Josh Rhogan is the male tribute from District 7 for the Second Alliance Games.

Josh Rhogan
Gender Male
Age 18
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Jeremy Greffish and Detria Grace


Josh lived his whole life in District 7 and started working as a lumberjack at a young age to support his family. He never knew his father, because he was one of the escorts who visited his home town during reapings. Josh lives with his large extended family. Josh is very clever and crafty. He is a team-player and very loyal towardshis friends/allies. Josh also likes to flirt a lot with the ladies. Because he was from District 7, he is experienced with an axe and climbing tress.

Hunger GamesEdit

Josh was reaped along with Simion Liit, Willow McNealy and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Shaw for the Second Alliance Games. Josh was partnered with a girl from District 5 named Jeremy Greffish, or "JerJer" as Josh likes to call her. Once in the Arena Josh and JerJer managed to survive the Bloodbath and escape. On the second day, Josh and JerJar went looking for Draken and Detria, however Josh accidenlty killed Draken and Jer comited suicide. Josh teamed up with Draken's partner Detria. They remeined hiden on the third day.

Dead GamesEdit

Whether Josh lives or not he'll appear in the The Dead Games.


Name: Josh Rhogan

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 7

Appearance: Wavy black hair, blue eyes, very tall and muscular because of his work as a lumberjack, he is describe as being very handsome.

Weapons: Axe

Strengths: Josh is very strong and muscular, he is knowlageable about edible plants and his is a great climber

Weaknesses: Josh has not long arrange attacks and he knows littel abotu eletronics. Josh is a little too trusting.

Allies: Jeremy Greffish and Detria Grace


  • Josh was named after a male meerkat born in the Whiskers Mob named Rhogan Josh.