Panem is the name of the Nation featured in the Hunger Games series, located in the northern America.


Unlike the modern day United States, Panem does not have states nor does it's people have much rights. Instead the nation has 13 districts, each specializing in one or two particular task that support the nation as a whole. The Capitol is located in the Rocky Mountain Regions. Although Panem is a fictional nation, it appears to be in the future, after the lost of the modern world, however not explination of it's creation is given.


Central form of government.

District 1

Specializes in luxury items.

District 2

Specializes in weapons and peacekeepers

District 3

Specializes in technology.

District 4

Specializes in fishing.

District 5

Specializes in Engery.

District 6

Specializes in transportation.

District 7

Specializes in lumber.

District 8

Specializes in textiles.

District 9

Specializes in grain.

District 10

Specializes in livestock.

District 11

Specializes in agriculture.

District 12

Specializes in mining coal.

District 13

Specializes in nuclear warfar.

District 14

Although not considered a true District but is located near the Arena and Science Lab for the Capitol.

Hunger GamesEdit

Intially started after the rebellion, was set up to show power over the twelve remaining Districts, when District 13 reseaded, and to put on a show for the Capitol. Originally only twelve districts particupated, after District 13 rejoined the Nation, it joined in as well as forced the Capitol to join. Normally two children between the ages or 12 to 18 are reaped and forced to competed in a blood sport in an Arena designed by Gamemakers, till only one is left standing. Exceptions to the rules however are known, Quells are special Hunger Games that take place every 25 years and usually have a different set of rules and sometimes allow more than one Victor.