Silks is District 8's male Tribute for The 88th Hunger Games.
Silks outfit

Silks feeling ridiculous


Silks is friendly towards the people he trust and knows. However during the games, he is wary of others' motives but is willing to form alliances mostly with lower Districts. Silks shivers when nervous holding his hands up to his face. Despite his timid demeanor, Silks is quite clever and is skilled enough to make things with his hands out of raw materials. He is quite crafty and even learned how to sharpen rocks to a fine point. Since he was from District 8, he learned how to sew and make various clothing for the Capitol. Silks has wavy hazel hair and olive eyes. His skin is rather pale since he spends much of his time working in the factories. He is thin yet has some mescal however he isn't very strong beyond normal for his age. He has a chip in his left ear and a scar on his right arm and one long his left side from working in the factories.

The 88th Hunger GamesEdit

When Silks was 16 he was reaped into the 88th Games for District 8. His game plan was to built himself a weapon and to form an alliance with other Tributes to avoid the Career group. Silks managed to make himself a whip from clothe and vines that contains several ends each tipped sharp rocks and bones he found and refined. Silks befriended a girl named Luna and partnered up with her. However he was hit by a dart during the Bloodbath but managed to survive, wounded but able to get away. Silks later died on day 4 and made 10th place.

Dead GamesEdit

Silks appears in The Dead Games along with many other decease Tributes. He seems fully aware that he is dead and works with Lucifer and Alonzo. Silks was able to return to Panem because of a strong contection with the current District 8 Tribute Banette Tsukomogami.


  • Since he is from District 8, Silks was named after the first born male meerkat from the Vivian Mob. Later Silks became the dominant male of the Elveera.
  • The Underground Games takes place after the rebillion in the Hunger Games series, resulting in the end of the games which would mean that the 88th game never happen. Thus Silks appears in an alternate universe setting.


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