Mitch Hawkeye is the younger brother of Logan Hawkeye and the Male Tribute of District 5 for The 101st Hunger Games.

Mitch Hawkeye
Gender Male
Age 12
Basic Info
Alliance(s) Gazebo Keen, Dante Royal...


Mitch was at the age of 12 when his older brother Logan got reapped into the 100th Hunger Games. Mitch has black hair ad brown eyes, he takes after their mother while Logan looks strongly like their father. Before moving to District 5, Logan and Mitch lived in District 13 till their parents died and they were sent to live with relitives in District 5. Later after Logan won the Games he and his older brother moved to the Victors Village. Sometime after his brother had left on the Victors Tour, Mitch found a puppy whom he named Spud and Logan allowed him to keep the dog. Mitch started to have weird dreams and started to see things like his brother Logan.

Hunger GamesEdit

Living in the Victor's Village, Mitch wasn't expecting being reaped for the 101st Hunger Games. He actually had not signed in for reaping that day. His brother Logan vowed to rescue him from the Games. Mitch was reaped along with Sarah Vest.


Name: Mitch Hawkeye

Age: 12

Gender: Male

District: 5

Weapon(s): Crossbow

Stengths: Mitch is clever, fast on his feet, he makes friends easily however sometimes this backfires on him, he has great eyesight and his known as "Eagle Eye Micth" back in his District.

Weakness: Mitch isn't very strong, he is also to over trusting and can easily be fooled

Token: Pocketwatch


  • Mitch is named after a meerkat from the Whiskers, his brother was named Logan and they had a sister named Hawkeye. They had another sister named Cruise and this litter was the first to been seen on Meerkat Manor.
  • For some reason Mitch wasn't mention in the 100th Hunger Games and was replaced by an unknown sister that Logan didn't have.
  • Logan was orginally suppoed to volunteer for Mitch in the 100th Games but that was changed.