Hi i just thought I'd write my ideas for quarter quells here so I don't forget them. If anyone wants to use them tell me and then you can :)

  • In reminder that the chance of winning against the Capitol is so slim, there will be four games this year. The first three will end when 8 tributes are still alive in each one, and the fourth game will have the still living tributes in it until 1 is left.
  • in reminder that the punishment of the districts that the punishment of the districts is for every generation and not just people in the 12-18 range, children from 5-11 will be reaped
  • in remider of the people who fought for the district's side must be punished, elderly veterans will be picked for the games.
  • In reminder that even the people who win against the capitol will be punnished, relatives of past hunger games will be reaped. (this will be the 175th games, so I can get Wolfface back in the arena with her uncle Clint)
  • In reminder that the capitol will always find you, a body scan will be put on you to find the strongest of the districts to be in the games.
  • In reminder that nobody is safe from the capitol, all the 18 year olds in each district will be put into the arena.