Inga Wenslaydale is an Escort for District 9 the 101st Hunger Games.


Inga lived her whole life in the Capitol and so she dresses and speaks like any other Capitol resident. Inga is very polite and proper. She likes to wear the colors pink and purple however unlike more Capitol residents she does not wear a wig but keeps her hair as the same silvery purple in curls. Despite being from the Capitol Inga doesn’t find the District residents behavior as odd. Inga is more open to new ideas and is far more excepting than other Capitols.

Hunger Games

Inga was the Escort choosen for District 9. She pulled out the named Leon Pipsicol however Dante volunteered for him. She allowed Dante to pick the name for the Female Tribute who turned out to be Alexi Sneed.


  • Like all the Escorts, Inga was named after a living meerkat, however his cousin Wendslaydale had died. Both females were from teh Aztecs Mob.