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Caius AngelicEdit

District: Capitol

Age: 17

Gender: Male.

Personality: Caius has two sides, both very different apart. One side is sweet, loving, caring and compassionate. He'll put others before him, and try please others before pleasing himself. His other side is calculating, brutal, ruthless and shows no love and care. Merciless. This side is brought out when infuriated, hurt, or simply through pure hatred.

Appearance: Caius is gorgeous. He almost looks like an angel, with glimmering tan skin and albino blonde hair, he truly is majestic. Someone you'd imagine. He's buff, with large muscles and a bulking chest. Girls would kill to be with him. 

History: Caius has a younger sister named Zelphina. She's fourteen years old, and is the nicest girl you will ever know. Like her brother, Zelphina doesn't look like a clown like the other Capitol citizens do, you'd mistake her for a District 1 tribute. Glistening blonde hair, tan skin, blue eyes, just like Caius. Caius has a pretty neutral life. Lives with his parents. Has a few good friends, nothing really traumatic/significant has happened to him. When Caius was reaped, it was a shock to all the citizens. Everyone adored Caius. But not enough to volunteer. He received many visitors before the train-ride, and made a promise to each and every one of them; he'll try his best. And with that thought, Caius hopes to bring glory to the Capitol.

Weapon: Caius hasn't trained much, but he's pretty prepared. His weapon that overpowers any blade is his strength. Hand-to-hand combat is definitely his strongest weapon, dealing better damage than any knife could do. His secondary weapon is a bow. His aim is accurate, and he almost never misses the bullseye. In duel, he would be weilding a machete. Caius isn't great with spears/javelins.

Strengths: His strength is his physical strength. He keeps his body in good shape, making him exceptional at climbing and clinging to objects. Something other tributes won't excel in is swimming. He's a tremendous swimmer, he's able to swim due to the large variety of swimming pools in the Capitol. And lastly, his anger. If you make Caius mad, he's not going to go easy on you. When in rage, Caius will make sure your death's painful.

Weaknesses: Hunting. There's barely any forests or wildlife areas in the Capitol, so it's going to be a challenge if the arena is something green. Also, a big weakness of Caius is killing little kids. He's very fragile when it comes to children, and will want to avoid them as much as possible. If encountering one, he won't attack unless they make the first move. Caius is a little too trustworthy, which could get him a stab in the back for sure.

Fears: Caius fears the careers. Sure, he could take on one, but knowing that there's a group of six skilled, sinister tributes in the arena is a bit daunting. He'll have to play it safe.

Token: A silver anklet with Zelphina carved into it. That's the name of his sister, who he adores so much.

Strategy for their interview: Caius will be himself. A kind, considerate guy. He'll make sure to be humorous, and charming as possibly. He will refrain from being cocky.

Strategy for pre-games training: Caius is going to keep his head down. He will avoid eye contact, and he won't ask anyone for an alliance or accept a request. As for his training assessment, he'll do what he can but won't try his best, as it will make himself a target to the careers. He will aim for something like a seven or an eight.

Ian ChaselerEdit

district 3

weapon spear


apperance long hair brown eyes white skin

personality nice but not nice when hes angry

Age 12

backstory he had nightmares of being picked but his older brother said he would voleenteer for him when he was reaped his brother was to scared and didnt volenteer and now he is angry and prepared to win

strength donst miss with a spear

weakness wont kill allies

training stratagey make non carrer freinds and alot

bloodbath stratagy get a spear and dont die

games stratagy kill off the carrers

feast stradagy get his stuff and kill who he can

token a dark red bracelett reminding him of his brother who betrayed him makim him angry and lethal

mantor advice get a spear and dont get to connected to much to allies

Evaine MejaiEdit

Age : 18

District : 1

Gender : Female

Personality : Evaine can at first seem to be a thypical teenage girl in her most rebellious years. She has a lot of friends at school who she parties, drinks and haves fun with. She gets alright and mediocre like all the other girls in school, and gossips about boys and rumors. But that is far away from the truth when it comes to Evaine. She is a secretive, decieving spy whose cover is one of the best out there. Nobody would suspect a totally normal high school girl to work for the Capitol´s highest bidders, and she earns millions in both cash and information. She knows more about the politics of Panem more than the politicians themselves, and she even has a few things going on for herself. Evaine is hoping to rise up into the might of the Capitol to get even more power and influence. Evaine wants to prove herself to the people she works for in the Capitol so she can rise up and away. So she is going to paticipate in the Hunger Games, but she isn´t after fame or fortune. She is after power and knowledge, and she knows how to get it. By getting crowned victorious.

Weapons : Knives, steel claws

Height : 5`7

Strengths : Evaine is an excellent sneak, she can move soundlessly around her envirements and is hard to notice in a big crowd. She can slip into nothingness and appear right behind you, with a drawn knife at your throath. Evaine is hard to read, she can assume any persona to trick people into trusting her or ignoring her. Evaine is also extremely fast, something that comes natural in her work for espoinage and assasination. She has broken morales, and won´t care who she kills.

Weaknesses : While Evaine is very difficult to get to and therefore kill, she isn´t good at all in one on one fighting. She relies on herself picking out the advantages, and figthing one on one with no trickery will be her bane. She is fast, but not strong at all, she can easily be taken down, even by younger Tributes. Evaine has also a huge ego, and can´t even imagine someone catching her out.

Alliance : Evaine will join the Careers to begin with, but she isn´t planning on sticking with them.

Fears : Evaine is scared to get attached to anyone or fall in love, the one thing that can make her forget herself.

Interview Angle : Evaine will pose as the thypical Career girl and flirt and laugh her way through her interview. She´ll talk about how wonderful the Capitol is and how certain she is to win the Games.

Bloodbath Strategy : Evaine will storm at the Cornucopia, hoping to pick up a few kills just like the rest of the Careers. She´ll hopefully get to the supplies first thanks to her speed, and from there guard the Cornucopia and kill any non-Career who tries to get to the goodies. She might even kill one of her allies if she gets the opportunity.

Games Strategy : Evaine will stay with the Careers for the first few days, hunting Tributes with them. They will keep her safe, and she´ll keep her act of a stereotypical District 1 Tribute up. She´ll try to build up their trust to her, but she will do anything to not get attached to any of them. After they have served their purpose, she will leave in the night with as much supplies as she can carry and maybe a kill or two on them. From there on, Evaine will show her true colors. Not a slutty beauty queen anymore, but a fericious, tricky player in the Games. She will never fight in the open, but assasinate her prey in the dead of night and slowly whittle down the competition until she is the lone survivor.

Leon AslanEdit

Age: 17

District: 4

Weapons: Trident, spears

Personality: Leon is a very agressive sort of person. He wasn´t always this way, it´s something that has happened over the years. He is very rough and doesn´t think there is any excuse to be weak. He hates people who won´t stand up to a friend or family member. Leon is a kind soul however, but he has nobody left he really loves.

History: Leon was always a slightly violent child, not only aganist people who were mean towards Miane, his sister. They grew up together, with no parents, for reasons unknown to them. However, they were happy. Leon was three years older than Miane, and they went to the same school. Leon would always beat up anyone who said anything against or even looked at Miane wrong, he would always be the protective older brother. Miane tended to be a bit bitchy towards a lot of people at school, but she was always kind-hearted towards Leon. They were inseperable, they were the best of friends outside of school as well. Even though they didn´t have any common interests, they were always together and was very close thanks to their love for eachother. But one day, Miane dissapeared. It was a tuesday, and Leon had just said goodbye to her after she was going home, while he was going to some of his friends at the career academy for afternoon lessons. That was the last time he ever saw her. Miane´s dissapearance caused great worry all around District 4, every were looking for her. Including Leon. He couldn´t sleep, he was thinking that Miane might even be dead and he couldn´t do anything except looking. All the students and staff at Miane and Leon´s school was questioned, to no avail. She was last observed on her way home from school in the company of a gang of other girls. It was a mystery how nobody had seen her, the girls she was observed with was questioned as well, but they didn´t know anything. Leon was driven mad with grief, and he was certain he knew who had killed her. He was certain it was Lisbet Hanai, the girl Miane had picked on and bullied for years, she was one of the girls who walked with Miane home that day. So when Leon saw Lisbet being reaped at the reaping, he couldn´t resist the oportunity to find answers or even revenge for his sister, and volunteered.

Preferred Alliance: Leon will be in the careers, maybe even leading them. But he will treat the other members of his alliance as companions, not enemies.

Kitty MewEdit

Age: 12 (13 1st day of hunger games)

District: Capital (14, 2)

Personality: Kitty is sweet, seductive and cute. She is always doing what people say and sticking to the shadows, trying not to grab others attention. She can be rather sweet at times and encourage others, as well as scare them as a joke. If she had to kill, she would either make a real show of it, using her genetically altered fingernails (claws) to rip them apart or a scythe to make a whisker shape through their stoumach. She will also kill quickly if she feels pity for someone

Weapon: Her claws and scythes, thought if she ever needed another, she is okay with throwing knives.

Gender: Female/Feline

Biography: Kitty was never the one to complain if somthing wen't wrong, she's just sit by and watch it happen. But one particular morning, changed everything. Her mother and father were talking in rushed tones, and when Kitty walked in, they just stopped.

Kitty had looked at them up and down before asking "Mother, Father, whats the matter?" and the had suddenly walked closer to her, as if trying to capture a cat or kitten, and then father scooped her up and threw her in a human sized cage.

Kitty had then stared at the knowingly. "I'm not a cat." she had said, before pressing closer to the cage. "But you want me to be." her father had shook his head before swinging Kitty off  into a large, pink truck. The back was filled with gas, which automatically knocked her out.

When she awoke, she was in a surgical room and they were poking at her. When they saw her away the yelled and automatically gassed her again. 

The problem was she could hear everything perfectly, loud, fast paced beeping was heard from a machine close to her, and wierd noises that sounded like the peircing of a skull was heard just above her head. Of course she couldn't see or feel anything, but she had a sense of what was going on. Her parents always wanted a cat, so they were making their daughter one.

Kitty had awoke halfway through the surgery, just as they were editing her new tail and ear movements into her brain. And she had hissed and clawed at them, crying and screaming, before she fainted. The beeps had gotten louder, but she could faintly hear yelling, before it sounded like a fight broke out in the very room she was in.

She heard barks and bunny hops, and snaps of the mouth, before everything had turned to the beeping of the moniter, which had sped up so quickly, that Kitty suddenly realised, she was dying.

She woke up again, to find that she was no longer in pain, but instead she had animal ears, tails and claws. She had looked around the room to see a dog boy, crocodile girl, fox man and sheep lady, and staring at her. 

Kitty bit her lip, only to find it bleeding, she put a finger to her teeth to find fangs and then had shook her head and looked to them. "Am.. I alive?" she asked, and they had nodded. "Your one of us now." and Kitty had them lived with them until she was suddenly reaped.

Interview Strategy: TBD

Alliance: Careers or a small unwanted alliance

Mei KimEdit

Age 15:

Gender: Female

District: 3

Personality: Shy & quiet, but also kind and innocent.

Strengths: Extremely smart, fast, agile, good hider, plant identification

Weakness: Small, scared to kill, trusts too easily

Weapon of Choice: none (similar to Wiress)

Alliance: her District partner

Token: none

Interview Angle: She will be shy towards Caesar, but still polite

Games Strategy: dodge the Cornucopia, hide

Backstory: Mei's parents were leading inventors in technology, so she grew up with fabulous wealth and a good education. She always had everything she wanted, but she spent most of her time in her mansion's garden, growing plants and studying animals.

Soot Dustcloud

Age: 16

Gender: Male

District: 12

Weapon: Sword, Knife Gloves, Throwing Knives

Appearance: Soot has green eyes on a pale face with a black skin tone creeping along his cheeks like a black cloud. This is because of his condition from living in the mines so much. He has black hair and an aggressive look is always on his face, mixed with hope. He is 5'6, small for his age but size never matters in the games, your will to live does.

Personality: Soot can be very explosive and taunting to his enemies. He doesn't care how heavily armed they are, as long as he can pick a fight that he knows he can win. He is amazing at giving advice and can guess the outcome of a battle or plot easily. Soot is hotheaded, often losing his temper if someone insults him or makes him look stupid and he has an extreme hatred for the careers, blaming them for giving the capitol a reason to continue the games. He wishes to remind them that they too are mortals and that they bleed just like him.

Backstory: Soot grew up breathing in the dust of the mines he lived right next to. His skin absorbed the soot his father bought in and it became a permanent mark on his face, looking like a black cloud just waiting to eat him from the inside out. This also gave him breathing problems, something that frustrated him because he couldn't do anything to help his family earn money.

And so, he began to train for the games. Against the many challenges he faced and the scares he gave his family when he went into many asthma attacks, he still trained until he could finally smash a door into splinters by kicking it as if he was a karate master form the movies. He was proud of himself, but his parents worried for him as he became more and more hotheaded. Whenever he did something wrong, he'd destroy it and create something new from the rubble. Productive, but unhealthy for his overall conditions and habits.

Soot also learned how to observe others peoples' habits. He guessed the routine for a peacekeeper in order to escape to the wild so he could train in the forests. A new peacekeeper took the former peacekeeper's route, but Soot easily guessed that the newbie would just head backwards and cross by his house just by watching him talk to a fellow peacekeeper. He motivated a neighbor to try to enter the games that they actually won, making him a good motivator and he has accomplished many challenges he faced both at home and in the wild.

Bur deep inside, Soot was worried he would be thrown into the streets. He was worried that he couldn't help pay the rubble they lived in. He couldn;t work in the mines, and his family knew no other talents. Soot decided to volunteer and despite a tearful argument between his parents and Soot, they gave him the courage and the hope to win the games and to be able to bring the family home to a better place, a place where they wouldn't have to put his newborn brother at the same risks of asthma like him. He wants to bring his family to the victor's village so he can finally be useful to them.

Soot Dustcloud, the angry warrior, has volunteered for the games.

Strengths: Soot has very good judgement from a balanced training lifestyle, he is strong in his own way and can easily predict someone's movements by watching them long enough. He has trained to use his weapons of choice with complete mastery, and he knows who to fight. He won't pick a fight with someone that's bigger and stronger than him that has a bow. He'd pcik on someone his own size, maybe smaller.

Weakness: He has severe hyperventilation/asthma so he can't stress himself out too much. A big temper can't help this either, resulting in an uneven choice of words and actions when he's lit his fuse. Soot also has a fear of being useless, he'll always be trying to fix/prepare something so he won't waste any time in the games, which might just do the exact opposite.

Training Strategy: Befriend anti-career members as soon as possible, but staying out of any arguments or fights with anyone but the careers. If possible, make some risky training moves to put the careers at risk right there in the center without getting in trouble, bluffing as you do.

Bloodbath Strategy: Soot will run right into the cornucopia, slicing at the first enemy he sees and then fleeing, having his victim's allies trail behind him so he can clear the cornucopia of the careers and give everyone else there an advantage without juggernauts killing them. He'll hide then run in the previous direction as the careers run past him to find his alliance back at the cornucopia.

Games Strategy: He plans on being nobody special, trying to conceal his abilities by messing up on purpose but still offering help now and then. Once the alliance numbers start going down, Soot won't hesitate to split up once they reach less than 5 members. As he splits up, he'll take what he can without causing trouble but still keeping him safe, then head to the norhternmost part of the cornucopia's outer rim.

Feast Strategy: Soot will go somewhere in the middle of the feast, hoping that he didn't call too much attention to himself and being able to escape without trouble.

Token: His token is more of a necessity. It's a bag his mother made him to control his hyperventilation

Interview Angle: Talk smack about the careers to blind them with anger, but also talk about how you want to help take your family to a better place so his little brother won't end up like him.

Mentor Advice: Soot, you're loyal, you're what district 12 needs in a tribute. But what a miner doesn't need is an explosion, which sadly explains your personality completely. Keep that under wraps, child.

Banette TsukomogamiEdit

Age: 15

Gender: Male

District: 8 (Primarily), All

Weapon: Traps, Needles, Knives

Appearance: Banette has reddish-pink, sinister eyes with a grin hidden under a bandana he treasures so much that he wears over his mouth. The bandana features a printed golden/bronze zipper in the shape of a smile on black cloth, and nothing more. He has droopy black/dark grey hair and he looks as if he could pull a trick at any moment, just waiting to see you stop him before it's too late. Nothing but hatred persists in this boy's eyes, and pale skin makes him seem almost ghostly.

Personality: Banette is very angry and independentcrabby as well since he's never felt like anyone has wanted him. He doesn't trust most people, and his friends don't trust him either since Banette can be very contradictory and uncooperative at times. However, all Banette wants is to be loved. He's never felt the embrace of a mother or a father when he was scared, never had someone to rock him to sleep, he was alone in an orphanage where he was made fun of. Banette wishes for the day where he can finally find someone to trust, because he is sick of being alone.

Backstory: Banette never remembers much about his young life, that's because he never had one. As a newborn, he was tossed onto the steps of an orphanage where he wasn't picked up until the next, cold and rainy day. Already near death due to the common flu that was so intense on a newborn, they did everything they could which involved many nights of headaches for the other children from such horrible screams and cries from the baby who was receiving treatment. He recovered, but as a result his eyes turned a reddish/pink from the excess amounts of crying.

He grew up under typical care from the foster parent running the orphanage, up until he was 3 and another newborn arrived, this time under better conditions unlike his arrival. He played alone with puppets all day since he was left to play with himself, and he befriended a little plush doll that a dead orphan once played with. Since that day, he became friends with the inanimate object and was instantly secluded from the others. They called him nutcase, they called him a freak. Others called him "kid" since he had no name yet. However, it all narrowed down to one name representing his love for puppets as a baby: Banette.

It was at the young, innocent age of 6 when he realized what his life was. A life that doomed him to fighting to the death in what a group of puppets and puppeteers called "games". He gripped onto his friend named Shuppet every night as he had nightmares of him in the games, running away from someone twice his size with glowing red eyes who caught up with him every 30 steps he took with one, giant step. Nightmares were had, and he never rested at night. The other kids laughed at his cowardly act of not wanting to sleep, the horrible curse of insomnia. Clumsy mornings bought bad attention to him, but one day everyone crossed the line.

9 years of life, Banette was finally learning his place in the orphanage. Nobody liked him, nobody wanted him as a friend, only he could pick who he wanted to be around but even then, he was rejected. Shuppet, the ragged doll, was the only true friend. He knew it's past, and he could feel the ghost of the previous child right by him whenever he stood in the darkness, playing with the doll. Then, Banette finally fell asleep. The other children, giggling in their cruel and hushed voices, took Shuppet and showed it to their foster parent. "Ugh, what a disgusting.. thing!" She said as she tossed it into the fireplace. Banette woke up as soon as it landed, and he saw that Shuppet was no longer next to him.

He ran downstairs to see his only friend burn away, and in the smoke he saw the ghost of the girl pund against it as if it was a glass box. He fell to his knees and had a breakdown. The foster mother scoffed and told him to knock it off, and as she walked away the others pointed and laughed. Tears dried up, and Banette absorbed soomething in the air. Not smoke, not joy from laughter. It was hate, the hate from the other children who know he wasn't normal, the hate from the foster mother who had to deal with a loud crying baby, the hate from having horrible lazy parents who left him to die from sickness on the steps, hate was everywhere. The capitol, the districts, he was hate himself.

He didn't even feel the other kids kick him until he was knocked out.

The next day, well.. Night, Banette was sitting in bed. A crude but gentle frown on his blank, emotionless face as he looked up at the almost black ceiling with the blue-hued moonlight flowing in. He couldn't forgve anyone. He couldn't forgive the other kids for tormenting him still, he couldn't forgive his parents for giving him away, and he couldn't forgive himself for letting himself get attacthed to a doll. It was a long sleepless night full of muttering and angry growls from the boy until the next day where he stepped out of his room with something that surprised everyone. A sinister smile. The days went by without conflict, because Banette for some reason never showed up. Little did they all know that Banette was in the basement working on a doll that represented himself, a companion that understood him, his own heart and soul put into a puppet doll.

He finally finished the perfect doll on his 12th birthday. He knew that he might never get to see it, so he tried his best to not be noticed that day, the first reaping of his life. The reapings were greeted by a boy dressed in black, droopy black hair with redish pink eyes hidden behind the stringy strands of hair. "FREAK" Called out the male who was just reaped, the ringleader of the boys who tormented Banette at the foster home. Banette simply looked up and smiled, then waved goodbye as he walked out of the reaping. He knew that arrogance would not last long in the games.

2 reapings later, Banette finally took his place that he was so familiar with in life. He got into sewing, creating a bandana and a hoodie for him to wear. He preferred the bandana much more however, a golden zipper smile miuch like his across his face. He'd always wear it, sneaking his food under the cloth. He didn't want people to know when he smiled, when he frowned, when he was bittersweet. He wanted everyone to just see a smile, a zipped smile that they couldn't unzip. For once, he was actually happy with his life. The night before this reaping, he held on to his doll tighter than ever. He loved the doll, but he wasn't loved by anyone yet, not even as a friend. He cried, knowing that he'd die alone if this persisted. He wanted his parents, he wanted the life that he missed out on due to one selfish decision. Banette was sick of being alone.

Reaping day was horrible following up to his name being called. He woke up, in a panic to see his doll missing. He turned the house upside down as he looked for his companion, "Am I about to lose my only friend again?!" he asked himself in tears as he looked for it constantly to no end. No time was left to look, he'd get killed if he didn't make it to the reapings. He reluctantly sat in the car as the other boys teased him, "Poor baby lost his doll AGAIN!" they teased in their deep, ridiculous voices. Banette simply put up his hoodie and covered his mouth with the bandana. They'd get reaped, all of them at each reaping just like their boss. He knows that the creator wouldn't make an innocent boy suffer like that, he trusted him.

As they arrived, Banette realized that it's just him now. Alone in a group, and as everyone stood dressed up like dolls straight, Banette stood there with his black hoodie, zipped up with the thick gold zipper and the bandana covering his mouth, the same look in his eyes like he always would have it. "Fuck you, fuck you, oh fuck you especially, fuck you.." were his thoughts as they speech was had. The girl was reaped, and as he laughed in a cruel chuckle, everyone stared at him. But he had no guilt, they don't know him. They didn't know what He had suffered.

"Banette Tsukomogami!"

Banette froze. He felt betrayed again, he felt alone. The other boys chuckled, then laughed at him. He looked around him as the laughs grew and he was pushed towards the stage, and he started to cry again, cry in the same way he did when he was a newborn. He remembered that ngith with pain, and as he slowly walked up the stairs like an elephant was on his back, the rage filled him again. He stopped, and as the escort asked what was wrong he ran up to the microphone, and with an angered look in his eyes, he pulled down the bandana, showing what he had done to himself. He turned his mouth into a zipper, just like the smile on his bandana. "FUCK. YOU. ALL." he screamed after he unzipped his mouth, panting and crying again. The peacekeepers dragged him into the justice building as he cried, slight sympathy in their eyes as they felt bad for him.

He sat as he waited for someone to greet him, at least the foster mother who was now a whore. But nobody joined him. Nobody, expect Shuppet. Shuppet sat there next to him, his ghostly white body slouching much like Banette himself. No words were spoken, but as the sunlight began to disappear, Shuppet faded. Banette was alone again, and as he stepped onto the train, he glared at the other boys who were howling at him."Incompetent, everyone here is incompetent" he though to himself, and he stepped onto the train. (IMPORTANT NOTE: BANETTE IS NOT INSANE. THE ZIPPER MOUTH WAS FOR FASHION PURPOSES ONLY)

Strengths: Banette has very strong attacks and can endure extreme pain due to him often accientally hurting himself while sewing his hoodie, is bandana, and not to mention the insane lip job he gave himself. His anger serves as adrenaline that makes him almost a tank. His expertise in designing things has also helped him make traps with ease, and he can make decoys out of almost anything. He can also use needles like throwing knives, a rare and almost impossible skill.

Weakness: Banette is weak in a way. Mentally weak, he has flashbacks of his past caused by anything remeniscent to the event that can completely depress him and put him in a "don't bother me" attitude, almost wishing to do nothing for long periods of time. He wounds easily too, but this is not interfering with his endurance. (There's cutting someone's arm off, and then there's having them scream in pain while you do it). Banette is also very cruel, angry and full of hate that would almost label him as a bad person, something that doesn't correspond with his true heart which is one that actually seeks friendship and trust.

Bloodbath Strategy: Banette will only grab a backpack and a knife and will flee, not wanting to waste time with the others. He will most likely flee to the least desired location since he can get to work with the things they have there with ease for a few days.

Games Strategy: For the first few days, Banette will try to fashion a weapon of sorts to aid him alongside a knife, but will try to find a way to isolate the cornucopia while still keeping it intact so he can get the needles he can somehow use like throwing knives. If he encounters someone or vice versa, he will offer a deal to spare his life, but if he has no choice but to kill them he will act helpless and then kill them quickly before they kill him.

Feast Strategy: Banette honestly wishes that there was no such strict event, but regardless he will go last. Being an unnoticed tribute for the majority of the games (He hopes) he shouldn't expect anyone to try and sabotage his game.

Token: The banadna he made himself to hide his horrid zipper face.

Interview Angle: Banette will not let himself be someone else's puppet. He will step out in his normal attire, the black hoodie with the thick golden zipper with black pants and sneakers with the bandana on. He will call himself "his own stylist" and answer the questions honestly, not caring if he takes up too much time. However, once the buzzer sounds he will glady shut up and leave, since he doesn't want to be there to begin with.

Mentor Advice: Um.. hello, my name is.. I guess you don't care do you. Look, we all get bullied sometimes, but in the end things will get better! Right!? Why.. why are you giving me that dirty look? Oh.. um, I guess you want to be alone. Alright.. I'll see you at dinner..

Amy ClarkeEdit

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: 12 (but she comes from 1)

Personality: Very secretive and clever (similar to Foxface). Also straightforward and will do what she's told. She is pretty but she only uses her looks to her advantage when she needs to.

Backstory: Amy was originally born in District 1, as the older cousin of Gauis Wellwood and the younger sister of Xander Clarke. Most of her family were victors of the Hunger Games so like Gauis, she was trained by them.

Only, there was one thing that separated her from her family. She wanted to become an agent for the President and not a Hunger Games victor.

She left District 1 for the Capitol, to her family's anger and tracked down the President, begging him to allow her to become an agent for him. The President agreed but she would have to go through an IQ test. If she passed, she would start in the agency. If she failed, she had to go back home.

Amy was determined not to fail the test as she didn't want to go back home again. So she studied. And passed the test.

By the next day, she was an agent. But she was not satisfied with her work.

The President had made her go on undercover missions. There was one mission where she had to pretend to be a prostitute in order to get information out of clients.

That particular mission emotionally scarred her.

However, the President actually saw what the missions had done to her so he let her go on interrogation missions instead.

She was sent to District 12 and had to stay there for a while as the mission she was given as going to take weeks.

But curiosity had caught up with her and she volunteered for the Hunger Games, right at the time when the President declared that he wouldn't help her.

Weapons: Bladed staff, hand to hand combat, intelligence

Strengths: Hand to hand combat, stealth, manipulation

Weaknesses: Prone to flashbacks, has trust issues, feelings

Training: Ally with the Careers, explain to them her backstory (so they know she's not actually from District 12) and practice.

Private Training: Will train with the bladed staff. If that doesn't impress the Gamemakers, she will manipulate them into giving her a good score.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run towards the Cornucopia, grab a bag and meet up with the Careers whilst trying to avoid confrontation.

Games Strategy: Help out the Careers a little and try to get information out of them secretly.

Alliance: Careers until further notice.

Odin Amarth

Gender: Male

District: 13

Age: 18

Personality: A little cocky, intimidating, kind of quiet, can be social but doesn't like to

Strengths: Smart, fast, can swim well

Fears: Drowning and heights

Weaknesses: Heights and snakes

Weapons: Spear (throwing and close combat)

Alliance: Careers

Picture/Description: 6'1, kind of skinny but deceptively strong, tan skin, green eyes, long blond hair

Bloodbath Strategy: Find the nearest weapon and kill the nearest tribute that's not a career, then obtain a spear and meet up with the careers after the bloodbath.

What will they perform in private training?: Spear throwing and close combat spear fighting

Backstory: Being named after the thunder god Odin, he has always been an avid worshipper of him, always thought about winning the games in the glory of Odin ever since he was a young boy. Therefore, he has always been tireless training for the past 12 years of his life. Thus making him very expierienced with his preferred weapon (spear). His mother died during childbirth and his dad is a peacekeeper.

Token: Golden ring of a lightning bolt

Petri Lindroos

Gender: Male

District: 2

Age: 17

Personality: Quiet, has a short fuse, slight anger issues

Strengths: Very smart, very strong

Weaknesses: People and spiders

Fears: Torture, being eaten alive

Weapons: Sword, knife

Alliance: Careers

Picture/Description: 6'0, muscular, pale skin, gray eyes, short bronze colored hair

Bloodbath Strategy: Obtain a sword and team up with his fellow careers

What will they perform in private training?: Sword fighting

Backstory: Grew up in a typical district 2 environment, wealthy, traning hours upon hours a day, eating enough. Life was good until Petri turned 14, that's when he was framed for a crime he did not commit, putting him in jail for 2 years. During this time, Petri sat in solitude, angry, and confused about why he was there. When he turned 16, he vowed to himself to train harder than ever. Which he did, considering having a criminal record would potentially ruin his life, he decided to volunteer for the games when he was 17.

Token: Braclet made of rat bones he made while in jail

Sofia LacunaEdit

Age: 14

Gender: female

District: 9

Personality: Shy, quiet, nice with the ones who deserve her friendship.

Appearence: Tall, thin, long and curly red hair and hazel eyes.

History: As Sofia grown up in a farm, she has a huge knowledge about plants and nature. She is also learning how to hunt with a bow, but she is able to find vegetables and edible fruits in the forest that surrounds her dad`s farm. She always helps her mother in the fields, and likes to hide in the woods. She loves her younger brother and her parents, but something that nobody knows is that she often steals food from a bake shop, to make her brother glad.

Weapon: Throwing knives, her favorite weapon when hunting, she is also able to use a bow, but dislikes axes.

Strenghts: Hunting, camoflage, find food and climbing trees

Weaknesses: Climbing mountains, swimming and use axes.

Fears: Death

Token: Her mother`s pearl necklace.

Interview angle: Answer the questions like a winner, and also state how the Capitol is nice with the tributes.

Pre games strategy: Join some alliance and look weak, but show her knowledge and weaponry skills in her private session.

Bloodbath strategy: No participation

Games strategy: Use camouflage to hide and kill if confronted.

Samuel OgivintyEdit

Age: 18

Gender: male

District: 6

Personality: Teaser, closed,not good making friends.

Appearence: Pale skin, short dark straight  hair and blue eyes.

History: When child, he was nice with everyone, and everyone in his district liked him, but when he was 12, his father died, initially making him sad, but in his birthday he became closed, shy and offensive with everyone in his school, so he started to lose his friends, and soon after he was considered a weird loner by his best friends, so he started to tease the other teenagers, making they turn against each other. When he was 15, the things get worst. His sister was reaped to the Hunger Games, but he wouldn`t let it go. He punched the peacekeeper that was escorting her, and throwed him to ground, slashing his neck with a piece of glass. That peacekeeper eventually bleed to the death, and Samuel came arrested, angry with everyone and sad by his sister, that eventually died in the Cornucopia bloodbath, and placed 19th out of 24. Still in the reapings, he was forced to ask for tesseraes, as since his sister, Rosette, was dead and he was arrested, nobody was able to feed his family.

Weapon: Sword, throwing axe, manipulation ( in order of prefearence)

Strenghts: Physical strenght, fighting, speed

Weaknesses: Climbling, and finding food.

Fears: His nightmares ( they are often about his parents starving and his sister`s death)

Token: A necklace with Rosette`s picture.

Interview strategy: Answer the questions with YES or NO.

Pre games strategy: Look weak in public and show all his skills in his private session

Bloodbath strategy: Grab the nearest weapon and backpack and run away.

Games strategy: kill if confronted

Amor Rune:

Interview Strategy: Amor will be very bold and straightforward. She will look the interviewer straight in the eye and make sure he/she doesn't touch her, as she will jerk even if he/she just pats Amor's back. She will avoid anything to do with the Hunger Games and the Capitol, which may be nearly impossible, but instead, just talk about herself, since that's what an interview is, right?

Pre-Games Strategy: Amor will not try to blend in, but she also won't try to stick out. She wants to get the other tributes besides the Careers to realize she's a threat, but try to seem like just another tribute to the Careers. Her only possible alliance will be with the Careers, but she doesn't want to ask them, she wants them to ask her, because if she asks them, and they say no, they'll target her. For the private sessions, she'll try to get as high of a training score she can get. 

Other: Please note that Amor is extremely strong, even though she's just a thirteen year old. Also, keep in mind that when I said she "remains frozen in the face of fear", that was when she was kidnapped, not now. 

Lyra Pluto:

Interview Strategy: Lyra will try to act nice and polite, although never thanking the interviewer or the Capitol. She answers the questions the interviewer asks with explanation, but just remains on topic of the question, not going onto a different topic. She talks normally, crossing her legs and keeping a good posture like she does in District 8. 

Pre-Games Strategy: Lyra will try to find allies, first going to her district partner, if he's nice and not insane. She tries to become friends with some of the other tributes, mainly tributes that are her age or younger, in hopes that they can become her ally. Looking at the tributes already submitted, I'd say she'd definitely want to become allies with Kiara from District 6, since she mainly wants girls in her allies. She tries to blend in with the other tributes, trying not to make a huge impression on the Careers or Gamemakers. However, in the private training, she'll show her true colors, although they mainly revolve around her intelligence. 

Other: Lyra is a musical prodigy and in the alliance that she forms, she'll be the co-leader, unless someone wants to lead by themselves.

Angel Mansions

District: Capitol

Age: 16

Gender: female

Personality: Angel's precevied as roudy and fun to be with. She enjoys running around/being stupid with her friends. Even though she has a lot of friends she is good at school. She's a leader-type person. At first, she seems to be very agressive, but once you know her she's nice. She has a bad habit of touching people while she talks to them. She always speaks her mind, so she is most likely to argue about the Hunger Games.

Appearance: Angel is average height and weight. She has poofyish hair permed straight.She's dark skinned, has black eyes, and wears large eyelashes. She has a unique fashion sense but not as ridiculous as the rest of the Capitol. She wears lots of blacks, floral print, and jewelry.

History: She is the only child to a single mother. She lived in an apartment in the Metro of the Capitol. Her mother was depressed and unable to work from the time Angel was about 12, so she had to work at the Capitol's busy mall in the makeup department. She ended up hating her life between school and work, so she turned to fashion design. Thats her "specialty, what she is good at

Weapon: Spear and hand-to-hand

Strengths: She has photographic memory, she knows how to sew, and she knows basic fighting because her boyfriend used to hit her.

Weaknesses: She knows nothing about the outdoors, she often overthinks things, and she can't hunt.

Fears: She is afraid of death in general.

Token: False lashes

Strategy for their interview: Critisize the hunger games, show her anger towards it.

Strategy for pre-games training: No allaiance, unless she meets somebody in the arena and decides to team up.  For the Gamemaker's criteques, she will show her hand-to-hand fighting on a dummy, and use a spear with a target.

Alaska Crown

District: 10

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: at first Alaska comes off as obnoxious. He is the comedic type, and he tells lots of "insult comic" jokes. However he can be nice when he needs to. People think he's funny and fun to be around, so he gets friends easily.

Appearance: Alaska is polynesian. He has black eyes, shiny black hair, and bronze skin. He is average height and more slender and lean from the circus. In the morning he always puts of some black lipstick.

History: Alaska was born to a family of pig raisers with a dad and three younger siblings, but he didn't stay there long. When he was 13 he ran away and joined the circus, for he felt he didn't fit in with his family. He did trapeze and aerial silk stunts, and he got to see some of the other districts.

Weapon: knife.

Strengths: Because of his circus backround he is strong, flexible, and balenced. He does well under pressure. He also knows about plants and can climb trees.

Weaknesses: Alaska has no experience with fighting or weapons. He gets lost easily in the arena, and his wisecracking personality makes it easy for him to make enemies.

Fears: He is afraid of dogs. He also is afraid of other people outshining him.

Token: Black lipstick

Strategy for their interview: He will tell lots of jokes, including ones about the other tributes and the interviewer. :) Thats his way of getting people to like him

Strategy for pre-games training: Alaska knows he's not a good fighter so he will try and work on hand-to-hand combat. For the judges he will do an aerial silk routine for them and then show them what he learned about fighting.

Other: For allaiance could he be in the careers?

Barrin JaneEdit

District: 11

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: He has a hatred for the Capital like almost everyone else but his, his has a bigger reason (explained in backstory). He wants to go to the hunger games to win he works with a sythe on the feilds everyday and loves Imagining winning the hunger games.He is veery nice but not if hes against you.

Appearance: Very heavaly musceled, He has three black marks on his face that he put on himself using dye from flowers the marks are there to show hes no wimp from 11 in the hunger games he also died his hair for the same reason

History: When he was 9 Peacekeepers falesly accused his parents of stealing and killed them. He had to survive on his own with only his sister planning for when he would volenteer and win to show the capital people matter in poorer districts and not just the carrers but one year when he was 11 his 14 year old sister went to the hunger games and was killed by district 5. Now he needs to kill the district 5 male for his sister.

Weapon: Sythe , other sword like things , not good with throwing or shooting weapons 

Strengths: Using a sythe if he gets one there is a high chance of him winning

Weaknesses: whrowing and shooting thats all

Fears: Being killed by district 5 this fear powers him to kill district 5 male or female or both.

Token: His neckless from his sister

Strategy for their interview: Be quite dont talk much

Strategy for pre-games training:Make them be scared of him use his sythe and show them he is a threat

Asteria AlelaEdit

District: 10

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Conniving, merciless, one for you to envy. Asteria defines perfection; she has no flaws. Asteria is a sadistic, devilish girl with a passion for blood. When others are in pain, this only makes Asteria happier. You don't know what evil really is until you meet Asteria.

Appearance: Long, luscious blonde locks, cascasing to her hips. Mysterious blue eyes gleaming with hatred. Tan skin, and a perfect slim figure. She appears as flawless as a goddess. Which is ironic as she was named after a goddess.

History: Your life couldn't be more perfect than Asteria's. She lives in the only existing mansion in her District. Her father sells scarce jewels and crystals. Her mother is head peace keeper for their District. Asteria bathes in richness daily. Many hate her, many adore her, many envy her. Everyone knows Asteria; she's the hot topic of their District. When she was reaped, the citizens of 10 were just waiting with joy to watch her die. Many people underestimate her, not knowing she trains almost every day. They think she's just a prissy little brat hoping others will spare her. Well, Asteria is prepared to prove them wrong. Her true colors will come out, and she'll leave Panem on the edge of their seats.

Weapon: Asteria has trained with all weapons, and seems to excel with whatever blade she's weilding. Her favorite weapons however are the ones she can do rapid, painful damage with. The dagger. As she stabs her victim with this weapon, she will pick up a swift rhythm. Her secondary weapon is a sword. When puncturing a sword into her victims, she'll make sure the blade comes out their back. 

Strengths: Seduction and backstabbing. Her beauty is rare. Girls envy her. Boys adore her. She's simply one to hate, yet one to love and cater to. So she'll be using her appearance to her advantage; and win over many vulnerable, male tributes. Asteria's other strengths consist of combat and wide range of weapon knowledge. She's vicious, keep that in mind. For someone not brought up in a career district, her skill and maliciousness is almost abnormal.

Weaknesses: Vanity. Asteria's so in love with herself, it's a curse. This will definitely haunt her somehow in the arena, because she doesn't realize there's more important things going on than how her hair looks. She would probably get a stab in the back while looking in the mirror. Asteria is also too confident. Every fight she enters she will have no fear whatsoever. Nothing to worry about. She underestimates her opponents because she simply thinks she is the only threat.

Fears: Looking unkempt. Her beauty is what signifies her. If she's seen looking drab, she fears her plan of seduction will not be as smooth. She also fears dying. Not that it will happen anytime soon! ~ Asteria Alela.

Token: Her tiara. She won't wear it or anything, but she'll keep it with her. It's worth millions; bejeweled with the rarest crystals on earth. 

Strategy for their interview: Act terrified for the games. She'll trick the audience into sponsoring her, thinking she's just a poor girl from District 10 trying to get some money for her family who are starving back in ten. She'll try flaunt as much skin as she can, able to allure the male audience into sponsoring her.

Strategy for pre-games training: Ally with the careers, show them what she's made of. But she has a conniving plan of taking down every one of them. If she fails to get into the careers, she'll make them pay. One by one.


Capitol ReapingEdit

Caius Angelic

Zelphina was all ready to go for the reaping and it was a lovely day, it was always lovely whenever I was with my sister. She could never be picked to go to the Hunger Games. She was too sweet. Mother made us finish out tea before we could go to the Reaping. The Capitol Reaping was held after mid-day so we were in no rush to get there. I wasn't really looking forward to going to the reaping, I never liked going. What if Zelphina was picked? We finally had to go to the Reaping. Well, let's get this over with shall we?

Our Escort was the Stylist named Ernesto Swift. He didn't really live in the Capitol. In fact he was the only one of the Escorts to not live the Capitol. He worked for Kine the Head Scientist. Ernesto often mentioned he didn't live in the Capitol but no one really knew where he lived. He also mentioned he had a split personality named Sparrow who popped up last year during the Reaping. Sparrow made the Reaping very unpleasant, his constant cursing forced Zelphina to cover her ears; she was too sweet to hear such things. However, it seemed Ernesto was in control of his body this year.

"We should really get someone else to do this thing," Ernesto muttered to himself but the microphone picked it up. He didn't seem to notice and paced up and down the stage while we waited for everyone's name to fill the bowls. I had to agree with Ernesto, I didn’t like the reaping’s either. Finally, the Reaping got underway. Ernesto really didn't have to give a speech about how great the Capitol was because we lived here. We already knew how great it was. Instead he had to speak about the history behind the Hunger Games. He didn't spend much time on that and quickly got to the names. He stood there for a second looking at them before finally putting his hand into the bowl.

"Angel Mansions..." He read slowly...

A girl from the 16 year-old section was escorted to the stage. Thank goodness it was not Zelphina. Not this time… we were safe another year. Ernesto had already picked out a boy's name from the bowl by the time Angel got to the stage.

"Caius Angelic..." He said and at first I hadn't realized my name was chosen.

Everyone turned to look at me and I gave a quick glance around looking for whoever they were staring at before I realized it was me. How could this have happen? Zelphina was safe but I was picked? Well at least it was not her. I was just as shocked as everyone else. I was surprised no one volunteered for me. The Capitol wasn't really a Career District, we were in fact one of the worse tributes in the Hunger Games. Time seemed to move at a different pace when I was taken up to the stage. Ernesto gave both of us a look.

"What's up with these ‘Angel’ names?" He asked. "Is it like a Capitol theme this year? Oh I know what to do with your Chariot Rides."

Angel smiled gently but I could not be happy. We had a snowflake's chance in Hell at survival.

District 1 ReapingEdit

Evaine Mejai

It was that time of year again. The time when everyone went crazy with making the District look nicer than it already did. I had to wear my best for the Reaping because everyone else did and I may end up on TV. This was also the only time of the year anyone really ever saw the President. Our new President seemed to like hiding away from the public and that bothered me. How am I supposed to know everything about Panem when I don't even know where the President disappears to? Well that would all change soon. This year was my year. It was my last chance to participate in the Hunger Games now that I turned 18. I put on my best dress, a costume that had been specially made for me. I needed to look even better than I normally would for Reaping’s. This time I would be on T.V .

Everyone had gathered in the Town's Square. I stood in the 18 year-old section which was more to the back because we were taller than the younger kids. Surprisingly happy music played over the intercom as everyone waited for the Reaping to begin. Our Escort, Ricou Ilanga, was already on stage when the last of the names were placed into the bowls. I had been taking tesserae’s since I was 12, to improve my odds for this year. They weren’t a big deal in District 1 and my family didn't really need it but my odds would go up if my name was on more pieces of paper. Still, if that failed I would have to be the first to volunteer. My chances at volunteering first were slim, so I really needed the Tesserae’s to pull through.

Finally the Reaping began. Ricou, with her matching purple hair and outfit, greeted the District in the usual manner. Of course we had to wait until the traditional speech about the Capitol and history of the Hunger Games was over before we could get to the drawing of the names. I knew that most of the Escorts hated the speeches they were required to give. They just took up time. Finally Ricou got to the Girls' Bowl. I held my breath as she dug to the bottom to select a name. Let it me mine, I needed to win the Games to ensure better work for myself.

"Evaine Mejai," Ricou said and I instantly volunteered.

Yes this was perfect my name had been called and my eagerness to volunteer for myself left any would be volunteers too stunned to call out. I made my way to the stage.

"Well since you volunteered for yourself I guess you really have to go now." Ricou commented.

I could care less who the male would be; but he could be an ally, so I wanted someone good who can kill off many tributes before I needed to do him in.

"Hankson..." Before Ricou could finish the name a rather tall and muscular boy from the 17 year-old section called out, shoving everyone out of his way. He was already on stage before Ricou could really say anything and before he could be escorted to the stage by the Peacekeepers.

"Well what is your name young man?" Ricou asked holding the microphone to him.

"I am Leon Aslan."

"You have a liony name. Aslan and Leon... Is you're middle name Simba?"

Leon shook his head and with that District 1's Reaping was over. He had to stand side by side as the camera zoomed out from us to the cheering District. I was glad I’d worn my best dress today.

District 2 ReapingEdit

Petri Lindroos

Because our District was more to the East, our Reaping actually took place after several of the Districts in different time zones to the West. This really wasn't an issue since some of the Districts' Reaping footage was censored and the Districts to the West usually caused trouble compared to those in the East which were usually Career Districts like District 2. I was feeling nervous about volunteering. If I didn't get into the Games this year then next year would be my last chance and I can't live anther day like this. I always feel like the Peacekeepers are watching me behind my back or that bastard who framed me may attempt to do it again. I had to change that this year.

I stood with the other 17 year olds and the Reaping began rather fast. People always showed up early to the Reaping in this District. Crumble Jimson, our Escort, was a fun guy and he liked to make little jokes which made the Reaping more fun. I bet the Capitol liked that. It made me feel a little better but, I wanted this to be over with. I needed to know if I was going to the Games or not. Finally Crumble got to the Girl's Bowl.

"And now our Female Tribute this year will be..." He paused for dramatic effect and I could see all the Girls eagerly awaiting the news. "Gypsy Cronenberg!"

"I volunteer!" A girl with cat-like features shouted.

She leaped to the stage in one go, which was impressive. She introduced herself as Kitty Mew, an appropriate name judging from her appearance. So if I made it in, this would be my partner? Really a cat girl? Whatever... Crumble looked Kitty over a little bit seeming somewhat amused by her appearance before he turned to the Boy's Bowl. He picked out a name and before he could read it out loud I shouted: "I volunteer!"

"Oh, well then never mind," Crumble put the piece of paper into his pocket. "Come on up boy."

Everyone gave me evil looks for some reason. I guess because I was quicker than they were? Whatever doesn't matter now, I was escorted by the peacekeepers to the stage and it was awkward and uncomfortable for me. Peacekeepers... Peacekeepers everywhere...

"I'm Petri Lindoors..." I said into the microphone.

"Oh like the dinosaur," Crumble remarked.

I didn't know what he meant by that but it didn't matter. My stomach could rest now and I could vomit all I wanted later from the nervousness. I wander if Cat Girl likes catnip?

District 3 ReapingEdit

Mei Kim

I dressed in my nicest outfit and headed out the door. It was weird going to the location of this years Reaping. Strangely our Reaping had been moved to a metal under group lab. That scientist Kine said it made District 3 look better on TV. Our District did look rather unclean and we hardly had any plant life. The Lab was lit with florescent lights and had pipes and wires everywhere. From the perspective of the Capitol and the other districts it would look as though we lived within our technology. Our Escort, Moliere Rednose, was one of the most handsome escorts. It was strange that he refused to do the Reaping for any other District even though he was a very popular Escort.

He didn't take long with the Speech. No one really cared and he knew we just wanted to get the whole thing over with. I was eager to get home and to my garden. Moliere walked up to the Bowl filled with girl’s names and picked one out from the top.

"Mei Kim, oh what a lovely name," he stated.

Hey wait that was me?! The Peacekeepers forced me to leave the 15 year-olds section and go onto the stage. Moliere greeted me. I had to admit this was not how I would have liked to meet Moliere.

"Do you have anything to say to the District?" Moliere asked me in his slight accent.

"If I die I want to be buried in my garden so I can be with my flowers."

"That's nice," Moliere said as he turned to the Boy's Bowl.

Whoever he picked probably wouldn't stand much of a chance like me.

"Ian Chaseler," was the boy who was picked.

I didn't know him surprisingly. A boy from the 12 year-old section came on stage. No one would volunteer for us and I couldn't blame them, even though as much as I wanted someone to. I looked at my partner. He was young and looked scared. I guess this wasn't District 3's year… again.

District 4 ReapingEdit

Allan Seashore

Finally it was Reaping Day. I so badly wanted to go to the Hunger Games. I was told I should wait until I was 18 but at the time I really didn't want to go. My family had it good so winning and becoming a Victor didn't really matter, until now. People in District 4 weren't the same as in 1 or 2. Even if we’re a Career district, that doesn’t mean we like the Hunger Games. Well, a few of us do. We were rich so we trained just in case, but I wanted to go, to support my family. Now that I’m 17 I only have two more chances of getting in. My family had suffered so much these past few months, ever since dad died. I had to do something to make things better.

Mumbulu Njovu quickly got to the names. No one in District 4 really cared about the speeches and all that. Who had time? We just wanted to get this over with.

"Lisbet Hanai" Mumbulu announced.

A girl with light blue hair was escorted to the stage. I once flirted with her but she was only 14 so, yeah… I was just being playful.

"And the boy this year will be Wales Demark."

"I volunteer!" I shouted, and to my surprise I was first. "Oh cool!"

"It's your lucky day Wales."

I was on stage in an instant. I knew my family would be displeased with me but if I won all our problems would be over. Some of the girls in the crowd started to cry and I felt bad. Oh well. My family came first. I hoped they would be alright while I was gone...

District 5 ReapingEdit

Nichole Peyton

It was the most dreaded day of the year, Reaping Day. I was early to the Reaping and stood in my section waiting for the others to show. I waved at my friends. It was a sunny day and seemed like today was too good to be the Day of Reaping. Our Escort Woolf McDreamy was already on stage. He was one of the older Escorts, maybe even the oldest. He waved to his grandson Nather, who was standing with the other boys. I wander if being the grandson of an Escort would get him out of the Reaping? Maybe not, Woolf lived in the District rather than the Capitol. He was from this District actually. After what seemed like forever the Reaping began and everyone had to stand there for the speeches.

"And now its time for what we all came here for..." Woolf began. "I know most of you hate this part but we have to get it done. Good luck to all of you."

Woolf was so nice. Why was he an Escort for his own District?

"Nichole Peyton."

Oh no that was my name! I looked over and saw my friend about to raise her hand. Was she going to volunteer for me? I made eye contract with her and shook my head. I couldn't live with myself if one of my friends had to volunteer and die in the Games for me.

"Judas Severus Grett, oh came with a middle name too," Woolf added as the Peacekeepers went to collect the boy.

He was muscular and a little intimidating or at least to me. He was older than me at 18 years, oh almost made it out of the Reaping. Maybe he had a chance but I knew I probably didn't. Maybe I could form an alliance with him? He wasn't one of my friends since he was a boy and way older than me, but he was all I had right now.

At the Train station all my friends and family came to see me off. My brother told me I had to win and come back. Everyone would be so sad if I didn't; I would do my best. I waved at everyone before getting on the Train with Woolf, Judas and our District's Victor Logan. I sat next to Judas who was quiet most of the time. When I asked him if anyone came to seem him off. He responded with “My parents are dead...”

District 6 ReapingEdit

Samuel Ogivinty

It was that stupid day again. Why do we even have the Hunger Games? The people who are hungry and need food never really win. Well, the girl that won last year was like from District 8 or something, so I guess that wasn't always true. But still… I was forced to get up and go to the Town Center. I even had to wear my best clothes. I didn't care. I just wanted to get it over with.

Kiboko Njovu was our Escort and he was a bit of an airhead. He had put his notes down and promptly lost them. He had given the same Capitol inspired speech year after year. You think he could come up with something else to say. We had to wait for him to re-find his notes. Because of the delay he didn't take long with the speech and the history which turned out to be a good thing. I was getting tired and just wanted to go back to bed.

"Kiara Brazette" Kiboko said into the microphone.

I didn't know Kiara that well but I knew of her. She had started to cause problems and I heard she had killed someone. Maybe she had a better chance at survival than most people from our District. Kiara wasn't too happy, though while on stage she kept herself under control. Kiboko got to the boys. Finally, let's get this over with.

"Samuel Oginnn-Ogiveentea?"

Finally we all can go home... Wait....? That was me wasn't it? Of course it was me. Damn it. I was forced onto the stage with the sometimes crazy girl Kiara.

"How do you say your last name?" was the first thing Kikobo asked me once I got on stage.

"Ogivinty..." I told me.

"Okay then." Kiboko gave me a smile.

Well I guess this was it for me. I had a good run I guess...

District 7 ReapingEdit

Kirsten Barker

Reaping Day was the same as it was every year. The only difference was this time I knew I would be picked. I had been kept in a holding cell for the past few days. Why I was there? I had attempted to kill the President. However finding the President turned out to be more difficult than I’d anticipated. The President's House was instead occupied by someone else, not our current President Billy. Instead of killing me or sending me to jail, I was made an offer by one of the scientist. I would be reaped into the Hunger Games. If I won, I could go free.... If I didn't win I would be dead....

I was with District 7’s Escort, Kaluha Nequoia, two Peacekeepers (Acting as my keepers in case I tried to flee or something) and the reaped boy. His name was Jayson Huff. I knew him from school. We were the same age and from the same class. When he was 6 he killed a bear which was pretty impressive if you believed it. I guess he stood a chance in these Games. I considered forming an Alliance with him, but only one person could win, and that would mean if we survived I would have to kill him. Since I knew him from my District and my childhood I couldn't do that, so it was better to be alone to avoid any pain.

We were being led to the Train. The two Peacekeepers would be with me at all times, taking shifts. Jayson didn't seem to mind but Kaluha seemed bothered by them. When we entered the train, I was surprised to see someone other than our District's Victor.

"Pantxo?" Kaluha said with surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"Kine's orders. Keep watch over our 'Little Assasin.' You two are dismissed for now," Pantxo ordered the two Peacekeepers.

The Peacekeepers reluctantly went into the other room. Pantxo explained to Kaluha, who turned out to be his wife, that he was assigned to be my body guard by Kine, the Head Scientist. Pantxo had dark skin and wore white goggles and a blue jacket. He carried a sword around at all times. He also didn't seem bothered by any questions I asked him. Finally our District Victor Enili McGee boarded the train. She had been held up by some of our Districts’ inhabitants.

District 8 ReapingEdit

Banette Tsukomogami

I was forced to give up the search and go to the Reaping. It was miserable. It was raining in District 8, which wasn't uncommon, but it was appropriate because of what today was. The lady took my name and scanned my microchip. Since Kine took over everyone had to have a microchip put into the back of their neck at the top of their spine. It contained all our information and allowed us to be tracked. If removed it would explode. This also prevented people from leaving Panem if we went too far beyond the gates.

I was standing in the crowd waiting for the names to be drawn. Jan Kriple was finishing up the speech. Our Escort at least looked normal; she just wore fancy clothes since this was District 8. My vision became blurred for a moment; I shook my head to clear my vision. The boy next to me gave me a push and I bumped into the boy on my other side. He shoved me back while giving me an ugly look. I didn't care. Jan was getting to the Girls Bowl so everyone stopped and waited in silence.

"Lyra Pluto!"

I knew this girl. We had classes together but we never really talked. We weren't friends, but once we had to work on a project for class together. I hated group projects and the others on my team were cruel. Lyra went on stage and my vision grew hazy again. This time I could make out a shape like a person on stage with Lyra and Jan. My eyes adjusted back to normal and the figure was gone. I was tired since I didn't sleep well so I was used to my vision blurring and seeing things.

"Banette Tshookowmogamie? I horribly murdered this name."

I knew Jan had picked me. No one else had the name Banette in the District, first of all and my last name was the oddest thing I could think of. The boys shoved me around until I was on stage. My mind was a fuzzy mess and my eyes were not helping. Lyra and I stood on stage and faced the audience. I couldn't see the people anymore. My vision had gone dark, everything was in black and white. This was new. Each person had a white haze over their faces and their features were different. They all looked dead...

"Come on now you two," Jan's voice snapped me out of my daze.

District 9 ReapingEdit

Sofia Lacuna

My name was called; I couldn't believe it. A peacekeeper grabbed me and pulled me up on stage. I had to stand there and face everyone. I was so scared, I just froze. Acree Lebowski, our escort, saw my fear and didn't ask me to say anything. I had nothing to say anyway. Instead Arcee went straight to the Boys' Bowl. Last year the boy who was reaped was Craig Corios and he was insane, probably the most insane person from our District. I remember having to run home from school to avoid him. Anyone Acree chooses would be better, but I was still scared because our District's best chance of winning was Craig.

"Please pick someone strong... Please pick someone strong..." I whispered to myself. I needed someone to ally with who could protect me. I only knew about plants and how to throw knives. I wasn’t the best at a bow and arrow, but I could train before the games.

"Akumai Kubaya!"

Oh I knew him. He made videos in the library with a group of his friends. They were good and interesting, but they got in trouble a while back for making a video highlighting what the Districts disliked about the Capitol. Akumai was strong and he was sane. This was good.

Akumai came up on stage and stood beside me. Acree asked him if he had anything to say and all he replied with was we wouldn't disappoint his fans. Time started to move a little too fast after that. I was taken to a waiting room to say my last good byes and I cried like a baby. Mom and dad told me to be strong and to take advantage of my plant-life knowledge and find a good alliance. My little brother promised he would be good and wait for me to return. I wish I had more time to say all that I needed to say. Before long the Peacekeepers came and took both me and Akumai to the train. Before boarding Akumai turned to me and said, "You can call me Tenshin, okay?"

District 10 ReapingEdit

Alaska Crown

It rained during the night leaving the district soaked and slick with mud. The pigs enjoyed it but everyone else hated walking in the mud. I used to work with the pigs until I joined the Circus. It was weird that a circus was formed, but lately the Districts had been changing for the better and life was becoming more enjoyable. The circus was designed to bring some joy to the people and it went to all the Districts. I got to enjoy seeing the other Districts and the Capitol once. My family had been doing well back at home, and I sent them money to survive off of. However, when the Hunger Games rolled around, I had to return home to my District for the Reaping. Anyone in the circus under the age of 18 had to return to their home District. I guess joining the circus doesn't exclude you from the Hunger Games. Oh well...

It was good to be home again. My three younger siblings swarmed me, asking questions about life in the circus and what I had been up too. Sadly I couldn't linger long at home and the next day I had to get up early for the Reaping. Some of the people recognized me from school and whatnot.

"Good morning District 10!" Loredo Mentawai spoke loudly into the microphone. "Kind of rainy today, but at least the air is clean."

It smelled odd by the pens after it rained but in the Town Centre everything was clean. Loredo was from District 12, but because of his good looks, he was made into an Escort, lucky guy. He didn't take long with the speeches since he really didn't care about them. Loredo liked the horse pens and I bet he just wanted to get the reaping done so he could watch them load the horses for the Chariot Rides onto the Train.

"Okay now let's see who will be enjoying a ride on our big old train," Loredo shoved his whole arm into the Girls' Bowl, mixed the names around a bit before pulled one out. "Asteria Alela, oooohhh pretty!"

Asteria looked more like she was from District 2 than from 10. Despite her beauty she had some kind of anger in her eyes. Loredo didn't seem to notice. He also looked like he belonged to District 2. Maybe they were related somehow. Both their fathers were Peacekeepers and most of them came from 2.

"And now let's get a gentleman to accompany this fine young lady." Loredo repeated his mixing of the bowl before pulled out a name. "Alaska Crown... Wow I am surprised anyone still remembers Alaska." Oh no that was me! I glanced around before being forced to walk towards the stage to meet my doom.

District 11 ReapingEdit

Amor Rune

Shallot Mauer was finishing up the Speech before she got off track. She usually started talking a little too much about the Capitol. She was a true "Capitol Born Girl." It annoyed everyone, but I could care less. The longer she took the more time people had before going to the Games. A mockingjay stared repeating the words Shallot was saying.

"Oh look a birdie," Shallot pointed out to the bird. "Oh yes the names!" 

"Oh yes the names!" the bird mimicked.

I thought it was kind of funny; at least she was finally getting to the names. I crossed my fingers in hopes that I would be picked. Really what were the odds?

"Amor Rune."

"Amor Rune." The mockingjay mimicked.

Oh I guess the odds were good... or bad. I didn't want to but I had to go up on stage and face the people. It was scary on stage with everyone's eyes on me. And I mean everyone! People from other Districts! I tried to be strong and brave on the outside but my insides were screaming to run as if I were being chased by the Beast. I felt like I could die from their eyes all on me. The weight was too much.

"And now we need a boy."

"And now we need a boy."

Shallot just smiled at the bird before taking out a name.

"Pancho Gringo!"

"I volunteer!"

"I volunteer! I volunteer!" the mockingjay kept repeating that.

"Oh okay well come on up and introduce yourself."

A boy from the 17 year old Section came up. We didn't get many volunteers in our Districts but sometimes it happened. I wish I was brave to volunteer. His name was Barrin Jane and he was tall and muscular. He looked angry as he took to the stage beside me.

District 12 ReapingEdit

Soot Dustcloud

It was the stupidest day of the year, Reaping Day. It was pointless to make people go to a Death Game when they didn't want to or stand a chance. Really why didn't they just have people from the Career Districts join the games? That would be fun. Watching them kill each other for sport. Stupid. I was forced to stand in the crowd while we waited for our Escort to be located. Eigg Hudson always wandered off and got lost. So the peacekeepers were looking for him all morning making us stand out here and wait. Finally Eigg was found and the Reaping could begin.

"Because we are short on time and no one cares. Let's just speed through this" Eigg announced. "The Capitol is boss and no one can do anything about it. Blah blah blah... some more words... Something about a war... Games and stuff.... Oh and May the odds be with you...."

Eigg tossed his notes aside. Most often the Speeches weren't filmed since they were all the same anyways. The cameras zoomed down to the bowls on the large screens. This was the most important thing anyways.


"I volunteer!"

"Oh never mind then, you come on up here."

A girl who was new to town went on stage. She introduced herself as Amy Clarke. She showed up one day in our part of the District so I didn't know who she was and I didn't care. One day I would volunteer for the Games when I was 18.

"Soot  Dustcloud!"

Oh wait I guess I am going now. I bravely walked onto the stage and stood tall. The Capitol doesn't scare me and neither do their Careers. My District partner Amy looked like a good match for myself. We would strike fear into their hearts.

District 13 ReapingEdit

Shyvana Feuer

Marxxs McGee, swathed in a dark cloak, stood on the stage. Only his purple eyes and pale face could be seen. He looked like the Grim Reaper, but he always looked like that. He vacations in District 13 because he doesn't like the Capitol. That's my kind of guy. Still, what is up with the reaper look? Marxxs was reading the usually speech off of a piece of paper in a very monotonous manner. How annoying, let's get to the names already.

"And may the odds ever be in your favor... yeah..." Marxxs finally finished. "Names... on to the names... yeah..."

It didn't matter whose name he picked, I would be the one going. He slowly reached into the bowl and picked a name straight from the top.


"I volunteer!" I shouted pushing the girls in front of me out of the way.

"Hmm alright then... It wasn't you day Pe'ahi... Maybe next time."

I didn't need the peacekeepers to escort me to the stage. I could do it myself; I knew were it was hell I volunteered! I'm not going to run away. I stood on stage and held my head up high.

"Wanna say anything?" Marxxs asked.

"I hate the Capitol."

"That's nice... Now we need to pick a boy... whoo..."

His lack of excitement was amusing at times. Marxxs slowly made his way to the bowl. Oh man, he’s taking too long. I grabbed the bowl and handed him a name. He had to slowly open it and look at it for a few second.

"Odin Amarth..."

A boy who looked like he was from District 2 came up on stage. He gave me a crooked smile and remained quiet. Not sure if I liked him but it's didn't matter. He was on his own in the games.

"And there you have it..." Marxxs started to wrap thing up. "These two will represent District 13... Probably die... Fantastic...."


District Red Team Blue Team
Capitol Angel Mansions Caius Angelic
District 1 Leon Alsan Evaine Mejai
District 2 Kitty Mew Petri Lindroos
District 3 Ian Chaseler Mei Kim
District 4 Lisbet Hanai Allan Seashore
District 5 Judas Severus Grett Nichole Peyton
District 6 Kiara Brazette Samuel Ogivinty
District 7 Jayson Huff Kirsten Barker
District 8 Lyra Pluto Banette Tsukomogami
District 9 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya Sofia Lacuna
District 10 Asteria Alela Alaska Crown
District 11 Barrin Jane Amor Rune
District 12 Amy Clarke Soot Dustcloud
District 13 Odin Amarth Shyvana Feuer

Chariot RidesEdit

Angel Mansions of the Capitol

Living in the Capitol meant Caius and I didn't have to go far and were the first ones to our Hotel, now called ‘The Waiting Rooms’. That mad scientist Kine apparently had it redesigned and renamed for the Tributes. I guess because we are waiting to die? Kine also gave us Capitol Tributes a train that just goes around the Capitol so we could get a chance to ride on a train like the other tributes. It seemed Kine liked making everything fair. The Train was called Speedy Death. This guy, huh?

Caius was quiet most of the time. He did point out a favorite place of his when the train passed by. It didn't take us long to get to ‘The Waiting Rooms’. Now, like I said before, we were the first Tributes to arrive at the Hotel and were hurried to the Dressing Rooms where Ernesto was waiting. He didn't go on the train ride with us. Instead he was preparing for the Chariot Rides. He worked as the Head Stylist for all the Tributes and had all the other stylists working under him. Ernesto gave us a quick glance when we arrived.

"What am I gonna do with you two? The Capitol people wear elaborate outfits already."

"We both have names that have to do with angels?" Caius suggested.

"Good enough!"

Like with everything else, we were the first to get ready for the Chariot Rides. Ernesto dressed up in a long robe made from white and silver cloth. Caius' wings spread out like a fan from his back. Mine were similar but with longer feathers that cascaded downwards. We were accessorized with gold jewelry, complete with halo like crowns on our heads. Ernesto put gold eye shadow and lipstick on us. It was nice dressing up but I did this every day so it was no big deal. I looked forward to what the other Tributes would be wearing. They would be arriving from their respective Districts soon.


Leon Asland of District 1

The Train Ride was rather fast. Evaine had been talking to our Escort and past Victors for any advice. I just sat back and listened while eating. They put food in front of me; I am going to eat it. The train wasn't that much different than our lifestyle back at home; but everything was smaller. I guess so they could fit everything on a train? I don't know. This is other District stuff like 5 or 3… maybe 6 or something.

The Capitol was exactly how I pictured it: big, bright and shinny. Everyone wore crazy outfits. The Capitol people were waiting outside the Train Station and they were excited to see us from District 1. We weren’t given much time to enjoy our new celebrity status. Ricou gathered us up and hurried us off to the Hotel known as the ‘Waiting Rooms’. In the Hotel everyone was busy getting ready for the Chariot Rides. We were one of the first Tributes to arrive. We were prepped and cleaned but this didn't take long, because District 1 was a very clean place. While we were getting clean up, several other Districts arrived. I got a good look at my competition. Not that bad but I could take them.

While I was trying to figure out what was up with the guy from 8, this neon green haired guy wandered over to me. Green slime was oozing from his nose and mouth. Ernesto noticed him staring at me.

"This is Lutin Blackberry or as we know him Snotbubble," Ernesto said to me. "Snotbubble this is Leon Asland."

Snotbubble looked up at me, wiped some snot from his face onto his thumb and before rubbed it across my forehead while saying; "Simba..."

"He likes you," Ernesto stated.


Jayson Huff of District 7

It was an awkward train ride to the Capitol. My District partner had to be escorted by a secret agent of the Capitol. Why? Was my District partner crazy or something? What did she do? I pretended not to care and stared out the window. It wasn't my problem. Pantxo had a cool sword though. The scenery didn't change much as we approached the Capitol. It was located in what used to be called the Rocky Mountains. I guess because they were rocky? I don't know. The people who named them were probably lazy.

Enili McGee was telling us how she’d won her Hunger games.

"I was a part of several Alliances. I really had very little chances of winning but thanks to the help of other people, I made it to the last 3. Because I was allied with the District 13 guy, the girl form 13 allied with me at the end and we both took on the Aldo from 2. Really I was planning on sacrificing myself so Jenna could win but she was seriously wounded and dying."

People from my District had a better chance of survival because we were strong and could use an axe. Coming from a forest, we knew a lot about plants. I killed a bear when I was six years old. I don't know how but I did. I was thinking of going in alone. "We're approaching the Capitol," Kaluha said.

I looked out the window. We went through a tunnel that seemed to go on forever. The Capitol looked just like it did on TV. There weren't as many trees as I had hoped. The tall buildings replaced the trees. I became a little nervous.

Samuel Ogivinty of District 6

Trains... I was tired of trains. We built them; we drove them, and we road in them. No more trains. The Capitol found it amusing to build a little train set around the District recently. Our District had other means of transportation, didn't they know? Anyways, the Prep Team fussed over me and my District partner. Ummm I forget her name... We were fairly clean since we just got done with Reaping day, the day when everyone finally takes a shower. I got a glance at our outfits; they looked shinny and had wheels. I hope we weren't going to be trains for our Chariot Rides.

The thirteens showed up. The Head Stylist, Ernesto, was busy deciding what these tributes should wear. This District were sometimes Careers depending on what kind of jobs they would have had or maybe some trained. I don't know. The girl had a mean look on her face but she was small and young. The guy was older and tall. Maybe he would be a problem. While I was distracted the guy from 8 bumbed into me from behind. He was stumbling around mumbling to himself about something. He looked like a looney so I left him alone. If he wasn't so weird looking maybe I would have done something. Ernesto came over to see what was wrong with him. He had some medical training of some kind as well as designing. He removed the bandana to see what was wrong with him. This kid's freaking lips were zipped together! The theyhell?! The Hunger Games always attracted freaks.

"Um let's leave this on, shall we?" Ernesto whisper and placed the bandana back on the boy's face. "What are you doing?"

I couldn't tell what the guy said but Ernesto seemed to have understood and let the guy continue wandering around. Then the multi-colored hair Stylist turned his attention to me and my District partner.

"What are you going to dress us as? Trains?"

"You'll be on a Chariot, which is a form of transportations so why dress you two in car outfits?"

I think I like his thinks.

Kitty Mew of District 2

My ears were going crazy. There were so many sights, sounds and my senses were going nuts! Because I got gene spliced with cat DNA, my senses were heighten. The trains were supposed to be quiet but I could hear the wind moving over it. I could also hear Petri tapping his foot. I guess he was nervous. Even people from the most skilled Districts get nervous.

The Speedy Death finally came to its destination. A crowd of Capitol people had been waiting at the train station to cheer and get their first glimpses of the tributes. It's strangely warmer in the Capitol than I thought it would be. The train ride was a bit cold, so it was a big change in temperature when I got off the train. The Capitol was in the Rockies so I expected it to be colder. Oh well. Crumble explained to me that the cooler climate allowed the Capitol people to wear their strange outfits comprised of layers upon layers without causing them to get too warm. The Capitol people were also used to the climate and could wear lighter outfits during the summer. That made sense in a way. I was from another District with a different climate.

Inside the Waiting Rooms the other Districts were getting ready for the Chariot Rides. My prep team got the knots out of my hair and fur. I was naturally a clean person anyways but sometimes I suffered from fleas.


Asteria Alela of District 10

It took around two to three hours for everyone to get ready for the Chariot Rides. Alaska commented to me, “I bet I could knock them all dead with laughter." If only it was that easy but Alaska's high spirits made me feel a little better about being here. Ernesto had everyone dressed in their outfits and did their hair and make-up. This was the first time I’d ever worn make-up like this. I’d played around with make-up before but nothing like this. Alaska said he sometimes wore clown make-up or did designs on his face and skin while doing his act. So wearing make-up was no big deal to him, but this was like my first time wearing this kind.

"Besides the Capitol boy," Alaska said to me. "I bet I am the only guy who has worn make-up before."

That was probably true and I bet some of the girls here had never worn make-up before too. Ernesto had dressed Alaska and me in bronze and gold clothing. Ernesto said we were going to be like "Minotaur’s" which was a mythical creature with a bull's head on a large muscular human body. What is that? Sounded like something the Capitol would make to kill people with in the Hunger Games. The Chariots were waiting down the stairs on a lower level. I could hear the horses as we got closer. All the Chariot horses came from District 10 and each Chariot would be pulled by a different breed of horse. The horse trainers at our District were skilled so I had no worries. Still I could see some of the other District kids were intimidated by the large beast.

Judas Severus Grett of District 5

While waiting to head out to the Chariot, our Victor Logan Hawkeye was telling us that Alliances were the way to go. He was in a special game that had twice the number of Tributes, but half of the Tributes were little kids between the ages of 3 and 9. It was depressing to watch I heard. I don't remember much of this Game thankfuly. My mother didn't want me to watch it.

"Having more people to watch your back is a good thing," Logan went on to say. "You have the Careers against you so make everyone else your friends."

Logan won his Game with one of his Alliance members, and also he was fast. I wasn't planning on having an Alliance unless I could find someone with a good sense of humor. I don't know why that appealed to me, I could have someone strong and could fight or something, but that's how I did it and it worked. Sticking to that.

When Logan was done talking to us, it was time to get to the Chariots. Nichole and I got on to the Chariot for 5. It was sleek with glowing lights along the sides in some kind of design. The horses pulling us were solid black and were pretty. They started pulling the Chariot when it was time for the Chariot Ride event to begin. They seem to just know where to go and what to do. Putting my trust into these animals seem kind of dangerous, but there were no Chariot Ride accidents really. I suppose we would be safe. It was a little uncomfortable at first until the horses pick up speed and the Chariot started to move more smoothly. The roar of the Capitol people was the first thing we were met with.

Kariros Von Monroe the Announcer

The Chariots started to race out one by one. As the Hunger Games Host, it was my job to describe the outfits and read some of Ernesto's notes about them. He was an amazing Stylist and designed all the outfits for the entire Game. The Chariot Rides were the most difficult because he wouldn't know who he would be dressing until they were reaped.

The first ones out were the Capitol kids. They were dressed in white, and silver outfits, very high style and were decorated with gold and jewels. The girl named Angel Mansions' skirt was made of feathers. Many of the girls cheered and cried for the boy named Caius Angelic. He much have been popular. He wore a long robe and had a gold crow made of vines on his head. Both sported curled wings. The Chariot was pulled by white horses with silky long manes. Based off the cheer of the crowd I believed the Capitol were impressed with these designs.

"Two of them were made from Angels' Dust," I commented. "And we have two Angels leading the way to glory."

District 1 followed with dark tan colored horses. They were dressed in fine clothes that made them look like royalty. Leon Aslan was wearing a red and purple suit and a top hat. Evaine Mejai wore a dress of the same colors with a smaller top hat complete with little feathers. Her dress was shorter in the front and longer in the back, showing her legs. This kind of a dress was often referred to as the Mullet Dress, fun in the front and a party in the back! Both were adorn with gold jewel. The twist to their outfits were they had the red and purple on opposite sides. The fabric had darker color patterns. Ernesto had said to me he was thinking Mad Hatter or Sheogorath. Silly boy, he;s a rebel sometimes.

"Oh the luxurious District looks like they are heading for a Tea Party!"

District 2 came in toe. The girl named Kitty Mew had her DNA spliced with a cat's so she sported ears and a tail. Ernesto worked around this with making the two resemble stone statues. Both looked just like roman statues with robes, but also had wings, tails and claws making them resemble a gargoyles. District 2 worked in masonry so making them statues was a good choice. Actually I don't think any other Stylish ever bothered to make these tributes look like statues.

"Here we have the tributes from District 2. Armored by a thick stone skin with a fighting spirit on the inside!"

District 3 kids wore silver and metal colored armor like outfits, like they were robots. Ernesto stated they were supposed to be android. The girl named Mei Kim's skirt was made from metal and fluffed out on the back. Ian Chaseler wore a suit that was also contracted of metal and had armor shoulder pads. He was younger and shorter than Mei Kim, but Ernesto have him plat form shoes to make him the same height as her so he looked a little more intimidating. Sponsors were watching and Ernesto had no biased mind set when designing the tribute's outfits. Metal prongs that looked a little like wings jetted out of their backs. Silver horses pulled the Chariot. The harnesses were wrapped in lights that flickers like lightning. The horses were dressed in metal armor so they matched the District tributes.

"The most intelligent District and probably the most creative, the tributes of District 3 will bring some exciting engineering to the Games!"

White horses with grey spotted flanks pulled District 4's Chariot out onto the runway. Miss Lisbet Hanai had hair extensions put into her hair so it was longer. Ernesto decorated her hair with seashells and sea creatures like small fish and sea stars. She wore a blue long dress with the bottom half laced with white making it resemble foam of a wave. Beautiful. She was the most pretty girl I have see so far. Sorry Angel, Kitty, Evaine. All Seashore was this year's male tribute from District 4. Ernesto left him shirtless and have him pants that had a fish scales pattern. He was decorated with seashells and fins. I could tell the females of the audience were enjoying his boy and I was as well.

"We have been visited by the little mermaid and her prince! And what a prince he is!"

District 5 was next pulled by black horses. Their harnesses glowed blue and pink. Judas Severus Grett was wearing black with red highlights that also glowed. He had the bottom half of a gas mask on his face. He also wear some kind of long fabric over his legs. The girl who went by the name of Nichole Peyton wore a similar outfit but she had a fluffy skirt like a tutu. She had fluffy leg warmers and platform shoes. Ernesto left a comment on his papers that they were styled after Cybergoths, however I didn't think the Capitol would know what that was so...

"Here they come to bring you the power District 5 tributes will light up the night!"

Ernesto thought dressing District 6 tributes as cars would be an odd idea because they were on a Chariot which was the ancestor of cars, so he had them in sleep outfits. Both were made from silver silk with wires bend into various shapes. Kiara Brazette had a hair piece that light up at the tips.  Samuel Ogivinty had wires wrapped around his head than led into a fuel tank on his back. Grey and white horses pulled the Chariot.

"Oh here comes District 6 to take us anywhere we would like to go!"

District 7 was one of my favorite Districts. Ernesto was tired of the Tree Hugger look all the other stylishs had gone for. Kirsten Barker outfit was decorated with gold leaves and vines spread across her entire outfit. Jayson Huff had a similar outfit but Ernesto decided to give him an axe made from the branch of a tree with vines climbing up the side. District 7 chopped down trees, the opposite of what Tree Huggers stood for, so I could see where Ernesto was getting at. Chestnut horses pullted their Chariot adorn with vines and leaves.

"Smell that pine in the air? District 7 will knock down trees in the Arena!"

District 8 was the most difficult to dress because they were wear the materials for fashion came from. They were the District of fashion, even if the Capitol did not want to admit it. Lyra Pluto was wearing a black dress with several zippers forming a flower pattern on her chest. Her partner Banette Tsukomogami wore a black robe with gold zippers, a few of the zippers were open revealing violet cloth underneath. Wait Banette? Hmmm... Oh Ernesto I see what you did there! Dark brown horses pulled the Chariot.

"Zippers are the new trend! And District 8 is always in fashion!"

Two large clydesdales pulled the Chariot for District 9 out. Enresto scrapped District 9's grain outfits and simple dressed Sofia Lacuna and Akumai Kubaya in alien insect outfits. I knew they themselves would not get it, but thanks to that movie that came out earlier, the Capitol people enjoyed it. Little did that know. Both were fitted with extra arms, antennae and leather skin like suits. Oh Ernesto! This was actually his favorite District, though I have no clue why.

"Oh I wonder if they will get the battle armor while in the Arena!"

Mustangs came marching out on to the runway pulling the two tributes from District 10. Asteria Alela looked more like she belonged to District 2 and her partner Alaska Crown were wearing almost Viking like outfits with furs and leather. Ernesto left a note that they were supposed to be like minotaurs. Alaska, which is an awesome place by the way, had two bull horns mounted on his head.

"The natural Animal Whisperers will bring the horse power to their Alliances!"

Ernesto's notes stated "because of the mockingjay, I wanted to dress these two in bird outfits, like those carnival costumes." Oh these outfits were made from feathers displayed on their heads. Amor Rune of District 11 was wearing more clothing than most carnival outfits, to make her more comfortable. A tail of features cascaded down her waist to give her more coverage. Barrin Jane who did not at all look happy was wearing resembled an Aztec warrior. A necklace of nuts and fruit hung around Amor's neck and around Barrin's waist and chest. Cream colored horses pulled the Chariot.

"District 11 is climbing their way into our hearts with their exciting attire!"

Amy Clarke wearing a lovely A-line dress with a flutterhem in a pale grey that resembled smoke. She wore a belt of rail tracks like in the coal mines. Soot Dustcloud, what an appropriate name, was dressed in a black and grey suit. Ernesto gave Amy a smokey eye and dark lipstick. Ernesto had to work around Soot's ashy cheeks, because it wouldn't come off, so he left them as is. Grey horses with darker flanks pulled the Chariot, the harnesses smoked like ash.

"Oh my District 12's Tributes are covered in a veil of ash! How mysterious!"

The last District made their way with oh pink horses pulling the Chariot. Ernesto also dressed up the horses and had the Chariots decorated so they matched the outfits the tributes would be wearing. Not sure why Enresto would use pink horses, he was a rebel at times, or maybe this was Kine's doing. Odin Amarth and Shyvana Feuer were embellished in power armor with wires and tubes, with some neon lights. Ernesto was inspired by the Fallout game series, because District 13 was bombed and forced to flee underground, like the vaults.

"The returning District 13, have emerged from their underground bunkers to grace us with their splendor!"

I took a step back while the Chariots lined up in a row to wait President Billy's speech. This was one of the few times the president was see. As she was starting her speech, I noticed the tributes of District 7 were whispering to each other. Jayson looked irritated and then without warning Kirsten threw a small knife at our president. The knife went straight for Billy but she was pushed aside by one of her body guard named Panthxo. A peacekeeper fired a shot at the tributes causing panic in the horses. The bullet missed Kirsten and hit Jayson's axe, he was using it to shield himself and ricochet off towards District 8. The bullet dug itself into Lyra's arm, her scream startled her horses into a run.

The horses pulling the Chariots except for the Capitol, District 4, 10, 11, 12 and 13, took off running. The sudden force of the Chariot caused Samuel to fall backwards. Nichole and Judas bailed out of their Chariot, rolled to avoid getting trampled by District 6's horses, and got up with few injuries. Banette had grabbed the reins in an attempt to stop the horses. Akumai hung on to Sofia, who appeared to have fainted, so she wouldn't fell off. Both tributes from 10 had abandon their Chariot to pursue the escaping Chariots. Jayson cut the robes with his axe so the horses ran off without them. Several peacekeepers made their way onto the track, to catch the frighten horses and to apprehend Kirsten. It was mayhem on the runway. What an exciting scene! Well I suppose this is it for this event. Looking forward to the Interviews.



Odin Amarth of District 13

God, it was first day of training and we had to get up bright and early. All I wanted to do was sleep. Shyvana was already up. What is it about girls and being early birds while boys are night owls? That's how it always seemed to be. My Escort Marxxs came into my room and pulled me by the foot till I fell off the bed. "Time to get up sleepy head..." He said before turning to leave the room. I forced myself up and got ready. It took me about an hour to fully wake up. At the training area that girl from District 7 was handcuffed because of the stunt she tried to pull last night. She nearly got a few people killed, but luckily the only injuries were the girl from 8 and the tributes from 6. They jumped out of their chariot while the horses were running. The guy had injured his head with a minor concussion while the girl sprained her wrist.

When all the Districts were finally at the Training Area we were given a speech before training could begin by the Head Scientist and Gamemaker Kine Blackberry. He was an odd man. "Good morning my little tribies! I will be the person who will be causing you to fight for your lives in the next few days. Yeayz!" Kine clapped his hands together excitedly. "So for the next three days you little future experiments of mine will be training here and making friends and maybe enemies. You'll have to impress my scientist team and myself for your Training Score and all that. Yup! Oh! Last night was quiet exciting, but little Miss Barker, I managed to convince the lady president that you should live. For the price of cutting off one of your hands! So which one will it be?"

All eyes fell on the girl from 7. I could only imagine what was going on in her mind right now. I wouldn't be able to handle cutting off one of my hands, but this was the Capitol we were talking about. Then her body guard stepped forward. "If you cut off one of her hands, we won't be able to handcuff her from now on." He pointed out and he did have a point.

"Oh you are right! Hmmm," Kine thought for a moment. "Well Billy did say she wanted her to go in the Arena with a disadvantage. Oh we can pull out an eye or cut off a foot or oh oh! I know! Remove the left lung!"

Ian Chaseler of District 3

"Let's remove a piece of brain!" Kine went on with excitement. "I'll let you keep it Kirsten. Hmm… maybe from the frontal cortex?"

It was awkward for the rest of us to stand there and listen to this. Kirsten was being made an example of in case the other tributes got any ideas. Kirsten was taken aside for a moment while the rest of us got to train. That was a little disturbing, but it was the Hunger Games so anything could happen. My District partner Mei Kim was showing me different plants at the Plant Identification area. This wasn't something I knew too much about. District 3 was more known for technology and intelligent people. Mei's parents had a garden where she grew lots of herbs and flowers.

"These ones heal burns," she told me. "Good for sunburns too."

It looked like we would ally with each other which was a good thing. I really didn't want to socialize with the other tributes and make more allies. The Careers were always scary but this year they didn't look so bad, I mean in appearance, they looked like normal kids. Well there was a cat girl. That's kind of cool but cats are deadly hunters. Despite the fact that the Careers looked like normal kids that I would encounter in school, it didn't mean that were any less dangerous. Maybe we did need another ally and a big strong one. A lot of the other tributes were big and strong looking too. Most probably wouldn't join the Careers. It was like a thing to refuse an offer usually.

Lyra Pluto of District 8

I was feeling better after Ernesto patched me up and gave me some medicine. After he pulled out the bullet he gave it to me and said I should keep it. It might bring good luck since it could have killed me but didn't. I wasn't angry with Kirsten, because she didn't mean for me to get injured. She only wanted to kill the president and maybe stop the Games. If she had succeeded then I wouldn't be here. Then Banette and I could have gone home.

I couldn't use my arm for awhile until it healed. Kine visited him while Ernesto was stitching me up and took some blood samples for his "experiments." He frightened me sometimes. Ernesto reassured me that Kine also did this and that I would be okay, and if anything, he could clone me now. An army of Lyras sounded silly. I wasn't good for anything really, other than music.

Banette had been acting odd and not his usual lonely self. He was having trouble sleeping at night. Maybe being here and the preceding Hunger Games had gotten to him. He also lost his toy he used to carry around. He made a make-shift toy out of the towels in the restroom, but these were needed for drying off, so he's been disassembling his room at night. He pulled all the sheets and curtains down. Jan has been trying to comfort him the best she could.

Because my right arm had been injured I was a bit useless in the Training area for now. I instead sat with Banette at the camouflage station and watched him play with the paints. He was painting white faces with red eyes and his old doll he used to play with. I wasn't sure if I should ally with him. He was a little insane, but maybe that was because of the lack of sleep. A lot of people in our class teased him and the District avoided him as much as possible. Maybe I should ally with Kirsten? She did try to kill the president but she also wasn't trying to kill me. She seemed strong.

Amy Clarke of District 12

I abandoned Soot to hang with the Careers. I picked up a spear and walked over to them. They gave me an odd look because I was from District 12. I started to explain my situation to them, that I was from District 1 and have moved to 12. However they didn't buy it. The male from 1 named Leon Aslan didn't know me, even though we were in the same class.

"Seems like a likely story for someone who wants to join the Careers," Evaine smirked. "You need to prove to us you got what it takes."

It seemed these two were more likely to take leadership of the Careers so I had to at least impress them. The other four Careers just stood there. So I took the spear and went to one of the dummies. Gracefully swinging the spear around my body I managed to slice up the dummy and cut its head right off. It flew and landed next to the tributes in the Fire Making area, or as Kine labeled it as the Camping Area. It startled the two from 10. Let's see if that impressed the Careers.

"That was good," Evaine started out but I could tell she wasn't impressed just yet. "Dummies don't move. How about hitting a moving target?"

There was a simulation station with moving opponents. District 12 didn't have a training area at all so, this was new. The simulation had several opponents come at me. It was different, frightening and exhilaration at the same time. I slashed through one and then hit the other with the back end of the spear. An archer fired a few arrows at me. I wasn't used to ranged weapons and in the simulation lacked anywhere for cover. I could have thrown my spear but then I would lose my only weapon.

"I think I've seen enough," Evaine stated and walked off.

"I thought she was good," muttered the cat girl named Kitty to her District partner Petri.

Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya of District 9

Last night was crazy. Sofia had fainted from the shock and almost fell off the Chariot. Reacting quickly, I grabbed ahold of her. The District 10 tributes helped to stop the Chariots but ours kept going. The Horses simply turned around and headed back to the stables under the hotel. They were trained to do this. Sofia came too after all the action had stopped. I'll admit, besides Lyra getting shot, that was really fun. I could have done without Sofia fainting but everything turned out alright in the end. I hoped Sofia wouldn't faint anymore.

Today was the first day of training. Sofia went to the Shelter making area, so I was on my own. I wasn't sure if I should stay with her or not but she seemed to be alright and started talking to the girl from 11. I didn't have much to offer to an alliance other than my knowledge of pre-Panem subjects. I decided to try my hand at one of the weapons. There were all kinds to pick from but the bigger weapons appealed most to me. I picked up a sword.

The scientists running the show had a place to sit and observe us as we trained. Ernesto was with them along with Kirsten's body guard. I wonder what they decided to do with her? Think I should stay away from her. I already got myself in trouble once before, well twice. Right now I needed to practice with the sword on one of the dummies. I was so busy swinging the sword around that I didn't notice the Head Scientist named Kine come down from the platform above.

"Oh you are one of those dudes!" He startled me when he came up from behind. "Yes from the videos. Ha, you guys are silly fun! But ya know only the Capitol, District 3 and 13 have computers and internet?"

In the library there were computers and I think all the Districts had them. They had limited access to the internet but there was enough for us to make our videos.

"Oh you are a delightful group to watch," Kine took me by the shoulders and pulled me in close for a hug. He was making him feel awkward. "You got most of the facts right on your videos. You got guts... Guts that can spill out all over the Arena; but if you managed to keep your guts inside of you, maybe I'll give you your own TV show! Yup! Awe too bad you didn't get reaped for our next Hunger Games. You would have done amazingly in that one."

Kiara Brazette of District 6

The training area was so big that I didn't know where to start first. I decided to stick to my skills first before trying something new. There was an indoor swimming pool in which I was decent at, but I didn't feel like getting wet today. I was also good at climbing so I decided to try my luck with the Climbing Area. I climbed up onto a fake tree and looked around to see what the other tributes were doing. The two from 8 were in the Camouflage Area. That was one of my week points. Having an ally who can make up for my week points would be a good idea, but District 8 tributes really had no real good assets to offer, unless I had more than on ally. Samuel was doing his own thing and I didn't think he was interested in allying with me.

Without my knowing it, the girl from District 9 climbed up from the other side. She startled me and she too was surprised to see someone else up here.

"Oh excuse me," she said.

"It's okay, I was just pasting throw," I replied and started to climb down.

As I was climbing down, I noticed that the Careers were gathered around the Simulation Center leaving the Weapons Rack unguarded. This was everyone's chance to get a good weapon. I picked out a blowgun. The Careers really didn't much care for this weapon and they had taken all the spears. I fired a few shots at a target hoping to show the others that I would make a good ally with long distance attacks. I am not sure if I impressed anyone. By the day's end, most of everyone seemed to be unsure of each other, but this was the time to make alliances. I think we simply did not know how. We needed an ice breaker. All that would have to wait until tomorrow. Kine announced some kind of test we would have to take to show them our strong and week points.

Day 2 of TrainingEdit

Kirsten Barker of District 7

I was running in a swamp forest. The mud was eating away at my feet. I needed to get to higher ground. I saw an odd looking tree with roots that stood up beyond the ground. I forced my legs over to it, reaching up, I pulled my body away from the mud. The tree was shaped like a pear with roots like snakes. No tree in District 7 resembled this kind of tree, but I was in a swamp so maybe this was common. The ground started to shake making the mud look like a liquid. I heard a saw cutting into wood and a drill in the distance. A giant statue of a bird rose from the ground.

"Tsk. Tsk. Walked right into another trap. Exactly how stupid are you?"

The tree's roots wiggled and I feel back into the mud. A hoard of ghost-like figures came out of the trees and ran towards me. I turned and ran toward a large rock. The giant Statue only started to get bigger, it's wings blocked out the sky.

"This is one situation you're not going to be able to fight your way out of," the giant statue said.

I past in-between to large soda bottles. The tops burst off, exploding into a fountain of fizz. The ghostly people stopped. They seem unable to go beyond the soda bottles. As I started to get closer to the rock. I saw a large needle sowing up the tips of the bird statue's wings together blocking my past.

"Congratulations, my dear, you are going to pull through and everything will be right as rain." I heard a voice.

The swampy forest landscape evaporated around me into a blur. My head was spinning as my eyes slowly opened. Two figures were standing over me with a bright light. "No, no. Don't try to get up yet. You'll only hurt yourself."

Lisbet Hanai of District 4

The girl from 12 had been trying to join our team. I thought she was really good but Evaine didn't want her to join, for now. It seems Evaine had take leadership of this alliance so I'll go by what she says. However I heard my District partner Allen talking to Petri. He didn't like the way Evaine was going things and thought Amy would make a good ally. I was just going to stay out of this.

Today, we were hanging out by the targets. I had just finished throwing my trident a few times at a target. My training had paid off. Allen was also good with a trident. I worried use both being skilled at the same weapon would make me less useful. So I took some awls and threw three into a target. One hit the center while the other two hit around it.

"You missed the other two," Evaine smirked behind me.

"If that was someone's chest they would bleed to death for sure," Allen spoke up. "She would have hit the person's arms too."

"You may as well hit the center on all of them."

"Awls are round at the handle," Petri added. "You can't throw three at once and expect them all to hit the center. That person would be dead so who cares if they all hit the middle."

"Hey don't talk to me like that!" Evaine raised her voice.

"I'm just informing you about something you obviously don't know anything about."

Leon then stepped in-between them two. I was starting to get scared.

"Hey, hey calm down," he said keeping Evaine and Petri away from each other. "There's no need to start something here. There will be plenty of time in the Arena after we kill all the other tributes."

"She thinks she's in charge," Petri snapped and continued. "She won't let a perfectly good ally into our alliance."

"I'm from District 1, so I should lead the group. I actually had a career before and I worked in dangerous situation. I am the most qualified and I am the most skilled."

Petri pushed Leon aside and confronted Evaine. Everyone could see he was bigger than her.

"And what was this job? What did you do that made you so great?"

"Um I can't say. It's top secret."

"A likely story. Just because you are from District 1 you think you can lead us? It doesn't seem like you have dealt with people much. Leon is from your District. So why not have him lead the group? Why does a person from District 1 need to lead the Careers? Most often it's people from District 2 who have the most likely chance at winning. Damn it we are the Peacekeepers! We are the law and re-enforce the Capitol's rule. So I have been training my whole life since I could walk to become a skill peacekeeper and dominate over this damn piece of an execute for a country! Then, oh and this is where it gets good. Some stupid bastard decided to frame me. And then the very people I would have become came and throw me into prison. I had to survive in there with those crazy lunatics and murderers! So I survived in a far more extreme environment that you. So I should lead!"

Allen held Petri back tell him Evaine wasn't worth it. Leon had grabbed Evaine and pulled her back saying to save it for the Arena. Petri walked off and flipped a table with several supplies on it. It seemed dominance was not yet settled.

Soot Dustcloud of District 12

The Careers were bickering. This was a good thing. They would fight among themselves allowing the rest of us a chance at escape. It was all amusing though. I debated if I wanted to continue the fight, however it looked like I didn't have to do anything. I sat back in the Plant Identification Area eating the edible berries and just watched with a smile on my face. I really disliked the Careers, well I hated the Careers! However Amy for some reason wanted to joining them. I guess she didn't want to ally with me. That was fine. She didn't like me ashy cheeks anyways. There were other people to ally with.

I had spend day one of training watching everyone. I was learning about the other tributes. Anyone who wasn't a Career was a perpetual ally, however I wanted someone who also disliked the Careers and the Capitol. Well the Capitol kids weren't bad, and they weren't Careers this year. Sometimes the Capitol kids were Careers as well as District 13, but that depended on the tributes. This year it seemed like the District 13 kids would be Careers, however they didn't seem interested in allying with them. The girl looked like trouble but the guy seemed alright. The two guys from 9 and 11 also looked like good allies. Hmm that's a lot of guys. Need some females...

"Oh may look at your face!"

That Head Scientist named Kine came up from behind me. He had left the platform, he did that a lot randomly, and this irritated me. His patterns were difficult to predict. He was everyone, wandering around the training area or hanging with the other scientists. He rubbed his hands across my face and put his thumbs at the base of my mouth, making a fake smile on my face. I jerked my head back. I really didn't like my face being touched my some insane scientist.

"I love you face! Like a back cheek chipmunk."

"We eat those in my District," I said. "And squirrels..."

"Because they don't sing?" he asked inquisitively.

"Oh like from that movie?" The boy from District 9 spoke up. "Before Panem formed there was this movie, well lots of movies and TV shows about this little band of chipmunks that could sing."

"I like this one," Kine said about Akoomah... Kayoomie?...The guy from 9. "I chipmunk boy too. Oh you two little future experiments, if you die, I will combine your DNA to make an even lovable combination! I will sell the combined clones as pets to the Capitol! Yeah!"


"He's been doing this since he decided he liked me... Just smile an nod," 9 boy whispered to me.

"Yes, except my love!" Kine pulled up both in for a personal space invading hug.

Sofia Lacuna of District 9

I was sitting with Lyra. She had gotten shot during the Chariot Rides my the girl from 7. However her arm was healing. She had more use of it today than yesterday. The Capitol had some amazing medicine. We had formed an alliance along with Amor from District 11. We were at the Camping Training Area were I had just started a fire and I was proud of myself. Fire was a bad thing in District 9. If any spark landed on the wheat the whole place would go up in smoke. Amor's District had a lot of trees that grew fruit but it was more wet in her District.

"What's it like in District 8?" I asked.

"I hear it doesn't have any trees," Amor added.

"It does now," Lyra explained. "The Capitol came and planted some and made areas with grass they call parks. They also started cleaning the air. It isn't so now."

The Capitol has been taking an interest in the Districts more and more. Ever since our new the Scientist Team was taken over by Kine.

"Do you think we should let Banette into our alliance?" Lyra asked. "I feel bad for leaving him."

"He's odd though," Amor brought up.

Amor didn't seem like she wanted him in our alliance. It took me along time to convince her to join up with me and to allow Lyra into our alliance.

"Maybe a small alliance is better," I suggested. "We don't want to draw to much attention to us. Besides, the Careers are probably too creped out by Banette to bother with him."

Shyvana Feuer of District 13

I started to see people sitting together in little alliances. The Careers had gotten into a little fight earlier but they seem to have settled down. The groups from 8, 9 and 11 have allied together, and it seemed the two boys from 9 and 12 were together. The guy from 9 knew a lot about the Pre-Panem World. District 13 had a lot of technology from that time. My District had a lot of things from before Panem. Odin was hanging around with the two boys from 5 and 6. I made it clear I didn't want to be in an alliance with him. I wasn't interested in an alliance, however I probably would have fit in well with the Careers, but there was some turmoil with them right now. I was better off alone.

I decided to go to the dummies and punch the crap out of them. I was most deadly with my fist rather than a weapon. I punched the dummies and it fell over. I decided to try a weapon. I was also good with those as well and I may as well play around with them. I picked up a Battle Axe, which was one of the biggest axes there was. I took a swing and sliced off the dummies arm. This thing was a bit difficult to swing. I decided to try a smaller throwing axe instead. I didn't throw them often but they were swift to swing.

"Oh you like axes?" The boy from 7 walked up.

"Move along, I am not interested in an alliance with you."

"Why not? I just wanted to talk about axes."

"What's wrong with your face?" I asked.

"I got attacked by a bear... And I killed it."

Impressive but in District 13, we had to face radioactive water and a few mutated animals and people wandering the waste lands that made up the ground level of District 13. I threaten the boy so he would leave me alone. He grunted at me and walked off. I just wanted to be left alone.

Judas Severus Grett of District 5

Everyone were forming alliances. The Career's little spat was amusing today but now it was getting serious. We only had one more day of training. I hadn't found anyone to ally with and no one attempted anyways. So I guess I would be one my own. That was fine. I was hanging out in the little forest area making a trap. District 5 didn't really have big forests, we had trees but not much. I needed a way to find and catch food, or other tributes. Wires weren't something I used to make traps, but to fix things with. Suddenly the boy from 10 named Alaska showed up. He was climbing around above me in the trees.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Making a snare trap," I replied looking up. "Why are you climbing up there? There is a Climbing Area."

"I wanted to climb around the whole place." He jumped down. "You're from District 5. My Cirrus visited District 5 before I was reaped. There was this guy in my Cirrus who was a juggler who couldn't juggle."

"What? Why?"

"It's not that the man did not know how to juggle, he just didn't have the balls to do it."

"Heh...So were you a clown or something?""

"I worked with the trapeze mostly," he told me. "Oh! The other day I held the door open for a clown. I thought it was a nice jester."

I had this think about what he said for a second before I got it.

"I was in the weapon area yesterday. I was trying out different weapons." He smirked. "I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me."

"Because boomerangs always return to the person who through it."

"District 5 works with power right? I was struggling to figure out how lightning works then it struck me."

I think I like this guy. As I was listening to Alaska continue with his jokes, I noticed the boy from District 11 was glaring at me. What's his problem?

Day 3 of TrainingEdit

Banette Tsukomogami of District 8

Kirsten was back from her operation today. She missed a day of training. I didn't care though. I too have been in and out of the Doctor's Office like Lyra and Kirtsten. Surprised we hadn't formed an alliance, but Kirsten hurt Lyra. She had been nice to me since we came here, so I didn't want to ally with Kirsten. The reason I have been in the doctor's Office so much is because my vision has been fading in and out and my hears keep ringing. I was malnourished and I had experienced problems from that before. I was also prone to sickness. At the orphanage I was lucky to get a bit to eat. The other kids really gobbled down the food like pigs. Scraps were what I was used too, however there was plenty to eat here, but when I did eat, my stomach hurt. Ernesto said the shock of food may be causing me the problems. My body had been used to no food for so long that it didn't know how to deal with it. So he told me to eat soft food like soup and yogurt in smaller portions till my body got used to food. That helped with my stomach but my vision and the ringing remained. I had eye problems since I was little so Ernesto said that could be the reason. I didn't like moving around much now that my body was recovering from starving to death. Because of this I had been pasting the time in the supply area making things making myself a new friend.

"Oh look at this one?!" I loud voice startled me. It was Kine. "Ernesto, this is the one who has the zippers right?"

Ernesto nodded. Kine kneels down beside me and lifted my bandanna up. I really didn't like people touching my last meaningful possession so I tore my bandanna away and move a little away from him.

"Oh it's true! He's got zippers for lips! How did you get those on there? The lips are the most sensitive place on the body? Did it hurt? Did it? Did it? Oh do you have zippers in other place?"

I couldn't handle all the questions so fast. I couldn't react to this. I just wanted to be left alone. Ernesto could see the distress in my eyes and he put his hand on Kine's shoulder to stop him. I knew I was a freak and I looked different. I knew people didn't like me. I had no allies after all. I was different. I didn't need him to point it out to everyone. They could all hear him.

"You're different, I like you!"

Wait what? He liked me for being different? How can that be? People didn't like me. It was decided by the universe or whatever that I am not supposed to be like by people. As if I am not allowed to be happy. Why would he like me? What is this? What's going on? I'm scared.

Kiara Brazette of District 6

I've made an alliance with Nichole Peyton from District 5 and the girl from District 3 named Mei Kim. Nichole had been rather frighten from the thought of the Games. She felt like the weak link in our alliance, so Mei and I have been distracting her with training. Mei knew a lot about plants, so she was teaching us about the different plants. Nichole knew how to use a knife and she was learning well from Mei. I don't think we are going to have a weak link, but we decided to keep ourselves low key during training. Samuel didn't seem interested in allying with me. He just wanted to be alone. He would be alright, because he was strong.

"After this we should practice with a weapon," I said. "I am good with a blowgun."

Just then I noticed the boys from District 12 and 9 respectively Soot and Akumai were talking to Nichole's District partner Judas and Alaska from District 10. Then Akumai came over to us.

"I have an offer for you guys," he said. "Soot wants to form an Anti-Career Alliance, or as I like to call it, the Anties! We're gonna be BIG!"

"A big alliance?" Mei asked. "We were hoping to play it low key..."

"Well, we'll kinda of be big. Soot said it's a big secret alliance, so the Careers won't have a clue. Those Careers own the Arena, ya know? So here us other peeps need to stick together, ya know? Strength in numbers of whatever, Soot explains it better."

"Can we have time to think about it?" I politely requested.

"What's dere to think about? Well if you unfortunately ever were to run into the Careers, do you think they will care if you are playin' it low key? Dhay will kill you and dere are a hell of a lot more of 'em dan you. You can run or you can fight but dhay are strong as hell and faster dan dee wind. Better to have some strong guys watchin' you're back."

I looked at Mei and Nichole. I was open to more allies but maybe we needed time to talk it over.

"We'll get back to you on that," Mei said.

"Alright then ladies. But Soot would like an answer soon. Last day of training and all."

Barrin Jane of District 11

I had allied with Odin Amarth and Jayson Huff from District 13 and 7. Odin attempted to make an alliance with Samuel from 6 but that failed. He also tried with the guy from 5 but Odin said, "I couldn't make him laugh." I didn't know what he meant but whatever. Odin would have been some trouble if he had allied with the 5. I was delighted to have him on my side instead. Kine had started referring to us by the names of three Norse Gods,  old religion that is long since dead. Apparently I was Loki, the trickster god of somekind, Odin is of course the main god with one eye, and Jayson was Thor the thunder god.

We didn't talk much in out alliance. Odin seemed to be the one in charge though and Jayson and I just did what he said when he said anything. We were sitting in the Tree area. Jayson was sitting on a branch where he had hung several axes, a battle axe, a throwing axe and an some kind of special axe that was in the weapon rack called the Fire Axe. It glimmer red and seemed to be Jayson's new favorite.

Earlier Soot and Akumai had offered a secret alliance among those None-Career Districts. Soot said we can remain in our own alliances, so to throw off the Careers, making them think we are all divided into small alliance. However we would still be all allied looking out for one another. We would have a meeting place to discuss plans, for the Feast and whatnot. Jayson and Odin were unsure still about the idea. We were really anti-social and it was odd that we allied. The only problem I had was, Soot didn't want us killing each other but to look out for one another. This meant if the guy or girl 5 joined, I would be breaking a rule of the Alliance. However if they were in the alliance, I would be closer to them and be able to kill the guy from 5. This bothered me however. I knew if I got caught, the Alliance would turn on me for sure. Still the Careers could simply kill the District 5 tributes before me.

"What do you think?" Jayson finally broke the silence and asked.

"I don't know..." Odin muttered over his shoulder. He was trying to start a fire.

"How do we know none of these people will betray us in the end?" I said.

"We could use as many allies as possible," Odin pointed out.

"I think we should join," Jayson kept saying. "Think about it. I could be up in a tree spotting the danger. Then when the Careers get close, we attack them..."

"So do we need a bigger alliance?"

"Maybe not... However having few people trying to kill us to worry about would be better." Odin thought for a moment. " If we were to get in trouble, the other tributes could come to our aid."

""True... Who says they won't though? Or they won't try to kill us."

"Only one of us if going to live through this, we all know that. Yet we make alliances anyways, in hopes one of us will survive to the end. We need to make sure that one of us from this alliance lives."

This was the most I ever heard Odin say. I wasn't sure if we were joining or not.

Amor Rune of District 11

Soot and Akumai had made us an offer. Sofia and Lyra were debating on what to do. I didn't care. I really wasn't interested in what the other tributes were doing, but having more allies would be better I guess. Lyra's arm had healed but she had a scar and a bandage wrapped around her. She had full use of her arm again. Still I bet she would feel better having more allies, male allies.

"I think we should join," Lyra said.

"Akumai will be in this alliance," Sofia added. "Soot also looks like he is strong too."

"If we ever encounter the Careers though we will have some help."

"If they are around," I pointed out. "Soot just said we could stay in our smaller alliance, but be apart of a larger one. What if we are separated from each other?"

"Well if we were to run into anyone else who isn't a Career, they could be apart of the Anti-Careers. So less people would be trying to kill us."

I had to admit, not having to worry about other people would kill us would be nice. The Careers looked like they were unstable however, so we may have a chance. Still the other Careers may be deadly as well as other tributes in this game. Some of the others looked dangerous. Having them as allies or more people watching out back seemed like the best idea.

"I think we should join," I finally said. "Why not? Worse case we all get killed in the Bloodbath. That's when this alliance would be most useful. The rest of the games will just be us surviving the Arena and who ever is still alive. When all the Careers are dead, the alliance will split up and it will be just like as if we never formed it."

Ian Chaseler of District 3

I really needed to try and make an alliance. I would probably be dead out there. Mei left to ally with two girls from other Districts when I had tried to ally with Samuel. He just told me to get lost so now I found myself alone. I didn't want to talk to other people really. I was kind of scared. I didn't want to go in alone, well I didn't want to go to the Hunger Games at all. Still maybe a small alliance would be best. One I can walk away from at anytime. Then Soot from 12 came over to me.

"Hey there ummm it's Ian right?"

I nodded.

"Good, hey I have an offer for you. Akumai and I are forming a Super Alliance, the Anti-Careers. Anyone who isn't a Career can join. We'll look out for one another while trying to take out as many Careers as possible. For now we will hang out in smaller groups to through off the Careers of our plans, but once we are in the Arena we will join forces against the Careers."

"Sounds good... Hey can I hang out with you? Like as an alliance?"

"Alright then. Come on. I need to see what knew Akumia has."

I followed Soot to the Plant Identification Area where Akumai was waiting. He said most of the people he spoke with were thinking about it.

"This is Ian. He's apart of our Alliance now."

"Welcome to the Chipmunk Squad!"

Caius Angelic of the Capitol

"You know you are really ugly now," Asteria sassed at Banette.

I had been practicing with camouflage but this was difficult. Banette had been hiding from everyone but Asteria had found him after Kine and Ernesto visited him. Apparently Banette had zippers on his lips, according to Kine. Asteria had been all about her looks since she gotten here. She had been hanging out with Angel and Amy, now that Amy had given up on joining the Careers. I thought she should leave Banette alone. 

"You may have had a chance before but now, after what you did? How could anyone do that to their face?"

"It's my body, I can do whatever I want with it." Banette snickered back. "Don't you have something better to do that bother me about my appearance?"

"It's a disgrace to humanity, that face of yours. What do you're parents think?"

"I don't have parents...I was left at the Orphanage. "

"Oh no wander why. With a face that ugly I abandon my kid too.."

"Leave him alone," Enough was enough, so I got up and went over there. "You like fashion and looks so you should worry about how you are going to look when they put us in those uniforms for the Arena."

"Oh my god! I'm not going to look like everyone else!" Asteria ran off.

"There you go,"I smiled at Banette but he just hide his eyes and quietly said a thank you. "So is it true? What they say? Do you really have zippers for lips?"

Banette gave me a glare. Maybe this isn't the right time to be asking this. Not just after Asteria was bullying him about his appearance. I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to see them too. I was from the Capitol so I was used to people dressing in odd fashion and having surgeries and whatnot. Eventually Banette slowly bulled his bandanna down to show me. Oh he really did have zippers. As I leaned in closer to have a better look, he quickly covered himself back up.

"Want to form an Alliance?"


Ernesto Swift

Today I get to dress the tributes for their interviews. I enjoyed these more because it was less work. They really just needed to wear a nice dress or suit. Soot been having asthma attacks all day. He was nervous like everyone else... Except for Alaska. He's used to being in front of large crowds. Even the Careers seem to be shaken. There were no training schools in the Districts for how to speech in front of large crowds.

Kine had wanted to put the "Chippy Monks" into particular color schemes. So I called the Chipmunk Squad over to dress them. Kine wanted Soot dressed in red, while Akumia would be wearing green, and Ian had blue. Akumai looked at his suit then to Soot and to Ian's.

"Oh I'm the fat one..." He sounded disappointed. Then he turned to Soot and asked, "Wanna trade?"

"Hmm? No..." Soot was already wearing red with his black and white scarf and he pointed it out to Akumai.

"But you are also the adorable one," I reassured him. "The Capitol will like that so just be adorable. People's minds melt when they encounter something adorable."

Akumia seemed satisfied with that putting on his green suit without any farther complaint. Banette been tired lately. I sense something is up with him but I can't put my figure on it. Split personality Sparrow commented that Banette was just not normal. Banette was being difficult just like Marxxs, the Escort for 13. Possible relation? Anyways, he had been depressed as well.

"Awe what's wrong little zip zip?" Kine had confronted him the next time he encounter the Ghost boy. "Oh I like this one. If I would have know you were in the orphanage I would have adopted you. Right Aiden?"

Aiden just gave Kine a thumbs up in response. Banette just moaned. Snotbubble seemed to like the idea of having a sibling he would drool all over.

Kariros Von Monroe

The Interviews were my least favorite part about this job. Well that and when the tributes die on TV, but at least that was interesting. The questions were mostly the same so I tried to mix it up a bit to make things more lively. Kine once again being Kine decided to have the Interviews would go backwards starting with District 13 and ending with the Capitol kids. Alright then, ladies first so we'll be starting off with Shyvana Feuer.

She was feisty and seem to be angry for some unknown reason. She was a little scary, however this probably would have aided her in the Arena if it was any other type of Game Kine wasn't in charge of.

Her District partner Odin Amarth was very confident and talkative. He informed everyone about the Norse Gods. He was named after the Allfather Odin the ruler of Asgard. We'll see if the divine powers will aid him in any way.

The next one up was Amy Clarke from District 12. She was charming, talking about how strong she was and how nice the Capitol had been to her and the other Tributes. Possibly working to become a favorite and get more sponsors. Smart girl.

The male from District 12, I liked the most. Soot Dustcloud with his precious powdery cheeks didn't seem to like the Careers. He kept direction the conversation towards some hatred for them. No one likes a hater and such propaganda would make you a target, but it didn't matter to much this time around.

The tributes from 11 were next. Amor Rune spoke with confident but she kept starring at me. She didn't even blink. Being creepy doesn't get you sponsors, or at least normal sponsors. Sometimes this wasn't a bad thing. Still eyes are meant to blink. Except for fish and snakes who lack eye lids. 

Her partner Barrin Jane knew how to blink at least. However he was quiet, keeping his answers short and simple yet very angry. He was mad at someone or something, and I was guess it was the location he was forced to be in.

Asteria Alela acted like any Career would, confident, a little too confident and very talkative. I really didn't have to do anything. Ernesto commented to me later that she was very picky about what she wanted to wear and how her hair should look.

Her partner Alaska Crown was hilarious. This boy kept popping off jokes the whole time. It's good to see some laughter in these tributes' faces. Keep them smiling and make their misery a little less miserable.

Akumai Kubaya seemed to be confused on who he is. At first he stated he was Tenshin from the Chipmunk Squad and then he decided he was Kenshin. Which one is it? He also spoke oh how awesome his team-mates were, Soot and Ian and that they were the best.

Sofia Lacuna seem to know who she was so that was a good thing. She commented on how she was graceful for her District partner saving her from falling off the Chariot. She apparently liked grain and bread. Who doesn't? It actually isn't as good for you as most people think.

Banette Tsukomogami was an odd one, yet I believe his uniqueness made him popular among the Capitol audience. He was different from the other tributes, though I think he may have came off a bit insane with his zippers but sometimes having the ability to keep your mouth shut was a good thing. Needed these in the Capitol for sure.

Lyra Pluto was humble and polite. This irritated me since I strongly believed nice people were dying off. Good people were difficult to come by and it seems the nicest one always get reaped for these games. Breeding the kindness out of humanity by killing off the nice people. Pooh I say...

Jayson Huff killed a bear at the age of seven.... Enough said...

Kirsten Barker was paranoid about something. Her eyes kept darting around as if she was worried someone was watching her. You're on TV, girl. She started off strong and confident but it quickly faded away. Towards the end she started to second guess her responses.

Samuel Ogivinty was a complete turn around from how he acted normally. He seemed to fit the description of a Career in the training area but out here in the spotlight he was different. He seemed to thank the Capitol. Be careful, the richest and best sponsors from the Capitol are actually intelligent.

Kiara Brazette was probably one of the over looked Tributes in this bunch. She tried some jokes but responded when the conversation was directed to the Chariot Rides.

Judas Severus Grett for some reason started talking about the zombie apocalypse towards the end. He seemed unhappy he was here but most people were. There are some people who just want the world burn... He did however mentioned he liked his ally and thought the two would do well in the Games' Arena.

Nichole Peyton was bright and bubbly. She complimented the Capitol for their unique fashion and how wonderful it was to visit it. She also spoke a bit about her home, family and friends.

Allen Seashore was confident and relaxed while speak as if this came naturally to him. He spoke of his family and hoped they were doing well.

Lisbet Hanai seemed to have accept being reaped into the Games as her fate and she accepted what lay ahead. If she won, she would be grateful, if she didn't, she congratulated who ever that honor belonged to. Seriously? Why do the nice people have the die?

Ian Chaseler was probably one of the youngest in this Game. He held his head high and answered politely and firmly. Being smaller and younger wasn't always a bad thing and he didn't seem to be bothered by this.

Mei Kim spoke about her District and how she knew a lot about plants. She owned different kinds of plants that grew in the other Districts and few from other parts of the world.

Petri Lindroos was a typical Career, but what do you expect from District 2. They seem to be all the same from there. He also acknowledged the power struggle between him and Evaine over the Careers.

Kitty Mew was a cat girl. People love cats... And cats are slowly taking over the world.

Leon Aslan was a care-free boy. He playfully joked around a bit and responded with confidence like most Careers do. Still there was some kind of sorrow in his tone when the conversation shifted towards home.

Evaine Mejai was fiery and ready to go into the Arena. She was confident in her abilities and believed she would win for sure.

Caius Angelic didn't have to do anything. He was our angelic boy and the Capitol already loved him. We'll see if the other tributes love him too.

Angel Mansions was a bit quiet at first but she warmed up to the audience after a few questions. She probably knew some of the people.

Private SessionsEdit

Angel Mansions of the Capitol

Today Kine greeted us again with a little disturbing speech.

"Good morning my little tribies! We will make some Gladiators out of you yet! However, as all of you know, some of you suck! Terribly... And oh not only at one thing but many things! And in your terrible suckiness, you will not do at all! Nope! So today you all will be given a test to see what you fail at and what you are successful at doing. Yeah!"

"Today is the private sessions right?" the girl from 1 blurted out.

Kine gave her a look before responding, "Oh private... No... I don't care about that. This is different. We're going to change things up a bit because the Games have gotten kind of boring. No more with this same old, same old. Nope! Today I want all of you little tribbets to go into the Private Training Area and we'll see what happens! This Game is going to be different you'll see!"

"How are we going to get our training scores?" Petri from District 4 asked.

"Don't ya worry about that. Mostly they are just randomly given to ya. But I have worked out a formula to determine who will win this particular Game. Now for this test the only rule is no killed each other yet! There be time for that later. Otherwise anything goes here! All the test are optional. You can do as many as you want or none at all. What you pick will effect your score."

After his motivating little speech, we were first seated in a room beyond the Training Area and given a test. It was able ourselves, mostly answering questions regarding how we would describe ourselves, and how we would react to situation. Some of the questions were odd and some also related to what we thought about the others in this Game or our Districts or about Panem in general. I really didn't know what to say with the written test. I just answered the best I could and turned in my sheet to one of the scientist named Young. I finished the written test with moderate time and went to the next room to join the others who finished early. I think this room was the Private Session Room, however it was turned into a large obstacle course that everyone had to take all at once to prove how we "didn't suck."

I waited with the others who had finished the written part of the test, and the others who were both tributes from 3 named Ian and Mei, Nichole from 5, Soot and Odin from District 12 and 13. While waiting, Soot started talking to us about the Anti-Career Alliance. My allies Asteria and Amy were still finishing up the written test so I was on my own. Amy had showed an interest in joining the Anti-Careers because Evaine wouldn't allow her to join the Careers. I thought it was a good idea to be against the Careers for another reason. They were the only ones who really wanted to be in the Hunger Games. Then the scientists decided to let us start the obstacle course. My alliance had just formed at the last minute, so I didn't know how well they well they would perform, but I think this obstacle course was more of there thing.

Alaska Crown of District 10

I finished the written test with moderate time and went to the next room. The private session room had been transformed into a large obstacle course that started off with a running track that led to a climbing wall. Some of the others had started so I ran as fast as I could, which I regretted once I got to the wall. I was already tired but I had to climb. Running wasn't my thing but climbing was something I would do. I got over the wall and saw a rope that led across some water. The girl from 3 was climbing across using the rope. I guess this was what I had to do too. Then the boy from 4 jumped down from the wall and dove into the water. It seemed we had an option. Well I of course chose the rope.

The girl from 11 named Amor tried to swing across and she did surprisingly well. Well District 11 had fruit trees and the younger children were forced to climb to gather the fruit. I should have know she would be a good climber. The cat girl from 2 followed behind when I got to the other side. I could tell she didn't like the water. Well that was good to know if I ever encountered her in the Arena.

I headed to the next station which was about the plants. Plants... I knew a little bit about animals but not plants. Judas knew very little about plants so I wasn't able to pick up any knowledge from him. I was given a piece of paper with a list of plant names and some pictures. There was a table covered with all the plants listed on the paper. I guess at most of them if not at all. Oh well, I try better in another station.

On the other side was some kind of maze with little traps. They were triggered by stepping on plats or tripping a wire. The traps were mostly colored water that fall on people or little darts that stuck to the person's body. They were painless but they would startle you and the paint water got everywhere. The boy from 2 was covered in colored while the Capitol boy was doing really well for some reason. They had an intensiveness for detail I suppose with those crazy outfits. I heard one of the girls scream. I guess a trap?

When I got to the end of the maze there were rows of tables filled with plants. One one of the tables were clipboards each with our District number and name on it. I picked up mind and started examining the plants. This wasn't my strong point. However I knew the ones that were safe to eat like the blue berries and some of the fruit. The others were healing herbs or plants that can kill. Oh well I just wrote all the ones I knew and guess on the rest before moving on. I wanted a good time so I didn't want to spend too much time in one place.

The next obstacle course was filled with mud with wires spread across it. When someone touched the wires, they got a little shock. I watched Amor tried to crawl under the wires but her muscles were a bit of a problem here. She was a little too bulky and accidentally got shocked. I didn't want to suffer a painful shock so I decided to just try and hop in-between the wires. Who said I had to crawl? Kine said anything goes.

Evaine Mejai of District 1

I was going well with this crazy obstacle course, however Leon and Kitty were having some trouble in areas. Kitty disliked the water and Leon got colored water in his eyes. I pasted him and headed to the next course. It was the weapons area. Yes perfect! Careers were best with a weapon in their hands. Soot from 12 was slicing dummies left and right with a spear. He could be a problem in the Arena but I liked a challenge. I picked up some knives and threw them at some targets.

"Why?! Why did you do that?!" I heard Kine yell from above me. I looked up and saw he wasn't talking to me but to a mouse in his hands. "How can you betray him? He was you're mate! Don't be whoring yourself around! You disappoint me..."

Was he even paying attention? This guy was everywhere in the training and now he's not even paying attention. Talking to mice, really? Why was he in charge of the Hunger Games? Whatever... I picked up a gauntlet that was called Deathclaw. I could use this like Kitty's claws but better. I dug my hand into the rib cage of one of the dummies.

"You know..." Soot commented to me. "Dummies don't have bones. Cutting into a real person would be more difficult. They would be fighting back and of course..."

"Oh shut up!" I snapped at him.

He gave me a crooked smile before moving on to the next area. Odin from 13 laughed behind me. I turned and threw my gauntlet at him. He blocked it with his spear. I didn't throw it that hard because I didn't want to get in trouble like Kirsten. He continued to laugh at me commenting how I threw like a girl.

"I wasn't even trying. I will get you in the Arena. You should have joined up with us than maybe you would have had a chance!"

"No, the Careers suck this year," He chuckled. "I am better off without week allies."

The boys in this game really sucked.

Jayson Huff of District 7

Odin was ahead of us and Barrin fell a little behind. I could see Odin talking to Soot up ahead of me. I guess we were joining the Anties after all. That was alright by me I guess. I decided to wait for Barrin because he was just behind me. He was my ally anyways and coming from District 11, he wasn't the best with weapons, however he may know something about plants. Maybe I could help him. I waited for him at the plant identification area. I recognized a few that grew in my District and when Barrin got there, I whispers to him if he knew any of the others. He knew some that were helpful in healing stings from bugs. This was good to know. We tried not to get caught. I am not sure if this was cheating.

After this we headed to the Weapon Area. Axes were my thing and I knew them well. Barrin could use a scythe. I took a throwing axe. I was skilled both a throwing and swinging axes, however Barrin had a scythe which was a close-range weapon. To compliment that, I would use a ranged weapon. I threw the axe. It twirled in mid-air before hitting the target in the center. Odin would be pleased with me, however I may as well use the battle axe. I wanted to get a good score for sponsors. I swung the large axe at a dummy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something large, dark and looming over me. I felt my heart ski a beat with a flash back to the bear.

"Hey watch it!" Barrin shrilled.

I twerked my body and managed to hit the dummy instead. It's head went flying into the air off towards the scientists. Kine was looking down. Snotbubble jumped up and smacked the head off as if it were a ball. He gave a grin then wiped his face from snot.

"You almost hit me!" I turned my head to see Samuel from District 6.

I breathed an apology. Samuel glared at me before walking away. Barrin gave me an approved nod. He took a few swings with his scythe.

Kirsten Barker of District 7

I wanted to look strong despite whatever the scientists did to me. I picked up an axe. After watching Jayson use both the throwing axe and battle axe, I had to one up him. I looked at the dummies. The were just stump up like they were already dead... Is this what they wanted? To see someone with no mercy? No I am no one's puppet. I threw my axe at the target. It hit off center. How did I miss? I never miss before. They did something didn't they? I picked up another axe and threw it again. It hit the center but off to the side. Still a killing blow. Whatever moving on.

I came to the next station. This one was some kind of puzzle. The Capitol boy and the weird guy from 8 joined me here. The scientist station here named George said we could skip these if we couldn't figure it out. It was some kind of intelligence test. I wanted to skip it after a while but then Banette turned to Caius and whispered something to him. It seemed they figured it out. I didn't want to look stupid so I may as well try one of these other obstacles.

"Tie the two ends of the ropes together," George said.

This challenge had a two ropes tied to opposite ends of a pole. Below the pole were several objects, a pen, a cup, a bucket, a chair, a drinking straw and a rubber chicken. It was impossible to tie the two ends to each other because they didn't reach. So I picked up the chair and put it under me. This didn't work. It allowed me to become taller but I still couldn't tie the two ends together. Hmm... Maybe the straw or the chicken? If I tie the ends to these... Well then I couldn't tie the straw to the chicken... This one was too difficult.

I decided to try another one. George pointed to some balls on a table. They were arranged in a triangle. He said I had to flip the triangle upside down by only moving three of the balls. I looked at this for about a minute. Oh I see! I moved the ball at the top to the bottom and the two on the sides up to the top. There an up-side down triangle.

I looked back at the other obstacle I couldn't complete. The tributes from 9 where there and the girl had tied the bucket to one of the ropes. She swung it to the boy and he was able to tie the ends together. That was the answer? How did I not get that one? Whatever I figured out one so I decided to head to the finish line.

Kitty Mew of District 2

After the training sessions were over, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted. Kine and the scientists went off into another room. Ernesto and Kirsten's body guard remained behind. At first no one knew what to do. The Careers went back to the Training Room to continue training. I just wanted to be done but I went with them. Some of the others were started to head back to their rooms. However we were allowed to wander around, no one really wanted to leave their rooms when not training. There was an Arcade, a dinning room and a movie theater for us tributes to enjoy. After training I hardly wanted to do anything than take a bath and go nap. It was a cat thing. I was more active at night no-a-days. After watching the others train it was clear that the test had tired everyone out. Petri was being moody as well as Evaine. Leon and Allen decided to go get something to eat while Petri and Evaine left to their rooms. This left me with Lisbet. She had been quiet for most of the training.

We started to leave and barely left the Training Room when we spotted the three boys named Soot, Akumia and Ian wandering off down the hall. I had seen the scientists go down there after the training day was over. Banette from District 8 and his ally Caius from the Capitol had encountered the neon green haired boy called Snotbubble. When he smiled green slim oozing out of his mouth, nose and eye lids. I think he was one of Kine's experiments. In the last Hunger Games, Kine experimented on the tributes. Snotbubble pulled Banette along calling him adoptive brother before pulling him off to show him something. Banette didn't do anything and just let himself be carried around saying, "I must have did something to deserve this..." As he went. Caius followed, waved politely at us and followed Snotbubble and Banette.

Then my ears perked up. I could hear something that sounded like music but not quite the music I knew. Then I smelled it! I took off running down the hall. I pasted Snotbubble and his captive and the "Chipmunk Squad" before my nose led me into a room. I found it! Catnip! And lots of it! I found myself rolling in it and tasting it with my tongue. It was about a minute before I noticed that Lisbet had followed me. She wasn't looking at me but something else.

Samuel Ogivinty of District 6

I followed Snotbubble the Chipmunks and those two Careers. This was suspicious. Where were they going. I kept my distance.

Snotbubble and everyone else had ended up in a room with a circular holding cell in the room. Snotbubble pointed to a guy in the middle of the circular room. He had black hair with a green streak on the right and was wearing all black. He too was drooling green goo from his mouth that glowed.

"Oh what is this?" I heard Akumai from the Chipmunk alliance say. "Look at all this stuff!"

"What is this room?" Soot asked.

"One of the scientists' room," Caius replied.

"This is Dante," Snotbubble pointed to the man in the spherical room. "He played music on his keyboard and synthesizer."

I crept by the door and watched the others. Akumai and Ian were at the computers with Soot while Kitty was fascinated by the catnip. Lisbet and Caius just stood there. Snotbubble then let go of the little zipper freak and went around to the other side of the room. I heard him talking to someone and he came back with Aiden from District 3. He had been apart of the last Hunger Games, but survived or something, even though he wasn't the victor. Kine said he would be back to life the deceased tributes and experiment on them. I guess he really meant that.

"Aiden and Ernesto made you something Banetty."

I heard someone come up from behind me and I turned out to see who it was. It was Ernesto and Kodiak the Victor from District 4. Ernesto didn't seem bothered by the fact I was back here and Kodiak's expressed was unreadable.

"Come to visit Dante, have we?" Ernesto smiled.

Sofia Lacuna of District 9

That night I was sitting in next to my District partner Akumai in our Hotel room. Despite being forced to spend time together we didn't talk much. I didn't know how to talk to him. He was older than me and was considered a celebrity among out classmates at school. Akumai's allies had offered a super alliance called the Anti-Careers. My allies Lyra Pluto and Amor Rune were thinking about joining. I wanted to so I could at least be in an alliance with my District partner. He did save me after all during the Chariot Rides and I helped him solve that puzzle in the not so private sessions. He smiled at me when I looked up at him. We were waiting for out training scores. Arcee was waiting with us.

We had gone over some of the strategies of past District 9 tributes. Most people from our District had a low chance at winning except for last year's tribute but he was insane and just wanted to kill people. Akumai said he ran into Craig once and he cut him on the arm. Akumai had a scar. Finally Kariros announced on the TV the scores.

The Capitol Kids Angel got a 4 while Caius got a 6. That was really good for someone from the Capitol. District 1 Evaine got a 7 which was low for a Career, while Leon got a 9. Akumai seemed pleased with the results. District 2 Kitty got a 9 while Petri got a 7.  I think it was because Evaine and Petri had been fighting. This made the Careers a little unstable. District 3 Ian and Mei both got 5s. Lisbet got a 8 and Allen got an 9. Judas got an 9 and Nichole got a 7. Both Kiara and Samuel got 6s which was the number of their District. Kirsten got a 5 and Jayson got a 7. From District 8 Banette scored a 7 while Lyra got an 6. They scored high for being from District 8. This was weird but Kine was weird and his Hunger Games were weird. Our District was next. Akumai got a 9 while I got an 8. We were getting Career scores. Akumai seemed pleased at first but then his expression changed.

"Something wrong Tenshin?"

"It's Kenshin... I think... or maybe I am Tenshin... I don't know anymore..."

"Oh okay... Do you not like your score?"

"It's higher than I wanted. I wander why I got such a high score. What kind of game is this going to be?"

District 10 Alaska and Asteria got a 10 and 6 respectively. Barrin got a 7 and Amor got an 8. Both Soot and Amy got 10's and finally Odin scored a 9 and Shyvana scored a 7. Something was up. This Game probably favored the weaker Districts some how because we scored higher than the Careers mostly.

"I need to go talk to Soot," Akumai said as he got up and left the room.

Banette Tsukomogami of District 8

I got a high score, or an average score or something. Better than most tributes from District 8. I didn't stay up to watch the rest of the show. I had been feeling tired since the testing session. Snotbubble drug me off to meet with his friends and gave me a doll to replace Shuppet. It was a little bear that smelled like strawberries. I crawled into bed and snuggled it close. Not the same but close enough.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it I could hear someone's voice in the dark. My eyes moved but I don't think my body did and I saw a faith life in the dark. Then a large dark body moved pasted me with a snarl. I turned to see a large cat like creature with green glowing eyes staring back at me. The light behind me brighten and the beast moved away. Soon it became so bight that I couldn't even see and I felt warm kind of. It was a cold warmth like a layer of warm air was surrounded by a layer of cold air. Then I woke up.

I was aware I was alone. I looked to the edge of my bed and there sat a faintly glowing person wearing a rode with a collar of feathers.

"Who are you?" I asked rather calmly.

"I am Silks," He responded with. "I come from District 8 as well. I was apart of a Hunger Games too, the 88th Hunger Games, but as you can see I didn't make it out alive."

"So what do you want?"

"You pulled me here because Shuppet can't move on until you let him go. Or it seems he can't let you go either."

I didn't want to let Shuppet go or I couldn't not just yet. I still him and if he still wanted to be with me than why all the fuse?

"So what did they send you to come get him or something?"

"No, I can on my own. I have the ability to travel in-between realms for now, because we are from the same District. She granted me this gift... For now. You see when a tributes dies in the Hunger Games, they go to a special place in the Afterlife called District 0. We are stuck there until the Victor dies and joins us. Only then can we move on. Otherwise we wait and part take in an endless Hunger Games until we become aware that we are dead. However you're special and the others know that and he knows that."

with Caius. I didn't want to get in trouble because I didn't know where we could and couldn't go in this building.

I want to know what secrets this building has. I have seen some of the scientists go this way and I snuck out of my room the other night. I heared some music coming from down the hall."

Akumai was joined by his allies Soot and Ian. Apperently they wanted to see if they could find out what the Arena was going to be like. Kine just said it was in the sky. Now that the scientists were busy no one was around to watch us. Surprisenly there were no Peace Keepers around.

"I want to go on ahead to get a good time," I said and Odin nodded. He woudl wait for Barrin.

Kitty Mew of District 2

I was how you say owning the field? The written test was a dowsey but the obstacle course was my territory. Climbing, running, crawling! I am part cat after all! We do these things. However some of the courses seemed to need a partner to help you complete the test. Cats were loners by nature, however we could be seen sometimes together. Still cats do things alone.

Odin wanted to figure it out. I bet Barrin could have figued it out, or helped out Odin more. Thinking wasn't my thing.  Eventually they figured out it required both of them to pull a rope at the same time to get some kind of objects. Then they had to place these objects into a hole of the same shape to open it.

I ran across the track and leaped up to the top of the climbing wall. Oh no water! No thank you! I will climb. Unfortunately hanging on to a rope wasn't something cat paws were good at. I made it part way across before falling into the water! All I wanted to do was to get out and now! Once I made it to the safety of the other side was a maze. It was filled with traps but my cat sense helped me greatly. My ears could hear the other tributes wandering around.

Once I got to the other side was the plant test. I smelled the plants. Some smelled strong like spices, so those mush help with healing. The other smelled sweet or bitter. Poison plants probably smell bitter so the sweet ones must be good to eat. Beyond this was a crawling test. I flatten my body and crawl across the inky mud. I would need a bath after this. There was another climbing course but it was made of rope and platforms.

The boy from 10 was doing a lot better than I would have thought. Well I will show him. I am a Career too so I had to show him up. The end of the Climbing Area was in sight so I leaped across a platform. I was good at jumping, however the boy from 10 had a head start. Beyond this was a weapon area. We had to use each and every weapon to show how good we were. Weapons were my claws but I had to try out the others. Another track to the end of the course. I was feeling tired by now and so were some of the other tributes. Still some of these kids were fast. The boy from 5 raced past me to the finish along with the girl from 12. I finally made it to the end and collapsed to my knees. Cats were better at stealth.

"Kine, some of the kids have finished," one of the scientist said.

"Oh I missed it," he responded with. "Aiden made me some sweeties. Have them do it again."


Soot Dustcloud of District 12

Kine was only teasing us thank our lucky stars. He just wanted to see our reaction. I could barely breathe. Ernesto had to check me out after. I would be alright but my lungs burned. After the test was over, we were allowed to reaturn to our rooms and clean up and have lunch. When we came back to the Training Room, the scientist gave us back out results. I was bad at speed and endurance, but really I had asthma. I nearly died.

My good with the sword and I did okay with the written test, though my reactoin to some situations were bad. Kine said we should work on our weaknesses or ally with someone who could compliment out weaknesses. Well I didn't want to be useless, so I decided to try with the plants. I didn't do so good there. I mostly guessed.

"I lost Shuppet..." Banette sniffled.

Apperantly Banette had a doll that he lost before he was reaped. Kine thought for a second and then he ran off. I was left with trying to get Banette to change or at least wear something clean. He had been training in this outfit. I don't think he bothered to change the whole time he was here. Kine came back with an arm full of stuff animals and dolls. He presented them to Banette.

"I need to make one..." Banette uttered.

"Hmm how about this one?" Kine gave Banette a hand puppet with the number 77 on the back of it's blue shirt.

Banette's eyes wided in fear. He pushed the puppet away causing Kine to drop it. It was clear he didn't want this puppet and that was for good reason. This on killed people.

Odin Amarth of District 13

Kine decided he wanted to have the Interveiws go backwards starting with District 13. So I had to go first. I was nervous but I kept a calm face. The host named Kariros was doing the interveiws. He started asking me verious questions about myself and how my District. I started to tell him that I was named after a god from an old religion.

"Oh so we have a god here?

Kitty Mew of District 2

There were some more optional. Some seemed like they required to be partnered up with someone else. As a Career, I wanted to show how I can do things on my own. So I skipped those.

It hit it right in the center.

I think to poke fun at the Careers like Soot had wanted.  made it to the Weapon rack and picked up an axe. I threw it and it actually chopped the target in half. I really didn't mean to do that, I didn't want to seem too strong in front of the Careers, but Odin's delightful comment about how his allies weren't weak made me feel better.

I followed Odin off to the next station. It had some kind of puzzle. We looked at it for a while trying to figure ot what to do. The scientist station here named Goerge said we could skip it if we couldn't figure it out. It was some kind of intellengce test. I wanted to skip it but Odin wanted to figure it out. I bet Barrin could have figued it out, or helped out Odin more. Thinking wasn't my thing. The Capitol boy and the weird guy from 8 came up behind us. Eventually they figured out it required both of them to pull a rope at the same time to get some kind of objects. Then they had to place these objects into a hole of the same shape to open it.

"Oh come on Jay," Odin pulled so we could try out the next one.

It had a two ropes tied to opposite ends of a pole. Below the pole were several obects, a pen, a cup, a bucket, a chair and a rugger chicken.

"Tie the two ends of the ropes together," Goerge said.

It was impoissible to tie the two ends to each other because they didn't reach. So I picked up the chair and put it under Odin. Maybe this would help? No it only gave him the extra height but didn't help out much. I was ready to give up and move on.

"I want to go on ahead to get a good time," I said and Odin nodded. He woudl wait for Barrin.


Aniju needs to write these down. The Names for Alliances Kine refers to.

Careers: Evaine Mejai, Leon Aslan, Kitty Mew, Petri Lindroos, Lisbet Hanai and Allen Seashore

Chipmunk Squad: Soot Dustcloud(Alven), Akumai "Kenshin" Kubaya(Theo) and Ian Chaseler(Simon)

Powder Puffs: Sofia Lacuna, Lyra Pluto and Amor Rune

Norse: Odin Amarth(Odin), Jayson Huff(Thor) and Barrin Jane(Loki)

King and Queen: Judas Severus Grett and Alaska Crown

Paranormal: Banette Tsukomogami and Caius Angelic

Unnamed Alliance: Mei Kim, Nichole Peyton and Kiara Brazette

A-Team: Asteria Alela, Angel Mansions and Amy Clarke

Loners: Shyvana Feuer, Samuel Ogivinty and Kirsten Barker

Anties:(Super Alliance slit up between the two teams) Soot Dustcloud, Akumai "Kenshin" Kubaya, Ian Chaseler, Odin Amarth, Jayson Huff and Barrin Jane, Judas Severus Grett and Alaska Crown, Mei Kim, Nichole Peyton, Kiara Brazette, Angel Mansions, Amy Clarke(Becasue the Careers wouldn't let her join)


Soot Dustcloud of District 12

My Escort Eigg came into my room to wake me up. I didn't want to get up because these were some damn comfortable beds. They even vibrated. Well I guess I had to get ready for the Hunger Games. Part of me was nervous but I push that to the back of my mind. Amy was being unusually quiet today, but I think the realization that today was the day we had been waiting for was getting to her. Ernesto came to our rooms to give us our uniforms. Amy's uniform was red while mine was blue. What is this? I guess the girls were going to wear red while the boys wear boy? Made sense though. Besides the Careers, everyone kind of formed alliances with their own genders. Whatever, we won't be able to hide well with these colors, but at least blue was a dark color.

Amy barely ate while I shoveled my food down. Who knows when the next meal would be coming. I wanted to have my strength with me today. Bloodbath and all, however the last Game's Bloodbath was a bit different, not what anyone expected at all. Who knows what Kine will have in store for us. Eigg led Amy and me to one of the rooms on a higher floor of the building. The scientist named Dylan was putting the trackers into the tributes. It used to be placed in the arm, however since Kine became the Head Scientist, he decided the tracker would be placed in the back of the neck. If anyone attempted to remove it, the device was set to explode killing whoever it was placed in. Dylan stabbed me in the back of the neck with a syringe. It stunk but it was alright. I could handle a little bit of pain.

After visiting the doctor, we were herded on to two planes like cattle on the roof of the Waiting Rooms. A shadow blocked out the sky above us. I looked up to see what it was. I giant Airship floated over the Capitol. I heard the boy from 6 mutter, "So that's what it was..." I guess they had to built this thing or make parts for it or something. I bet 5 had to make the power for this thing.

Before getting on to the plane I waved at Ian. I could tell from afar he was nervous but with our super alliance, I think we didn't have much to worry about.

"Are you ready?" Akumai asked me.

"Yeah, just make sure to remember who you are okay?"


Shyvana Feuer of District 13

We were divided in half, Capitol through 6 got on to on plane called Appa while 7 through 13 had the other named Tauntaun. Kine liked to name his things weird named. Odin commented to me that he hoped I didn't get air sick. I punched him in the arm. He gave me an amused look and just laughed. Sometimes he was really annoying but I guess I didn't have to put up with him for much longer. I took my seat and the plane took off. It felt like being in an elevator. Music started playing over the loud speakers as if this would make us feel better. The girl from 9 started crying and her District partner tried to comfort her by patting her on the back, telling her everything would be alright. District 8 boy was talking to himself. He had just been weird his whole entire time.

I looked out the window and saw the two Capitol kids looked out the windows of their plane. The boy from 5 was also looked out. Something caused me to turn my head and I saw Barrin from 11 staring back at him. What was this guy gay for him or something? I better not find these two f***ing in the Arena.

The planes touched down inside the Airship. We were gathered inside the belly of the beast which looked a lot like District 13's tunnels and vaults. Ernesto came to each of us before we were sent off. He was our stylish and to some our doctor. He told me to be a good girl and to do my best to make friends. Friends?

"I didn't need friends," I snapped. 

"But friendship is magic and my life would have more harmony if I had some friends."

Whatever, I got into the tube to be sent to the Arena. I was lifted up into a dark tunnel. There was a light at the end, however I knew this wouldn't be taking me to heaven... or maybe... When my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw we were on top of the Airship. The Arena was made up of a serious of platforms that looks like an island complete with a lake. However it was red in color and smelled sweet.

Barrin Jane of District 11

"Good morning my little tribets!," Kine announce. "This has been wait you all have been waiting for. The Hungry Games! Now this one it's different. All my Games are special and there are some rules. As you can see each of you is wearing a color! Take a look I bet you noticed right? Unless one of you is color blind. About 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women experience the common form of red-green color blindness, so I dressed some in blue to combat this."

I glanced around. I had noticed that Amor was wearing blue while I had on red but I though it was because I was a guy and she was a girl. Then I noticed that Ian had on red and his District partner Mei had on blue.

"The color is your team! Yup this Hunger Game will be a team battle and you are not allowed to kill anyone of your team, or you will be killed yourself. Got it?!"

"Wait what?! F**k!" I cursed out loud.

Judas was wearing red! He was on my team. What am I going to do? At least my allies  Odin and Jayson were lucky enough to still be on my team.

"Hey, if this was going to be a team battle, why didn't you tell us before we formed alliances?!" Soot shouted. He was clearly unhappy with this.

"Because they wouldn't be nearly as fun. I wanted you to form alliances, and enemies. Then break them up and forced some of you at least to be allied with your enemies while now you friends are against you! Oh you all now have frenemies!"

Thanks a lot Kine...

"Okay so you will compete in little tournaments on this Airship. Be careful not to fall off or you will have a great view of Panem before you splatter all across the ground! Extra points if you hit someone on your way down! Hehehe... Now as you can see, there is a lake made of jello before you. Cherry my favorite! Aiden made it for me. I love him! On the other side are some supplies I provided for you. Each of you may claim on item which will be yours until you die. Choose wisely! There will be time for killing later but for now you must swim! Keep your team-mates alive. Strength in numbers! Okay now are you ready? Got all the rules down in you're little noggins? Ready? Ready? Go!"

Angel Mansions of the Capitol Kine was really messing with us. Allowing us to form friendships and then split us up like that. Both Amy and Asteris were on my team. This was good but now I had more allies. I wonder how the Anties are going to work or if we were still in an alliance. I had three Careers on my Red Team, they were Leon, Kitty and Lisbet. They had been the stable ones so I guess it wasn't all bad. Evaine and Petri were on the other with Allen who was level headed.

Leon Alsan of District 1

The tribute were gathered on to a plan. Half of the tributes were on my plan while the rest were on another. I noticed that some of the tributes would be wearing red while the others had blue on. Whatever, I'll worry about what this could mean later. My neck stunk a little but it helped to keep my mind clear. I was nervous, even though I had trained my whole life for this. I knew what I had to do and nothing was going to stop me.

The plan listen off and it felt like being in an elevator. Some music started playing on the intercome. I guess this was supposed to help us feel better. The girl from 5 started sobbing and the boy tried to comfort her by patting her on the shoulder. Then the boy from 8 was talking to himself or something. He had always been a little... well he was just plain weird but that didn't matter to mean too much.

I looked out the window. I could see the second plan flying next to us. The boy from 11 was also looking out the window and the two of us locked eyes. We were flying higher. I wonder where we are going? Kine said we would be 600 feet above Panem. Then a large shadow loomed over the plan. We came to a stop inside of some kind of giant machine floating in the sky. I heard the boy from 6 mudder, "So this was what it was all along."

I had spent my training time working on my skills and weak points. Judas was strong and even though he didn't talk much I think he really appresiated my companionship. Last year's male tribute from 10 survived all the way to the end before he was killed by a kelpie, kinda of. I felt confident in myself and in Judas that we would last sometime. As long as we kept our heads together and prepare for whatever Kine would throw our way. Just gotta keep an eye out for those Careers.

Angel Mansions of the Capitol

Sent to the doctor then on to a plan and now we were marched off it. We each had to get inside of a large glass tube that would send us up to the Arena. Ernesto came to each of us to wish us good bye. He was our stylish and to some, our doctor. I whispered a good luck to Caius before stepping into my transporter.

"Becareful and stick to your alliace okay Angel," Ernesto spoke to me as he was putting on my false eyelashed, my Token. "Be a good girl."

"I'm an Angel remember? I'll be good."

When Ernesto was done visiting each person, we were lifthed upwards. It was like going through a dark tunnel with a bight light at the end, however I knew there was no heaven on the other side. Or maybe there was. When my eyes ajusted to the light, I saw we were on top of the Airship. The Arena was made up of a serious of platforms that looks like an island complete with a lake. However it was red in color and smelled sweet.

"Good morning my little tribets!," Kine announce. "This has been wait you all have been waiting for. The Hungy Games! Now this one it's different. All my Games are special and there are some rules. As you can see each of you is wearing a color! Take a look I bet you noticed right? Unless one of you is color blind. About 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women experience the common form of red-green color blindness, so I dressed some in blue to combat this."

I glanced around. I had noticed that Caius was wearing blue while I had on red but I though it was because I was a girl. Then I noticed that Ian had on red and his District partern Mei had on blue.

"The color is your team! Yup this Hunger Game will be a team battle and you are not allowed to kill anyone of your team."

"Wait what?! F**k!" Barrin cursed.

I didn't have time to make allies. Now I think I was regreting that. There be time in the Arena to make friends I guess.

Day 1Edit

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Leon Asland of District 1

A bell rang loudly, maybe a gong? I didn’t care enough to check. I scanned the immediate area, checking for traps or tricks but it was nothing more than yards and yards of Jell-O. I rolled my shoulders and dove into the lake. I spent most of my life in District 4, my home District, before moving to District 1 after my sister’s disappearance. This lake should be a breeze.

My dive got me about 3 feet into the Jell-O… I pumped my arms, trying to swim forward. Nothing. I tried again, this time kicking too. I moved a few inches then stuck again. For a second I panicked. I kicked and thrashed until I got to the surface again and took a deep breath of cherry flavored air. Mmmm pretty tasty. I scooped up some of the dessert and took a bite.

Okay… I guess it won’t be a breeze.

I pushed forward, spreading the surface layer apart as I went. The red sea of Jell-O parted, allowing me to slide a few feet further before forcing me to cut the lake apart again.

 I looked around me. Banette and Soot were trying to walk across the top of the gelatin, their legs spread apart and stepping carefully. If I wasn’t up to my chest in dessert I would have laughed. They looked just like cats stepping on a wet surface. Speaking of cats, Kitty flew by me in a burst of red sticky rain. She jumped from tribute to tribute, using each person as a landing and launching pad. She landed on Angel’s back, pushing her lower into the Jell-O and jump onto Alaska about 10 feet away. Angel sunk in another few inches and so did Alaska as Kitty jumped away again.

I heaved a sigh and started pushing my way through the Jell-O again.

About half way to the center island my path crossed ways with Lisbet and my vision turned red… er, reder.

Allan Seashore of District 4

The sound of the bell startled me. I jumped into the Jell-O without even thinking about it… and sunk like a rock. After a couple of seconds my brain caught up to what had happened and I started kicking my way back to the surface. The Jell-O was a bit difficult to move through but I managed to push my way through half swimming and half walking.

I was the first to get onto the island with the giant cornucopian shaped mango. I marveled at the massive fruit for a moment before looking around and inside of it for the various promised items. There were weapons, food, rope, mystery bags (black bags with green question marks on them), some of the bags even had weapons sticking out of the tops of them. And there were Jell-O cubes everywhere.

Just to the right of the entrance was a large spork with a list etched into it’s front:

1. Each Tribbie gets ONE thing.
2. You don’t get to look inside the bags before choosing one (that would ruin the surprise)
3. All choices are final (no coming back or changing your mind)
4. Follow the yellow brick road when you’re ready to meet up with your team.

I looked around after reading the list. What yellow brick road?

I shrugged and started rummaging through the supplies in search of a trident or a sword. Just as I was reaching for a kaskara sword I noticed movement to my left. I snatched the blade up as quickly as I could and swung it towards whatever was to my left. Amor blocked my blade with a sickle she’d pulled from the top of an open Mystery bag. “Hey, watch it!  She pushed my blade away and shoved the sickle back into the bag- which she then slung over her shoulder. “We’re on the same team.”

My cheeks colored slightly. I need to keep my cool. “Whatever…” I trailed off as a glowing yellow path spread out from mine and Amor’s feet. The light converged into a solid path and ran out into the Jell-O to an enormous green grape island.

“That wasn’t there before.” I looked at Amor.

“Well, I guess we follow the yellow brick road.”

Amy Clarke of District 12

As kitty jumped off of me I sunk deeper into the Jell-O. I bit off a string of curse words as I struggled to get back to the top.


I heard what sounded like a war cry erupt shortly ahead of me. Leon and Lisbet where face to face about 30 feet from the island, “What’s going on?” I asked aloud. Leon growled again and yelled “For Miane.” He launched forward, arms raised and ready to hit Lisbet- who was paralyzed with shock. But before Leon could make contact an eight foot tall pineapple chunk bobbed to the surface between them. "Breaking the rules already now are we?" They were wearing red shirts, just like me. So we’re all on the same team… why is Leon attacking Lisbet? I shake my head to clear my thoughts. “I can’t focus on them right now. It doesn’t matter anyway; I’ll just use them to get what I want. Right now I need to get to the island.”

I continued wading through the gelatin and caught up to Lisbet as the Pineapple piece pushed Leon around to the other side of the island.

“What was that about?” I ask her as I get with in talking distance.

“I-I’m not sure.” Lisbet looked nervous.

“You coming?” I asked her as I half swam half walked past her.

“In a minuet…” She sounded shaky. Must be her first near death experience… I smiled sweetly at her and continued on to the island. If this is how she was going to react to death, she’ll be easy to manipulate...

As I scrambled on to the island and into the Mango Cornucopia I noticed several yellow lines of light running out of the mango and back on to the Jell-O. I followed the lights with my eyes and found a green grape island and a kiwi island with several of the tributes standing on both. All of the Red team was on the kiwi and all of the Blue team was on the grape. They all had an item with them… I guess we get our weapons and go to our teams.

Amy, Soot, and Kirsten walked past me, following their respective lights. I noticed a spork shaped sign at the entrance and quickly read it. “Okay. Seems easy enough.” I scanned the remaining gear and picked out a relatively large backpack. As soon as I picked up the bag a light, just like the others shot out from my feet.

Mei Kim of District 3

I felt downright silly. I was sitting on top of the Jell-O sliding across it on my butt. It was a little slow going but I hadn’t fallen in yet. I was only ten feet from the shore of the island now and the last tribute to get there… that’s okay. Now I won’t have to rush when picking my gear. Kine said to chose wisely and that’s exactly want I plan to do. I pulled myself off of the Jell-O and onto the island. There was still a pretty decent supply of weapons and bags.

I took my time sifting through the gear and eventually settled on a double compartment bag. I hope it has some good items in it.

I followed a light to a grape island back out on the Jell-O. I didn’t have to slide across this time, at the edge of the lake a series of banana slices rose out of the Jell-O to act as stepping stones. As I stepped off of the last banana ring and onto the grape the Jell-O began to jiggle. But it wasn’t the Jell-O, it was the fruit we were standing on.

The grape and kiwi began to bob through the Jell-O, heading towards a peninsula at the other end of the red lake. As we bobbed along the dessert surface Kine’s voice suddenly filled the air.

"Oh everyone finally here? Took ya all long enough. Such slow tributes this year. I hope you all enjoyed the food because you won't see this much of it again! Look at that giant peach! And the jell-O was delicious. Did any of you taste it! Magnificent work my love! Hmhmhm.... Now on to the next event for the day!"

An image of Kine appeared in the sky above everyone.

"Oh! There we go! Ha this is a good analogy of the Capitol and the Districts! Look at me! I am your Poseidon Lord of the Sea! Hahahakhkhkhkh!!! I demand blood and human sacrifice! Nah.... Too messy. Enough about me. Today is a very special day! Um can any of you guys guess what? Come on guess, guess!"

Everyone's eyes exchanged glances.

"Because it's the start of the Hunger Games?" Shyvana finally said.

"Well that too but that's not that special. No this it more important! Today it's somebody's birthday! Yeah!" Kine clapped his hands together. "Now who is it? Is it you? Or you? How about you?"

Kine point to Allen, who shook his head and then to Sofia and then Akumai. Finally a little paw row from the crowd on the Red Team. It was Kitty.

"Ah so it's your birthday! Happy Escaping the Womb Day! And in celebration we are going to back a cake! And, and maybe someone will day! Maybe you Kitty!!! Hahaha nah that be a terrible birthday gift.Now the competition! As you can see you are all on teams and thus the teams will have to work together in order to win. Before you are the ingredients to make a rather sizable cake! And the equipment to bring forth one into existence! Only one tribute make work at a station to help the team. I don't want any slackers! Extra points to the team that makes the prettiest cake!"

Kitty Mew of District 2

Before us was a stage with cooking supplies. Each side was marked with a color of our team. We weren't allowed to kill our team-mates but we could try to kill the others one the opposite team. However a large clock loomed over the stages. It's constant ticks reminded us we were one a time limit and none of us wanted to stand around to see what would happen to us if we didn't finish the cake by the end of our time. Leon and Lisbet were the only careers on my team, however something was up with them.

"Okay so it looks like our team has to split up a bit," Leon stated every loudly. "Who knows how to do what?"

The Career Districts were not trained in making cakes. We knew how to survive in the wild but everything we needed was given to us, kind of. Our team didn't seem to really know what to do, however the Blue Team were doing no better. It took about 10 minutes for everyone to finally get things organized kind of. A giant cooking book with several cake recipes sat on both sides. Since it was my birthday, Leon placed me in charge of reading the ingredients we would need. I picked a recipes that looked simple. Personally I like chocolate better but vanilla was probably more simple to make.

There were giant bags of flour, all the items were of enormous sizes. The bags were a big as a person and probably just as heavy if not heavier. Leon and Odin started pulling the bags, they were even too heavy for two strong boys to carry. The bowl was like the size of a small swimming pool. We needed four bags of flour and three large eggs. A giant goose sat at the middle of the stages. It laid giant golden eggs. Whenever someone got near it, it would hiss and snap at them. Leon has placed Asteria in charge of gathering the eggs in hopes she would know something about animals, being from District 10. All she did was complain until Leon made Jayson go with her incase the goose attacked. He killed a bear by the way and the eggs were kind of big and heavy looking.

As they apporched the goose it hissed at them. I heard Jayson say something to Asteria that she should try her "princess charm" of it because it was like the Mother Goose. She didn't want to go near it though. So Jayson slowly apporched the thing. I could see it coming. The goose snapped at him, but he blocked it with his hatchet he got from eariler. It recoiled and then flapped it's wings. The wind it created was enough to make Asteria scream about her hair. Her cries distract Jayson as just as he looked away, the giant goose snatched him up by the shoulder and throw him. Jayson was flung into the air, his hatchet flew off towards our team-mates. It hit Lyra in the arm when she covered her face. She knocked it away and it flew off towards the Blue Team's side. Blood dripped down her arm.



Samuel Ogivinty of District 6

I hated this stupid competition. Cake baking? Really? Well Kine was known for not having normal Hunger Games and avoiding as much killing as possible. Then why did he design these things anyways? Whatever.... Evaine and Petri had been fighting over what to do till finally Allen stepped in and took charge of now.

"Come on guys we only have so much time till the clock runs out"

The Giant Coo Coo Clock, typical Kine thing, ticked in the background and, even for me, it was unsettling.

"The Red Team has already started," Allen indicated with his head towards the Red side of the stage. "We need to get started. Everyone who knows how to do something go do it!"

Allen took Petri to go do whatever it was they were going to do. Everyone scrambled to get supplies unnecessarily oversized items and ingredients. Everyone seemed to split up into pairs more or less. I guess because this was a team effort I had to be a team player and actually participate. Interaction with other humans wasn't my strong point. I didn't want to help out much so I went to the end of the stage to the mixing area. I would operate the mixing machine, I'm from District 6 after all and I wouldn't have to deal with the others. I would still be helping out. I watched the others do things in a mad manner. Despite Allen calming Petri and Eviane done, no one really took charge. The Red Team looked more organized than us. Figured I would get the stupid team.

I heard a commotion from the Red Team and saw someone get thrown into the air by the giant Goose. I couldn't help but to chuckle. A hatch flew over toward outside and laid in-between the gears and tack the bowl would be moved on. Crap, that would be bad. I guess I got to go get it and hey a free hatchet!

Judas Severus Grett of District 5

Everyone stopped what they wee doing and headed over or just stood there and watched. Jayson had suffer an injury to his shoulder but we didn't know how bad it was. Lyra had also been injured by the falling hatchet. I was too far away to do anything about it, and really what could I do? I'm not a doctor. I was feeling a little depressed since I was separated from my ally and I really didn't like my team-mates that much. At least Kirsten and those two bickering careers were on the other team.

Everything stopped for us for a few minutes until Jayson and Lyra were taken care off. They put his shoulder in a sling, and Lyra was bandaged up by a some medical supplies one of our team-mates grab at the Cornucopia. A plan was made to get the eggs because that was all that we needed. I watched the other team sent my ally Alaska to get the eggs. I guess they had to same idea in hopes his District 10 background would help him with the giant goose. Still they did a better job. He recruited the help of Soot to distract the goose while he grabbed and eggs. All Soot had to do was stand out of reach and cough himself to near death. The flour must have gotten to him.

Over on my side, the Red Team, Asteria was sent to help out her old team-mates on decoration and instead  Kiara and Barrin went to get the eggs. A ear piercing buzztone went off and the stage glowed red for a second.

"Breaking the rules again Red Team!" It was Kine. "I stated a person can not move from their station once it has been established!"

The bowl will the flour lifted up and spilled out all it contents. We would have to start over. I guess because Asteria was already designated to go get the eggs originally, she couldn't help with decorations, so she had to get the eggs. I think Barrin was in charge of getting the milk along with Akumia. This would set us back and bit but then I heard something I never want to hear again.

Sofia Lacuna of District 9

There was an odd scream and the sound of bones being crushed.

"Samuel!" I heard Nichole Peyton scream.

Samuel had went down on the track the bowl would be pushed off. He was trying to free something that had gotten stuck in the track and then gotten himself crushed by the giant bowl.

"Oh he was quite the part pooper now wasn't he?" Kine snickered over the loud speaker.

I didn't want to look but hi body was blocking the bowls path. Evaine and Petri started yelling at each other for not keeping track of where everyone was. Allen grabbed Soot and went over to go look at what they could do. There was no saving Samuel but the bowl had went down hill when it hit him and it would have to be pushed back uphill in order to remove his body.

"I need everyone who is strong to push the bowl!" Allen ordered. "Alaska, Shyvana! Come here and bring some rope!"

Alaska had gotten some rope from the Cornucopia. It was tied around the bowl and several people pulled or pushed the bowl back. My eyes started tearing up with I could it the wheels being moved over what remained of Samuel.

"We need someone to pull him out," Soot said.


"It's Banette..."

"Whatever, get over here and pull."

Banette glanced at Allen for a sec before reaching down into the tracks to retrieve Samuel's body. Banette stopped for a second. He muttered something as he looked as he looked up as if his eyes were looking at something that was not there, and then I had to close my eyes.

Ian Chaseler of District 3

It took use a while to make up for lost time and Asteria and Jayson were able to get the eggs. This time Jayson had carried a slice of strawberry to distract the goose. The death of one of their team-mates on the Blues allowed us to catch up. We only had so much time left. No one got crushed on our side and the cake batter was mixed and poured into a pan. The girls Lisbet and Kiara were in charge of getting a pan and they did good. The pan was put into the oven and I was surprised no one fell in an burned alive. Lyra had been placed in charge of the timer. She couldn't do anything else. She was starting to become danger prone since she already took a bullet to the arm, but this was the other arm now.

After the cake came out of the oven it was hot but we had very little time lift to decorate it. I think we would get points taken off. I hadn't done anything yet really. It seems my team-mate had forgotten about me. Then I had gotten and idea. I grabbed a palm leaf and started fanning the cake in hopes it would help cool it down. The frosting would just melt off while the surface was still hot.

Finally it was cool enough to be decorated. Angel and Amy had been designated as the decorator and they quickly covered the whole cake in white frosting. Angel started to go all Capitol designer on the cake and began to decorate it with flowers of different colors and wrote "Happy Birthday Kitty" on it.

"Do you think we will get extra points for prettiness?" Barrin asked.

"Who cares..." Leon responded.

Everyone was covered in flour or like Asteria in left over egg or frosting. The Clock finally went off with a giant cow going "Moo Moo! Moo Moo!" Okay whatever... Kine's voice could be heard over the loud speaker.

"Oh finally everyone finished and lookie only one person died. I'm please no one tried to put Samuel in the cake. He doesn't deserve that kind of death. So Kitty, how did you like your birthday? One person dead and two of your team-mates are injured. Ha Jayson almost died today. Now let's see who won the competition and a chance at the White House!.... We shouldn't call it that... Um the Ivory House!.... Tea house...yeah, there are prostitutes there... Yeah..."

The cakes were lifted up and disappeared into the bottom of the clock. I guess there was a taste test or something. The the top of the clock opened and the Blue Team's cake dropped out right on top of them.

"Red Team wins today! Yeahs! They showed better team-work that Blue Team. So little Reddies, guess what? Because you win, you get to vote who gets to go to the Ivory White House. It is filled with supplies, none of which can leave the house, but there are food, medical and sleeping supplies. The team may only vote for one person, who ever they believe deserve it, to go while the rest of the team and Blue Team will be sent to their own colored lodges on the opposite side of the Arena. Have fun voting and tootles!"

"I went to go get the flour because the flour sacks were in oversized bags and let's be honest, most of my team-mates were weak. I wasn't sure how many we would need but these things were huges so I grabbed two and started pulling them back over to the bowl. " Was Samuel part before he was desinated to the mixing area.

Status Red Team: Angel Mansions Leon Aslan, Kitty Mew, Ian Chaseler, Lisbet Hanai, Judas Severus Grett, Kiara Brazette, Jayson Huff, Lyra Pluto, Akumai "Kenshin" Kubaya, Asteria Alela, Barrin Jane, Amy Clarke Odin Amarta. Jayson lost his hatchet. Lyra and Jayson are injured.

Blue Team: Caius Angelic, Evaine Mejai,  Petri Lindroos, Mei Kim, Allen Seashore, Nichole Peyton, Samuel Ogivinty, Kirsten Barker, Banette Tsukomogami, Sofia Lacuna, Alaska Crown, Amor Rune, Soot Dustcloud and Shyvana Feuer. Allen has a sword, Shyvana has a sickle and an empty bag.


Day 1 Jello - Bloodbath and Baking Cakes - Cake is a lie Kitty (Captiol) Sam

Day 2 Pagent - Asteria (District 1) Kiarra

Day 3 Capture the Flag (District 2) Nichole

Day 4 Pizzle - Prism, Fairy and fish (District 3) (District 4) Ian and Shyvana

Day 5 Power and car races (District 5) (District 6) Leon Amor Mei

Day 6 Climding (District 7) Akumai - singing Amy Petri

Day 7 spin Straw to gold (District 8) (District 9) Caius  

Day 8 Hungy Hungy Hippos (District 10) Angel, Barrin, Eviane

Day 9 Fallout the apocalypse (District 11, 12, 13) Everyone except Chickmunk

Characters Traits

Banette - Ghost

Akumai - voices

Soot - Messages

Kitty - Cake

Asteria - Hair

Jayson - Balloons

Kerstin - Paranoid

Barrin - Judas