Name: Sloan Gardner
Sloan Gardner

Sloan Gardner

Age: 12

Gender: Female

District: 13

Appearance: (picture included)

Personality: Head strong and fierce. Sloan is quick to trust others, but just as quick at deciding you aren't worth her time. Though she is from district 13 she acts more like a girl from district 2. She is a chatter box and is just as likely to talk you to death as put a sword through your chest. She is full of energy and seems to have more than enough of it to spare. Sloan is also fairly bright for a girl her age, but she trusts people a little too easily as well, so one might call her naive.

History: Sloan's mother and father originally came from district 2; but when he father was assigned the position of head peace keeper for district 13 the entire family moved. Sloan was raised mostly by her mother, and was taught life from the view of a district 2 resident. She was taught that the hunger games are a proud tradition and the act of participating is a great honor to ones family. She was taught to hold a weapon by the age of 4 and could wield most blades by 7. She doesn't have many friends, but doesn't mind (she spends most of her time training for the hunger games anyway). Sloan never really embraced District 13 as her home, having started in district 2 as she did. She was never poor or wanting for much and never felt the angry sting of hunger before the games.

Strengths: She is proficient with most blades (excluding the long sword, broad sword, and claymore), doesn't tire easily, very fast, and very quite.

Weaknesses: She can't tell one plant from another, she can't make a trap/snare/ or her own weapons. Trusts people too quickly (but is also likely to back-stab), has never been in the woods before.

Token: A simple silver ring with a sapphire (her mothers engagement ring)

Fears: Large dogs

Choice of Weapon: Any blade (excluding the long sword, broad sword, and claymore), preferably daggers, stiletto's, and short swords.

Reaction to the reaping: Ecstatic! She volunteers before anyone can be called. The members of district 13 are caught off guard by her over zealous reaction to the reaping and as such do not show her much care.

Interview Strategy: Sloan is a chatter box and will talk endlessly about any topic. However, she will always answer with a lie if they ask her a question about tactics and strategy.

Combat Strategy: Hit them and don't stop until they're dead. If they are too far away she'll throw knives at them, if they are closer she'll go after them with her knives in hand.

Bloodbath Strategy: Kill everyone in site while gathering as many supplies as she can carry.

Aliances: The Careers and (rarely)her District partner.