This page lists minor characters of The boy who escaped, so that there doesnt have to be a page for every single character cuz many of them have minor roles.

District 10Edit

Cail PealsonEdit

Cail is Kovu's best friend back in 10. He also had a poor family, so he took to the streets and is living on his own now. He acts rough and tough to everyone, but he has a soft side that only shows occasionally. For example, he cried like a baby when Av was picked for the games. Also, he has had so many drugs and cigarettes he is thought as "crazy" by his neighbors and street friends. He has different names for different places he goes, like he is called Bob when he goes to the grocery store and he is called Mitch when he talks to the police His favorite color is orangeish blue because he likes to confuze people. His hair is cut so short you cant tell what color it is, and he has white skin and brown eyes

S'maira SohoEdit

Smaira is the female tribute to the 234th games, and also Kovu's secret crush. She comes from the richest part of the district and her dad works for the Chariot Ride company. She had a passion for fashion: all her clothes she would pick carefully and she would only accept the newest styles from the best desighners. When she grows up she wants to move to District 1 and design clothes and jewelry. Before she met Kovu, she didn't care about the poor at all, but after she got to know him, she began reaching out. She has very curly, long dark hair and she is of mixed races. Her eyes are brown.

Mrs OmritteEdit

Kovu and his family live on Mrs Omritte's animal farm. Similar to sharecropping, the Moorlands work the land, by feeding the chickens and cows, in return for being able to live on her land. She is very rich and has over 100 cows. Kovu does most of her work; and Tavor will often do housework. The woman has a medium complection, bobbed black hair, and is short and skinny. Even though she is a Mrs, her husband left her long ago. She has 2 children, and one named Mehan has pserival pasly.


President SlushEdit

Roxo MoradoEdit

Wolfface Jian Heixing; comming soonEdit

District 4Edit

Kamite; comming soonEdit