Rafflessia Adii is District 11 Female Tribute for the 101st Hunger Games.

Rafflessia Adii
Gender Female
Age 13
Basic Info
Alliance(s) TBA


Rafflessia's mother was Rue's sister however Rafflessia wasn't very much like her aunt in some ways. Rafflessia was open seen daydreaming and spacing out while doing chors or at school. She had to odd habit of walking into glass doors or other objects in her path while she was spacing out. Like all children from District 11, Rafflessia was skilled in climbing trees. Her mother was traumatized when Rue was picked for the 74th Hunger Games and killed. Because of this she tried to do everything to keep her children safe from the Games, but Rafflessia was reaped for the 101st Hunger Games.

Hunger GamesEdit

Rafflessia was in her second year of having her name in the Hunger Games ball. Unfortuantly she was reaped into the 101st Hunger Games.


Name: Rafflessia Adii

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 11

Weapon(s): Bow and Arrows

Appearance: Dark skin, brown eyes, and she's small, resembles Rue

Personality: terrified of the games, a little off, walks-into-walls type of character


Relations: Rue (tribute for 74th hunger games; she would have been her aunt if she was still alive) and related to Tigerstripe (tribute for the 155th games, Not born yet)

Strengths: has good aim, can climb trees, can hide good, can identify plants

Weakness: Can't kill and not feel guilty, doesn't do well knowing she's on TV

Token: a necklace woven of grass with a wooden star


  • Rafflessia Adii is the neice of Rue from the 74th Hunger Games.
  • Rafflessia was named after the largest flower in the world, which grows in Indonesia.