Sarah Vest is the Female Tribute from District 5 for The 101st Hunger Games.

Sarah Vest
Gender Female
Age 14
Basic Info
Alliance(s) TBA


Sarah was born in District 5 and spent her whole life there. When she was a baby her parents were electrocuted and died, Sarah barely managed to survived. After which she started lvining with her grandfather, Percy, in the Victor's Village. She doesn't interaction much with other people, but she was still very kind and overly polite.

Hunger GamesEdit

Sarah was reaped along with Mitch to be District 5 Tributes for the 101sth Hunger Games. Her mentor become Mitch's older brother Logan.


Name: Sarah Vest

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: 5

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, Pale skim

Weapons: Mace

Strengths: Hunting, Hiking

Weaknesses: Tree Climbing, Speed

Personality: Kind, Giving, Quiet

Token: Percy's wedding ring


  • Shara is the Granddaughter of Percy Vest, D5 victor of the 54th Hunger Games

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