Khleo Moorland a main character of The boy who escaped. She is the sister of Kovu, Aviv, Awzuh, and Tavor, and the only girl in the family.


Khleo has skin lighter than Kovu, the color of coffee and cream. Her hair falls at her shoulders and is straigt and blonde. She has brown eyes and wears bright clothes. She is consitered beautiful, smart, and a bit greedy.


Born as a ferteral twin with Awzuh, she came out of the womb second, so she is a few minutes younger than Awzuh. Her mother died in childbirth with her little brother Aviv, so she had no female romodel. Her earliest memory is her uncle going shoping before he was reaped into a games. Hovever, when he was dead, she wouldn't let her shop with her friends. Becuase of her being deprived of that, she became very protective of what she had because she felt as if she would loose it. One day when she was 10, she found a baby bird in the backyard with a broken wing and was able to fix the wing. From then on, she'd go and find hurt animals every sunday and payed extra attention in Health Class.