Mumbulu Njovu is the Escort for District 4.
Mumbulu Njovu Lunaii

Mumbulu Njovu


Mumbulu is one of the the handsome Escort and the women of District 4 love him. Mumbulu likes to flirt with the girls however he never really goes more than before flirtation. Unknown to most people, Mumbulu was originally from District 10 along with his brother Kiboko.


  • Mumbulu is named after two meerkats from the Boabab, a male and a female named Njovu, who was Mumbulu's litter-mate sister.
  • Like all the Escorts for the Revive the Dead Games, Mumbulu was named after a living meerkat, however his sister had disappared.
  • Mumbulu's meerkat's ID Code is VBBM004, thus he was chosen to be the Escort for District 4.

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