Gazebo Keen is the Male Tribrute for District 6 for The 101st Hunger Games.

Gazebo Keen
Gender Male
Age 12
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Mitch Hawkeye, Dante Royal...


Gazebo lived in District 6 his whole life with his family. His was born to Mabili and Max Keen. Gezebo was born the middle child in the Keen family. While his mother and father were at work, he would help his older sister Makonkie with her projects and babysit his younger sister Clarabella. Gazebo was extremely depressed after Clarabella was reapped and fell even farther into depression after she died. Then he met a girl named Bootle who became somewhat his "girlfriend." Gazebo had reddish brown hair and green eyes, he is small for his age but what he lacks in strenght he makes up for with smarts. Unlike his sister, Gazebo is more level headed and a quick thinker. He is consider smart for his age and acts very mature. He is loyal, shy and quiet.


Age: 12

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Slingshot and blowgun

Strengths: Bluiding machanical things and he has good aim

Weakness: Swimming and is afriad of heights

Token: Locket with a picture of his family


Gazebo is named after a male meerkat born inthe Drie Doring Mob and became the dominant male of the Frisky.

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