Scythe is District 9 male Tribute for The 54 Hunger Games.


Scythe is devoted and very protective of his sister. A bit of a loner, he rather not work in alliances with others beside his sister. He can be a little moody and bossy. He however has a sense of humor that he uses to lighten the mood. He is also very accepting of the events that fall upon him.


Scythe is tall reaching around 6'7 iches, with long scruffy black hair and amber eyes. He is 18 years old and just missed the Hunger Games by two months from his Birthday.

Hunger GamesEdit

Scythe was reaped into the 54 Hunger Games along with his sister Sprinkle.


  • Scythe is named after a male meerkat found int he Zergs Mob and is actually the litter-mate brother of Guillotine, not Sprinkle who is in a different mob.
  • Scythe almost missed the reapping by two months till his 19th Birthday.


The 54 Hunger Games

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