Moliere Rednose is the Escort for District 3.
Moliere Rednose Lunaii

Moliere Rednose


Moliere enjoys working as an Escort, especially for District 3. Although this District isn't to happy when the Hunger Games roles around, Moliere is popular among the ladies. Considered one of the most handsomest Escorts. Moliere doesn't dress in rediculous outfits and color schremes, he most often wears black and red, compete with a red streak in his hair. He currently lives in the Capitol however he was not from the Capitol.


  • Moliere is named after a male meerkat fromt he Aztecs mob and a young brother Rednose who sadly died of TB.
  • Like all the Escorts for the Revive the Dead Games, Moliere was named after a living meerkat, however his brother had disappared.