Gin Tonic is the male tribute for District 3 in the Second Alliance Games.

Gin Tonic
Gender Male
Age 16
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Marko Steele


Gin lived with his mother and older brother Carlos in District 3, his father died when he was young. When Gin was 12 his mother died from an illness leaving him and his older brother to work in the factories on the electronics for the Capitol. Because he handled electronics at a young age, Gin is extremely smart with comupters and devices, however he isn't very social. Gin makes few friends but they are close friends. Gin is quiet and shy at first but once he comes out of his shell, he is friendly.

Hunger GamesEdit

Gin was reaped into the Second Alliance Games along with Kronice Hayes, Renna Overham and Minitel Drone. Gin was partnered with Marko Steele aka Auto from District 6.

Dead GamesEdit

Gin later reappears in The Dead Games' third endstallment Revive the Dead Games. He was brought back to life by Kine and his intelligences was inhanced. He now can control electicaty and anything mechanical. He likes to take things apart and put them back to getherto figure out how they work, including humans. Kine and his crew turned Gin into a cyborg, modifying his left arm into a robotic arm and giving him a tail complete with a claw. Like all the other Revived Tributes, Gin became cannibalistic, however because of his power, he has to consuming more engery than the other tributes making him a major threat to the Tributes.

During the Hunger Games, Gin's job was to maintain the mechanical gears and computers in the buildings. He also worked the cameras so the Games could be filmed.


Name: Gin Tonic

Age: 16

Gender: Male

District: 3

Appearance: Blonde hair, freckls and green blue eyes

Weapons: wire, knives and glowgun

Strengths: Gin is extremely intelligent, he knows how to hack into computers and wire mechinery. He is small so he can fit into small places.

Weaknesses: Gin isn't very strong and isn't very social.

Allies: Marko "Auto" Steele


  • Gin is named after two meerkats Gin and Tonic, twin brothers born in the Lazuli Mob.