

Fears: Disapponting his parents

Token: Purple Bandana

Alliance: Ernesto basicly will ally with anyone as it is his job to monitor the Arena and the tributes


  • Ernesto is named after a male meerkat in the Whiskers. His last name comes from a female meerkat in the Whiskers. Both were seen on BBC Planet Earth Live.