Telav Tibaabi is the ancestor of Rechov Tibaabi and also a tribute in the Revive the Dead Games. He has Two brothers named Jeru and Gaza, and he also has his mother. His dad was killed in a mine accedent.


Telav lunaii

Telav's lunaii

Telav is very pale and has bleach-blonde hair, resembaling his mother., though he has the pale, olive-green eyes from his dad. He was a large baby and has a large build, but he is short. His ears are big. He is sociable, likeable, and slightly cocky.


Telav was born in the Market Sector, but he had to move to the Seam after a mine acciedent with his dad in it. Even though they lived in the poorest part of District 12 he was comparitivly well off to other people of District 12. His father was richer than most and bought his mohter a antique furnature shop. But since not many people from District 12 can afford antiques, Telav took on many odd jobs, like snowshouveler. He got on the middle school football team his first year of 6th grade, and was the star player. But he was reaped into the 228th Hunger Games, or "Revive the Dead Games with district partner Slyder Crecensdo.

At the Tribute Parade, Telav was dressed in black and silver with pickaxes. Slyder almost killed him by swinging it at him playfully. Even thought that happened they ended up being allies. In his private session, he showed his tackling and tried to make a fire, but got poison ivy by touching the wrong plant. Even though he thought he did terrible, he got a 10, like all the other tributes.

When the games started, he rose out of the "bloodbath", he started vomiting and gaging. All around him people where moaning and screaming, and he was attacked by Sloan from District 13, but Slyder mannaged to find him. The supplies he found where a backpack, soda, and a empty bottle for holding liquids. Slyder found a blanket, rope, fruit, and a hunting knife.


  • Telav and his brothers where named after cities in Israel, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.


Slyder Crescendo

Rechov Tibaabi

Revive the Dead Games

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