Miki Miller is District 11 male tribute for the The 101st Hunger Games.


Name: Miki Miller

Age: 17

Weapon: sickle sword

Appearance: dark skin, 6 feet even, 160 pounds, brown eyes, a little above average strength and short black hair

Backstory: Miki is a pretty friendly kid who gets decent grades and dosn't try to cause trouble. He is fairly average when he is at school but everything is completely different at home, his mom bairly cares about him any more. When she's not yelling at him she is off drinking and his father ran out on him when he was born so his step father doesn't care about him. The only two people Miki cares about are his brother Mickey and his best friend Tarko.

Strengths: strentgh, brains, hand to hand combat and survival skills

Weaknesses: uncontroble temper, afraid to climb trees, his temper only flares up if you pick at his father

Token: his lucky suit hankerchief

Creator: Dabigd247365