Pantxo Nequoia works as a Body Guard for the DeathTones and is the husband of Kaluha Nequoia.
Pantxo Lunaii

Pantxo's Lunaii


Pantxo's family worked as mercenaries in District 11, a rare job for someone not from District 2. He sometimes got to leave to other Districts to help catch escapees. Pantxo met a girl named Kaluha whom he has been seeing for some times.He was planning on marrying his girlfriend Kaluha before he got reaped into the Hunger Games. Pantxo resembled a tipical District 11 male with dark skin and braided hair tied back. He also would always wear a visor over his eyes because he was blind. Pantxo was the usual tall, dark and quiet type. He was a man of few words but whenever he talk, it usually was of some kind of importance. He was a bit of a loner but would work well with others if they were willing to work with him and can hold their own.

Dead Games SeriesEdit

Pantxo make an appearance in the The Dead Games, Survive The Hunger Gamez as the bodygaurd of Kirsten Barker of District 7. He prevents her assasination of the President.


Name: Pantxo Nequoia

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 11

Weapon: Katana

Strengths: Pantxo is strong but he relies more on his speed that strength alone. He has excellent hearing, better than the average human to the point where people can’t even tell he is blind.

Weaknesses: Pantxo is blind so he can’t see obviously; Pantxo has no skill with long ranged attacks because he can’t see


  • Pantxo is named after a wild male who joined the Nequoia Mob and became the doninant male with Kaluha. He died in March 2011 from disease.

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