The boy who escaped is a story of a boy who escaped from the reaping and ran into the woods with his brothers and sister. They have to survive in the wild and escape from the wrath of the Capitol. They have many adventures, meet many people, and maybe even fall in love. 



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  • KOVU MOORLAND - main character and guardian of the Moorlands
  • AWZUH MOORLAND - second oldest and the smartest of the Moorland family. He is "the brains"
  • KHLEO MOORLAND - the only girl of the family. She loves to look in stores at expensive items but Kovu never lets her buy them because they are too poor.
  • AVIV (AV) MOORLAND - second-most important. troublemaker. He's twelve years old and wants to be the "popular" one. He skipps school to play soccor and is somehow very close to Kovu
  • TAVOR MOORLAND - not geneticly related to Kovu but he found him in a dogfood bag on the street. He was taken in by them

Other charactersEdit

  • President Slush - Succesor of president snow and current dictator of Panem.
  • Roxo Morado - The escort from district two who is also President Slush's assistant.
  • Cail - Kovu's friend in 10. A bad influence for Av.
  • S'maira Soho - Kovu's crush
  • Frankie Moorland - Deceased uncle of Kovu; died in a games.
  • Kamite - autistic girl from the School for the Disabled in District 4
  • Ellen - Kamite's big sister
  • Wolfface Jian Heixing - past victor of a hunger games; shelters the family in The Capitol

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